How Much Is A RuneScape Account Worth? (OSRS)

before I get started this video does

discuss aspects of real-world trading if

Yuri Royal trade you will get banned

almost as long as runescape has existed

players have bought and sold gold and

accounts on underground markets some

players work over hundreds even

thousands of dollars for some of the

most valuable accounts kind of ironic

how they just want to skip the whole

actually playing the game part anyway in

today's video we're going to evaluate

some of these accounts and try and learn

how the prices are calculated and just

how much these people actually make so

in the account selling section there's

four different categories the first one

I want to look at is main accounts

levels 3 through 79 at first I was

assuming these were going to be mostly

peak hang builds but it looks like I was

wrong as there's quite a few scholars

and pvm based accounts unfortunately for

us a lot of them don't actually list a

price so we can only really look at the

accounts that do so this first account

is a 90 hunter main the auto win price

meaning the price you can buy it for

right now is $75 so what I want to do is

calculate how much time this should have

taken in theory and calculate out how

much he made per hour training this

account from what I've seen most players

can get from 1 to 60 hunter in about 12

hours give or take a couple if they're

doing the most efficient methods 60 to

69 takes about five more hours and 69 to

90 at red Chin's would take about 36

hours now these are very rough

calculations but 75 divided by all of

that would equal one dollar and forty

cents an hour now the red Chin's it

would take from 69 to 90 would earn you

another 27 mill each mill is worth about

90 cents on the market so in total the

seller would have earned about $100 give

or take a couple depending on current

gold prices a hundred dollars for almost

60 hours of work is kind of really bad

you could work a minimum-wage job for

about 15 hours and make the same amount

and just come home and play runescape

normally for the other 45 let's take a

look at a few other accounts because a

90 hunter pure is

Miche the same seller has a derrick

spear with a fire cape bears gloves and

ice barrage and is about 1,400 total so

a pretty standard mid-level account

price they've listed it for is $500

someone out there might be willing to

pay $500 to literally skip the majority

of the game I get it if you want to go

Peking or do raids or whatever but

what's the point in accomplishing

anything in those areas if your account

could really just be taken back at any

second this is something I'm going to

get into later but for now we're gonna

look at a couple more accounts in these

different sections a popular account I'm

seeing is a nightmare zone ready account

typically of 60 to 70 in all of the

melee combats

and five or more quests done so they can

actually access nightmare zone again

you're paying money to literally not

play the game keep in mind these

accounts are about $40 but you're still

paying someone so you can stand a

nightmare zone and not interact with the

screen for 20 minutes keep in mind these

stats are really easy you can get them

in an hour or two of actively playing

and less than a dozen hours of afk at

Sam Krabs though generally speaking if

you're a main account with at least 70

in your combats your account is worth

$40 oddly enough if you're a more PK

specific build it really depends it's

difficult to come up with a baseline

price for this as each build ranges

anywhere from a hundred to two hundred

dollars this applies to things like

Mahler's and zhurko's the final account

I'm going to talk about is an account

that I'd never really expected to see on

here a maxed account with the inferno

completed and in a Vernick hilt

the price is 1650 US dollars imagine

paying that much money to literally skip

the entire game at this point that

account is really completed everything

or has the stats to complete the last

couple things

imagine the cellar though investing

thousands of hours into this account

only for their work to amount to about a

dollar to an hour at the end of it

excluding any gold sold so how much is

your account really worth I guess

whatever someone's willing to pay for it

every account is so different it's

impossible to set a standard

good way to think about it is assuming

it's a standard account the closer it is

to max the more it's worse and Iron Man

and hardcore Ironman probably would be

worth significantly more now to some

people this whole market may seem really

appealing but there is a lot of scamming

at anytime it's possible for the

original owner to recover these accounts

that they sell to you many sellers try

to give you things like account recovery

details as a sort of good gesture to

show that they won't recover the account

from you but what is there to stop them

from giving you fake details really

nothing you can't just call up mod mark

and tell them hey Mark I just want to

check if all my account recovery details

are correct so let me just read them all

off to you real quick I didn't buy the

account I'm just double-checking I often

do a recovery test and recover the

account before buying it but even so a

pin thread says this isn't enough to

keep your account safe it's still

possible for the seller to recover the

account and sometimes even lock it to

their specific IP somehow so let's say

the account does get recovered if you

paid with something like Bitcoin or

runescape gold you're just entirely

screwed you will never see that money

again even things like PayPal aren't are

we safe either you still have a huge

possibility of never seeing that money

the sellers are at risk too because

let's say the seller gives the buyer all

of the recovery details the buyer files

a charge back and gets their money back

and because they have all the recovery

details the seller might not be able to

get their account back he can try but in

the past jacket says locked accounts

with multiple people trying to recover

them they know what they're doing and

can usually figure out if an account has

been bought or sold fairly easily

improve how common a recovery scam is

take a look at this thread it's a list

of 665 accounts that have been recovered

by the buyer or seller and this thread

was just started about four or five

years ago making it more than a hundred

accounts per year and that's all in the

accounts to get reported to end this out

this is a very risky market and so much

can go wrong I barely brushed on the

fact that your account could end up

getting banned and you'd be out of all

the money you either spent on the

account or received for selling it this

is just one big reminder that you

shouldn't sell your account because

chances are it's not going to work out

in your favor

I wouldn't recommend buying one either

and if you've watched all this video you

probably understand why

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