He Makes $2,000 A Week Selling RuneScape Gold

liam is a runescape gold seller who is

making over $2,000

USD a week I first found out about Liam

when I was researching the first video

in this series he was one of the gold

buyers in the bug abuse discord looking

to purchase enormous amounts of gold to

supply his business and after the

release of the runescape services video

Liam actually got in touch with me again

letting me know that he would be open to

do an interview Liam has been involved

with many gold selling websites and he

currently runs his own along with being

one of the biggest gold sellers on many

notorious runescape black markets this

is perhaps the most interesting

interview that I've ever done so I think

you guys are really going to enjoy it

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because I have many other topics like

this planned for the future of course my

first question for Liam is how did he

get into selling gold on runescape and

he told me that it really all started in

2011 he started peddling small amounts

of gold here and there and that

continued on for a few years however in

2015 he had just finished his first year

of university and he wanted to make some

cash over the summer he told me that he

reached out to one of the friends he

made through peddling gold and his

friend was actually the biggest dutch

runescape gold website owner and he was

hired on as a life support agent and

this is really important because it was

his in to the world of selling runescape

gold on a massive scale

it's where he learned the ropes of the

business and this was so instrumental

because there's so many nuances to this

business that you have to know and you

have to know really well to be able to

make a profit at it when it comes to

runescape gold selling you have to know

how to keep account safe so they don't

get banned you have to know where to

find gold you have to know how to

advertise your website you have to know

how to stay safe from people committing

things like credit card fraud the list

goes on and without this in Liam

probably would have never developed the

gold website that he has now he also

told me later on in our conversation

that this Dutch runescape gold selling

website was making somewhere around

fifty thousand dollars net profit every

month now that's speculation on his

he only ever saw the gross amount coming

into the website but he reasons it's

somewhere around there which I believe

some of these really big gold selling

websites are doing extremely well for

themselves which doesn't surprise me

because Mon MMG said forty to fifty

percent of our current active player

base on any given month a buying gold

from gold farmers so that really equates

to a massive amount of the player base

that's almost half and with eighty

thousand people online at pretty much

any given time plus all the people who

play the game actively but just aren't

logged in this is a massive market my

next question for Liam is what type of

people are selling gold and I wanted to

know this because an absurd amount of GP

is going through Liam's hands every

single week he told me that his net

profit is two thousand dollars a week

and he also told me that he makes around

fifteen cents per million GP sold so if

you break it down that works out to just

over 13 billion GP every week that he's

selling so I wanted to know where the

hell is all of this gold coming from and

he told me that there are many different

types of people that sell gold but

really it narrows down to the following

main categories number one is stay kurz

and they are really the most interesting

so liam said typically these stay kurz

operate several accounts at the dole

arena and then they sell their profit in

bulk to distributors now what a

distributor does is they'll buy say 1

billion GP and then they'll go around

all the different gold selling websites

and sell it for a little bit more so

they might buy the billion GP for 60

cents a mil and then sell it to

different gold selling websites for 65

cents per mil making them a profit of

$50 now Liam told me this is extremely

risky because they're holding all that

gold at once if they get banned they're

really out of luck they've lost all

their money and all that potential

profit but these distributors exist

because gold selling websites are no

longer willing to hold massive amounts

of gold on their own accounts due to an

increase in real world trading bands

instead what happens is these gold

selling websites will actually wait

until the

stürmer makes an order and then they'll

go to one of these distributors and

they'll buy the amount of gold to fill

that order sometimes they won't even put

that gold on their own account first

instead they'll just have the

distributor trade the customer that way

the gold never actually touches any of

their own account meaning they don't

have to put that risk of the account

being banned and then losing out on the

cost of the gold plus the potential

profit they're not farming gold

themselves they're intermediary brokers

we like to call them they simply

facilitate a transact

it's actually a really smart thing for

the gold selling website to do they

mitigated that risk that obviously it

was losing them a lot of profit the

second type of people selling gold is

gold farmers and liam said that

typically they use third-party Boateng

software but sometimes they're actually

real people who have been hired from

lesser developed countries to manually

from the gold and this just blows my

mind I didn't think there was actually

any shops left that had real people

farming gold for runescape liam said

that typically these countries are

Venezuela Pakistan and China let me know

what you think about that in the comment

section below

he also said that there's normal players

that sell gold because they're quitting

or they just have a lot and finally

there's power Levellers and minigame

service owners who are selling gold like

I talked about in the last video of this


my next curiosity was the Live Support

agents all of the big gold selling web

sites have teams going 24 hours a day

seven days a week if they're from the

West it's so unrealistic because minimum

wage is so high it would completely

negate any profits they make from the

gold sales so I asked Liam where they

employed from how are they paid and how

do you trust them with the gold and what

he told me is that a lot of the larger

websites outsource their life support

the teams located in either China or

Pakistan he told me that these live chat

agents actually earn more money working

that than they would a normal job in

their country he said that although 250

to 500 dollars per month may not seem

like a lot in the West it can be a lot

for some places in the world and he's

absolutely right on that this could be

very lucrative for some of the people

living in those countries he also said

that trusting them with gold is not

usually a problem as they're being paid

more than they would make at a normal

job in their country it's kind of an

attractive career in these countries

because it requires less qualifications

and less education so somebody can

really jump right into it and start

making money every month as a life

support agent one of the other things

that he told me is that it's not always

the life support agents delivering the

gold some of the really big sites

actually have separate departments that

deliver the gold once they're instructed

to from the live support agent so you

can see how much money some of these

websites must be making that they

actually have whole departments

dedicated to different jobs the next

thing I wanted to hear about is fraud

how many people are trying to scam these

runescape gold sellers and what Liam

told me is that wall payment processors

such as PayPal have made it really easy

to do international business it has

really created a safe haven for credit

card fraud stirs the main trouble here

is that once runescape gold is traded

over there's no way to reverse it so

because people want their gold

deliveries to be within a few minutes of

purchase the gold seller runs the risk

of trading that gold away and then

having the payment reversed especially

when its credit card fraud and what this

means is that when somebody does commit

credit card fraud on one of these gold

sites the gold site ends up losing out

on both the amount of gold they traded

away and all the money that was actually

paid to them he also said that because

they have no way of tracing where the

runescape gold goes of course only jagex

has access to that the fraudster can

then adopt a new identity and resell the

gold through even the same website

sometimes he told me that really there's

little the gold sites can do to prevent

this and so really what they do nowadays

is they set limitations on how much a

customer can purchase every month and he

said that most sites will ask for

identification on larger orders to

ensure the PayPal account is owned by

the person sending the payment one of

the good things that Liam told me is

that due to gold sellers not buying

golde anymore because of this heightened

risk of rural trade bands that it's made

it harder for hackers scammers and these

fraudsters to operate so these are the

people that are committing account

phishing ratting people going through

old database leaks and all that other

nasty stuff to steal the valuables off

your account for profit so that's a good

thing if it's harder for them to operate

of course I always love to hear how much

these people are making from their

underground runescape businesses so I

asked Liam what are the profit margins

like on gold and how much are you

actually making on a month-to-month

basis I kind of already talked about

this earlier in the video but let's take

this time to talk about it more in depth

so he told me that a lot of investment

goes into advertisements and anthem and

methods he actually has to rent a lot of

virtual private servers just to keep his

account safe that's a way of kind of

making his accounts look like they're a

bunch of different people instead of

just one person so he told me that

profit margins on quick flips you know

the distributor's we talked about that

the Staker sell to that the profit

margin is really only about five cents

per million sold on that and there's a

really high risk however he said with a

gold website where you run

advertisements and you receive thousands

of customers each month the margins are

pretty good and he said that they're

really between 10 cents and 15 cents per

million GP sold he also said that you

really don't have to touch the gold at

all so there's not much risk in losing

it as for his profits he told me that he

gets five figures in sales each month

but his net profit is only around $2,000

per week or $8,000 per month and he is

not the biggest gold seller on the

market that is for sure there's people

who have been doing this for over a

decade you know eight thousand dollars a

month for not the biggest gold seller is

really crazy I'm currently studying

computer science and for where I live

eight thousand dollars a month is like

the most money I can ever expect to make

from my career

once I've been in the industry for like

thirty years you know this guy said he

was in his first year of college in 2015

that was three years ago he's obviously

not very old making this

much money let me know what you think

about that in the comment section below

and that unfortunately is all the time

we have for the video I want to thank

Liam for actually participating in this

and giving me such thorough answers he

definitely didn't have to and I just

want to state that this video in no way

is meant to encourage people to purchase

gold from any third party website if you

want to buy gold by an official bond

from the runescape website it's safer

your accounts not gonna get banned and

it's practically the same price along

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guys love peace and chicken grease