How To Safely Buy/Sell RS Gold

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so you've come to a decision that you

wish to either sell or buy gold in the

beautiful game that's your enscape good

for you well I'm here to educate you on

how to do it safely and ban free at

least in theory I can't guarantee that

just by following these rules you will

never get bad the truth is the cualquier

you are about the chance of being banned

the more reckless you get and in turn

that translates into more bands

trust me I know from experience and this

guide will be talking about the

runescape side of things how to not get

scammed on PayPal or by some random guy

Dmitri who supposedly has 1 billion

Elly's and you can totally trust him

we're not talking about that we're just

talking about moonscape so keep that in

mind if there will be enough demand for

such video I can definitely work on that