How to Safely buy Runescape Gold [Full Guide]

hello everyone this is Easton from RS

Gilda calm and today I'm going to show

you how to safely buy and sell runescape

gold firstly I'm going to show you how

to find the runescape gold website with

the lowest price using RS killed its

price comparison pages after that I'll

show you the process for order in your

runescape gold from the website you

decide to buy your gold from finally I

will tell you some tips on how to keep

your account safe while buying gold the

first thing you need to do is visit rs

gilded calm once you are on rs gilded

calm you will need to decide what routes

give Gold's that you want to buy from

today I will be buying OS RS gold so I

will click on the blue short bio SRS

button to sort all the websites by the

lowest OS RS price I want to buy my OS

RS gold from a trusted website so I will

choose a website in the verified sellers

listing verified sellers have a golden

background today I will be buying from

crazy pipe to do this I will click on

the visit site button under their

verified listing once I am on crazy

gold's website I will navigate to their

OS RS gold buying page and purchased 10

million from them



I'm going to use my credit card to

purchase this too

get back to you guys once I have paid


once I have paid I will contact their

live chat to ask them where I can pick

up my gold


once I have a location and a world from

their support agent I will log into

runescape and go to the specified



once I've arrived at the location I will

trade their account and get my gold


now I'm going to go over some tips and

tricks on how to purchase gold safely

the safest way to purchase runescape

gold is through the use of an

alternative account once your alt

account has the gold then you can trade

it to your main account you should also

trade some junk items to the gold

sellers account to lower Jagex is

suspicion on your trade using these two

tips I have been able to buy well over 1

billion runescape gold enough never

received a ban thank you for taking the

time to listen to our tutorial on how to

safely buy runescape gold be sure to

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in learning more about the runescape

black market