What Runes to KEEP, and What to SELL (Summoners War | Rune Crafts)

what's up what's up everybody it's

Saturday and you know what that means no

it's not time for Saturday morning

summons today we're doing Saturday

morning moon crafts why are we doing

that because there's a new monster that

was teased and we don't know when it's

gonna come out everyone's saving their

summons for that even though I'm kind of

curious about this we just got through

with no summon November and I wonder if

com2us waited for that to be done and

that everyone summon all the things in

the beginning of December and then like

now that were weakened in December and

everyone just finished so many what

everyone that was saving just finished

something they're like hey by the way

there's a new monster coming better buy

some new Scrolls cuz you just blew all

didn't you so everything could just say

they couldn't they could have done this

a week earlier right they could have

done this and we could but it's more

profitable I don't know it could just be

a coincidence but I like to I like to

always look way too much into things

right anyway what we're doing today is

we are going through our six accounts we

are gonna be just crafting a budget

let's just start crafting the runes

while we're explaining what we're doing

we're gonna craft a bunch of routes and

that's what we're gonna do

oh that was the whole explanation so for

these videos and you a lot of people

like I don't want to watch a room

crafting video why would I

excuse me why would I want to watch dang

I told you something like why would I

want to watch that bagel so when I do

these I like to explain like why I'm

tossing some of these runes or like what

it could be like if there's six star

this could be better if this was blah

blah blah this could be better if it had

this that if this is what I would grind

this is what I would Jim if this was a

six star I would give it a chance to

roll it it's not really valuable enough

even on an alt I kind of don't want to

waste my time on it if other people do

that's you know to each their own but

we'll go through different whatever will

craft a few different things and we'll

see see this one a lot of you may think

oh Swift I need speed onslaught - it's

not speed onslaught - I don't need this

this is good for a speed Lucien I'm

actually gonna roll that I'm gonna roll

that so what we're hoping for we could

roll it now but we can do speaker damage

a speaker deck

sorry attack or damage attack on swift

laid for a speed luciene here's a deist

here's a decent example of a speed

lucian is it this one yeah there we go

so this is attack on slot 2 but it has

good crit rate it has good speed I would

like to have more print damage on this

so that's the stats on this dilution

it's a little it's fast enough but it's

a little low in the bank attack and

quick damage could use a little bit more

but this is a good example of a speed

illusion for a double Lucien team that

is that is Swift with the tax lotta slot

to so I'm gonna try to go through and

explain like I'm hoping for the speed

and the crit damage to roll high rolls

and then you know the flat attack I I

actually might not even gem over that I

might not gem over that we're hoping to

roll crit rate on the last one and I

might even grind the flat attack because

if you think about it like what would I

I want to create somewhere right so we

got the speed not bad not bad this could

be good for I mean I got a plenty of I

have let the Aleutians right but this

could be good for something else that

has maybe ash imitate a core damage

attack on your ship it a right and just

get the speed in subs to make them fast


hopefully we either get crit damage or

speed hopefully hopefully okay so we've

got to quit them we actually got a seven

on crit damage that's as high as the

crit damage can roll so that's actually

not that bad we're hoping for crit rate

on the last one and instead I know the

flat attack is weird but this is one of

those situations what I would actually I

would actually grind the flat attack on

it it's weird but that's that's a flat

attacker and I would actually grind that

I wouldn't gem over with like oh well

maybe we get defense percentage like no

I want to do enough damage to kill the

things before they get a chance to move

not okay so now I feel now we're gonna

have to crit rate over something right

but this is also this is also maybe not

bad for if you can get Estela fast

enough a with speed and subs

maybe you were like a chimera but like a

lot of those just something that does

damage based on speed that you want to

be fast but you also want to have enough

damage right some things you like that

has to be done slot 2 because you like

need extras extra speed but also for our

taste sometimes like crazy five billion

speed back morons for RTA but that would

that would be good for a lot different

things a lot of different units that do

need to be fast and also have damage so

let's uh let's switched over to violent

oh it's always so that's just a

guaranteed so even if it was six starter

and so that this even if it was six star

would so that just personally probably

even on all two that's just two four six

flats that's we don't the only thing

that we want flat on two four six is the

speed onslaught to this even if it was a

six star would sell that just doesn't

have enough value this just doesn't have

enough value even if it was a six star

this is the me this is the main I might

keep this on an alt but since it's the

main I don't need to keep that the nice

thing about violet runes though is that

violent if there's a six star and on an

alt I would probably keep it and see if

it rolls double double HP I know a lot

of people just wouldn't even bother with

it like a lot of high level players

wouldn't even bother with it but like I

said if it was on an alt the nice thing

about you get more value out of crafting

violent than anything else

well volunteen will right then other

things because violin will is so

flexible rune sets you can put if it

gets a lot of speed defense HP and

resistance you can put it on like a

support unit or if it gets a lot of

attack for damage crit rate and speed

you could put it on a DPS MA

so this I would sell I know it's a

legend but it's just it doesn't have any

speed it doesn't have innate to rehab

and the rearm or valuable on violent and

will then on then on anything else or

then on like Swift because Swift you can

almost need speed for the most part

aside from a couple situations where

like when I try to explain but this

if it was a sixth or maybe on an alt I

would keep it for the same like Lucien

or other DPS situation like the same

thing like I I don't love it oh it

didn't roll enough but for for many of

you that are like early to mid-game that

could be a decent usable room for some

of your like maybe chimera or like

something does damage based on speed

speed and accuracy and who else am I

thinking of there's a lot there's a lot

not the omar's cuz you definitely want

him on violent but things that do speedy

damage that nuke would also need

accuracy for things so this I'm just

gonna sell but I if you guys would keep

it and roll it that's not the end of the

world this is just garbage

absolutely 100% five hundred percent

coverage this is six hundred percent

garbage I don't really love the craft

Swift's for the most part I'm gonna keep

this just to see if it rolls speed I'm

not gonna roll it right now we don't

have the time for all that nonsense but

if it had a max into speed I don't if

that was this if that last one was a six

star I might do it for the same Lucien

situation right

that's nothing even if it was six

thought I wouldn't keep that this for

the same thing I keep I don't like to

keep those to be honest I would rather

trash those because I know the

likelihood of rolling isn't it like a

three percent chance or something like

that the likelihood of rolling a good

speed this again I'm gonna toss this I

know I if it was you I would recommend

that you keep it though this I'm going

to keep we will roll that one though

because that attack one could have

rolled speed seven I'm like I'm not

gonna keep that I'm too impatient but I

would recommend for you to the the slot

six with the speed that could have

rolled double speed I would recommend

for you guys to keep that problem unless

you're super endgame in which case you

don't even need me to say that you

already know or you don't need me to say

that cuz you're like I already have I

need thirty speed on everything so we

got a low roll in the speed that's as

low as it can get so speed you can get

the four to six from four to six there

so hoping for sixes

this can be max twenty to speed and then

we would hope for HP for the last one we

got a crit rate I am not very excited

about it a name board I wanted more

speed even if it had two rolls I would

have wanted the eighteen I could have

found a use for the 18 I'm not entirely

sure what I'm gonna do with this now but

it's on the account I'm hoping I'd open

for nothing Hey early early game this

would be an okay broom you can stick

this on like a fast DPS unit even though

it's got the deed the defense you don't

really need anything for you know is

there anything that would need a swift

it was deep it not really did speed in

the career of the things that I'm

excited about on this right or not

excited not excited anymore but the

things that I this would be I would love

to donate this rune to one of you guys

cuz I'm sure it'd be great on many of

your accounts fifteen speed I don't know

what I'm gonna do with this on here

maybe I could stick it on like guild

siege unit or something like that does

damage based on speed so like a like

like I said a water assassin or

something like that where it's got multi

hits a damage based on speed it's got

some some good stuff

well maybe even like chilling if I want

to put chilling on Swift and he's just

like therefore guild siege for a few

battles here and there stick him on some

weird efficiency stuff and he could be

okay so let's go to you know I it's a

hot key I don't even know what I'm doing

that let's go over to Asia let's do some

room crafts on Asia but that's why I'm

trying to like explain what I'm doing as

a GUI but then kind of the requirements

for each account are different right so

the earlier game the more you're gonna

keep a whole bunch of stuff and the

closer you are to endgame the more

you're gonna toss like everything

basically so your rune standards as you

progress through the game this is a big

thing for you guys as you progress

through the game your rune standard

should continue to increase you

shouldn't just be like I'm gonna keep

everything I farmed enough to have all

the runes inventory is maxed hooray

I have bad rude RNG I kept every single

room but a lot of them are bad like no

you don't keep every single rune is that

Ava ruin the poopoo

then you don't keep it and don't keep

blue five star runes what's the matter

with you unless maybe like maybe in the

situation of like a swift slot 6 where

it's HP percentage and you had like

speed and defense and you got double

rolls in to speed and you had 15 speed

and you can put like a blue grind on it

or whatever get it to 18 speed right

five-star slot 6/18 peas might stick

around for a while right so so for like

maybe a Chloe or maybe like a Ryan or

something like that cuz you used those

like you so use Chloe's and Ryan's and

seeds and things so I don't know why I'm

going to a we have a summon I don't know

I forced it habit I guess

if you guys are wondering why I always

buy these silver two stars it's for when

I make six stars stole that idea for

shredded puzzle Oh fire marshal very


let's see what we have here let's craft

some oh you know we could craft the

ancient rinse dude let's craft some of

these ancient runes I don't want to keep

this for the speech I would recommend to

to keep that and see if it roll speed

but I'm not gonna do it because I just

I'm too lazy but I recommend cuz that

could that could roll double speed so I

would recommend for you guys to do that

and there's like big hood why didn't you

do it cuz I'm late the head of water for

all a million ruins on every different

account that's why a lot of times it's

like well this is six eight to five

stars look at that I love tents next to

it next to the numbers I'm not gonna use

it but I love the tents next to the

numbers very juicy the thing with these

these new rules though is like it's so

impossible to get the grinds like this

again I would love it if it's six start

the only reason I would use this is like

it kept rolling speed but all the rolls

after the first the first stat like when

you get the rune it can have much higher

stats but then at any time you roll it

after that it still has the same

potential roles as like a normal room so

we keep that to see if maybe a roll

speed but that's about it see I can see

I want I kind of want to keep this for

value right Icona like even hope it

rolls like into juicy stats and also

it's an alt so we're hoping for high

rolls into HP and defense and dodging

flat attack and we could use this for

like a bruiser maybe

hoping for more HP double roll into HP

would be nice and then we were just we

would gem the speed in somewhere

we hope that like we get like a crit

rate for the last one right yeah I'm not

excited about this I don't know what I'm

gonna do with this

I don't know what I'm gonna do with this

really though they gotta know what I'm

still rolling it really hoping for HP

but I think we're just gonna toss it cuz

it's impossible to get yeah we're

definitely gonna toss it now no no

please don't please thought upgrade

we're definitely gonna toss it okay cuz

it's impossible to get these grunts for

these runes so I don't know we're

keeping some of these for what was I

gonna rule oh that the the guardroom so

this is just a blue five star we don't

need that for anything

this is an accuracy we don't need that

for anything doesn't have enough stats

very good I'll take that I'll take that

okay I'll take that you know what we're

gonna weave this has turned into a react

Festival GG it's we have time

yeah yep time because I bet we got a ton

of react for these ancient runes we're

gonna keep rolled that until it's an

amazing rune okay

I don't want to go crazy let's do our 11

we got a living on here oh resistance

what am I going to do with resistance

I'm not gonna keep this I'm not gonna

keep it

I think there's actually team that I

want to build that requires that rune

but you need net fives forward and it's

not like three to play friendly or

anything yeah so we'll keep this so this

is okay for like a Theo Mars this is

okay for a Poorna this is not bad this

is not a bad room we're hoping for high

rolls and then we're hoping for that

last one to roll what was the lose

attack speed and for damage and ahead

innate HP so we're hoping for foot rate

with the last one but a lot of these are

just nuts

not enough stats this is just like the

this is basically the worst route this

is the worst you can get as far as the

rune is concerned it's a slot 6 with

flat and it's 5-star and it's blue it's

like but I mean it way it could not have

the innate so it could get worse

technically crit damage crit rate this

is a Diana rune okay so this is if we

ever get a Diana on this account this

has it's got innate accuracy so the

roles are low right we're missing one

efficiency on HP we're missing three

efficiency on defense we have max

efficiency on court damage because it

can only go up to seven we were missing

two efficiency on attack percentage and

we're missing efficiency in the innate

accuracy so this is not as this is still

an okay value runo it's not that bad

word we're kind of getting a little bit

lucky on these uh wait let's finish off

I don't know we don't have the we could

do more Swift's and violence and stuff

like that actually I'm I'm like I don't

want this to be a huge huge long video


I'm kind of just curious how this rolls

this would be and we would still want to

get speed somewhere I think I would

trade out the crit damage for oh it's

not a great well then it was uh was it

five hold on

yes it was the six oh it wasn't the

worst but it wasn't really good it was

below a below average Wow

okay so that was enough that was a five

it's a it's a Diana room basically

that's what it is we're not even getting

so we actually lost one role so this

turned into a purple room because we

lost one role and efficiency it rolling

defense again because it could have

started out with eight and rolled

another eight on top of that so we could

have gotten that fort that 16% defense

in just one one role so and this is also

that is the lowest roll into crit damage

so this is actually turning almost into

a Blue Room so it's getting less and

less exciting typical summoners or this

rune was not even amazing but it was

pretty good

and then it just turned into not that

exciting we're hoping for a lot of speed

and we're hoping for it doesn't matter

if you get any rooms that have any

potential the game will just destroy

whatever potential you have unless it

was a room that you bought in a rune

pack that's the only that's the okay

what come on man you're gonna give me

this crap so this again turned into a

blue rune

we got the lowest roll possible and crit

damage we've got their lowest roll

possible in speed GG I don't know I'm

not even excited enough to keep rolling

that but let's see do we have we have

yes we do we do have wraps

let's go twelve we're hoping for crit

rate and defense

or resistance and defense and God

defense I like the defense the most

we're hoping for justice value I think

we're just gonna read I've been working

we're gonna react this either way

there's no I don't see any yeah we're

just gonna rehab this either way if it

rolled in like double maxwell's into

defense maybe I would consider putting a

HP jet well the HP Jeff from where these

are the new runes you it's impossible to

get the grinds and yearns for them but

if it did well multiple defenses max

rolls 29 defense maybe we would stick a

yeah we're just gonna be able to see the

way but we have 12 we then the nice

thing about this is we don't have to

react for speed so this is a wonderful

room to react this is like a one and

done two and done situation where it's

like you do you so a couple reacts into

this and you're good it's gonna roll so

it's good either roll tanky and you

could use it for a support unit or it's

gonna roll DPS and you could use it for

a DPS unit that just has will or you can

roll a bruiser there's just so much

flexibility you don't even have to worry

about rolling hoping for speed and

anything oh there's only got a whatever

roll into speed like no it's got speed

as the primary set there's no innate so

that's a little bit of a bummer but it's

still really good it's a really flexible

rune I'm glad that it's a I'm glad

that's one of the newer runes but it's

also kind of a bummer that it's one of

the new rinsed is where we're gonna get

the Christ far right where we're gonna

get the grunts in the gyms they just

they don't drop so so we're hoping for

some good stuff hoping

probably not gonna happen but hoping

actually no its prey it probably is

gonna happen we're probably gonna have

just a couple of reps into it and it's

gonna be usable we hope it's not okay i

jinxed myself I know I drink myself I

know it James myself 21 minutes come on

rude you just upgrade we want it we want

to see we want to see how bad you roll

after this we want to see how bad it is

we want to see how why is this necessary

in the game why in all these games it's

not even just this one it's it's this

it's DHC it's raid it's a bunch of games

I don't know I appreciate the epic seven

of like if you put things into into a

piece of gear its upgraded and then you

move on to whatever else you need to do

so I'll just oh that made it worse wow

it actually got worse okay remember we

knew we knew we were gonna get more

disappointed okay so this is actually

already usable we'll throw like two more

maybe I think we're just gonna say I

like the yet the second one just has

more value I don't think we need to read

up anymore I think we're good I think

we're good on this and we just throw

there's nothing nothing there's nothing

because it's an ancient rune and there's

nothing for it but we would throw a gem

into it not a gem to attack Luther over

grind into attack grind it in defense

and we would gem did the flat defense

into yeah that's just the one roll onto

flatly I mean that's just nothing rolled

in fly defense we got one roll to attack

two rolls into query one roll into

defense the percentage and then nothing

into flat defense and then we were just

uh we would just gem that flat defense

eventually if the game ever decides to

give us gems and grinds for these we

would put HP instead of that and we call

it a day and that's a pretty efficient

rune I actually like this room that's if

that's the best thing that we're gonna

get all day I'm just telling you right

now if you've net played this game

before that's the best thing we will get

all day that rune right there I don't

know move on to Europe let's do let's do

some crafts for other things that are

not violent and will I like the craft

fountain will because I feel like

they're the most I mentioned this

already I feel like they're the most I

know that they're the most flexible

followed by like the spare and anyway

let's go through hey do we have any

summons on us oh we streamed with this

account that's why we don't have summons

okay well do do we have ancients do we

have these do we have these we do have

those okay and we have reacts on this


these are just nothing resistance in

accuracy as the only two stats this I

don't like but if we keep getting speed

we keep it right if we keep rolling

speed well we'll save it just for the

fact that if we get a triple role in the

speed it's usable but a site like as a

broken set but aside from that no this

is not enough if it was a six star I

might keep it right if this was the six

star I might see if that rolled multiple

speed like if it was a six star it had

like a max speed like a well it would be

a seven because ancient rune so and then

we could roll twice six and six so we

get 12 plus the seven is 19 so we could

have 19 plus a grind which is a nice

so I would still this is just a flat

slot - that's not speed is the only flat

you want [ __ ] - that's just garbage

that's just garbage more garbage more

garbage this we would you see if a roll

speed right you keep it for maybe you

get a quad roll in the speed but if I

got a quadrille in the speed I would

just be disappointed

that's a five-star room and I'd be more

mad than happy this is not you what you

generally want a lot of stats overall

for a destroy room and you you also

generally want a decent amount of HP

because if it's destroy you're gonna

have your for room for anyone's you're

gonna put on destroyed

Bagon you're gonna make sense any time

soon know anyone anything you had a

football star on destroy you want them

to stick around for a while right

because if you're gonna just straight

away nuke them then what do you need to

destroy Ford that doesn't come into play

that's pointless right so destroy is

really for bruisers more than anything

else not for DPS units not for straight

DPS so things like schoo gold things

like faint yeah and things like Ritesh

things like Chow things like that so

things that that have a decent amount of

HP that the match is gonna go on for a

while and you're gonna want to destroy

some HP throughout the course of the

match so it's easier for something that

doesn't have a tremendous amount of

attack power to finish it off at some

point so generally you want good steak

did we not oh you know maybe we maybe we

did those in-stream okay did we do what

did we do crafts and stream I don't

remember that onto the next account

I'm just switching servers over and over

and over again it's technically the same

account but it's just different servers

you can have you can have basically an

island on each server so we were just on

this account though were we not not now

in the video it may mean like farming on

it so any some oh we do have a summon


what a shrunken master indeed okay

nothing here no oh we do have some here

okay wait no no we did that room we did

ever even if this was a six star no even

if this head speed is one of the subs I

would roll it only for the speed and

that's about it attack on slot 4 is not

good on almost everything you want if

it's a DPS you you want crit damage on

slot 4 nemesis you almost always want

speed on slot 2 because you want things

to cut if you're putting nemesis you

want to get a turn if you don't have a

lot of speed on the Nemesis unit it's

not gonna get a turn also you want a lot

of tankyness so for nemesis r is just

overall your biggest most important

stats that you're gonna walk for the

with a few exceptions but for the most

part are gonna be speed and HP for

things like Garro if you're gonna use

Garrow uh nemesis you would still be

speed but you would worry less about the

HP so I see some people actually I see a

decent amount of people they use Arial

and praha on nemesis and the nemesis

never procs they just get double ooh

shinned nemesis never cuts in why

because they have a lot of it they have

like 20 plus 20 speed they have like no

speed on anything you need high speed

for nemesis you're gonna get at a cage

but you need to have a pretty filled up

attack each already so that you overfill

so the mechanic is like you want to make

sure that you overfill the gauge so that

you cut in and get a turn that way

instead of just like oh you're filling

up you're close to the top but the other

unit is still gonna come in and finish

the job and destroy you

before you even get it chance to cut in

so speed is very important on nemesis

runes speed and HP you want to last long

enough to have the Nemesis proc with

some exceptions like for example Garrow

you should put Garrow uh nemesis see

this some people would roll that for the

speed I don't care I'm not like I don't

want to invest all this energy into a

five-star room just for maybe speed

actually let's do uh should we do Rach

no because we're doing RTA on this

account we're trying to do see one RT on

this count

so we'll keep going on well this is just

blue five star runes I'm not gonna keep

a blue five star room with like any

account really I don't see a point well

there there is no point right there

there there kind of is no unless you're

like two weeks into the game if you're

two weeks into the game then then you're

allowed you get a pass this is just like

what is this this is not this is not

enough stats for anything right this is

flat defense onslaught for this is garbo

let's do our one violence fantastic do

we do these how we do that feast oh this

is nothing that just doesn't have any

stats and it's not like a matter of like

oh should I keep it should I sell it

about this like they just don't have

enough stats there's a blue five star it

just doesn't happen it doesn't have

enough stuff

this doesn't have enough stuff doesn't

have enough room juice

this is crap slot to this we don't need

for anything this is point like these if

you have wounds that are first off blue

five stars again for the nine millionth

time today second off even if there's

six stars if the stats on there more

accuracy and crit damage and just that

it's not enough it's just not enough or

like quick damage and resistance or like

accuracy and resistance there's just not

enough juice there there's really

nothing it's like almost in nothing room

it so it's basically a white room so

this is just nothing resistance inquiry

if we if we if we have crit rate on

something we want to have also for the

most part with damage attack and speed

we could also want to have like

tankiness and speed right we maybe don't

need though if there are situations like

Verde heal like Diana where we don't

need the attack and quit damage as much

and we are more like okay let's go for

some let's go for some tankyness well

the two heard it there's different very


I'm getting I'm getting there's so much

more there's multiple different verts so

on one vertical build for like dungeons

you would want the DPS but for an RT for

kill you wouldn't want it you you you

wouldn't be focused as much on the DPS

right so different different builds very

confusing Vega

good job confusing people even more

you're welcome

you know I I do still like the Rhone

crafts more than more than some because

some ones are alway twelve room crafts

are bad but least we can discuss but if

it was the good version of this and you

guys could see big Oh bingo doesn't get

any good words either he's not keeping

anything maybe I shouldn't keep all the

bad rooms either yeah maybe you

shouldn't keep all the bad rooms you've

got a far more like I say I say you just

got a farmer boom and everyone's like

but I farm all the time like when I

first started this game if I realized

how much farming there needed to be done

every day I would explode I would be

like I'm not playing that game or how

much money you needed to spend to be

able to play the game like if you didn't

want to with the farming even with the

farming like how crazy this is this was

gonna be a I would have stayed away so

this even if it was his six star like I

was just thinking like if it was the six

star might keep it but it still has no

speed this is even if it was six star

actually if it was a six star like maybe

you stick it on a bulldozer or a copper

as a Tuesday because it did have defense

and quit damage

we just don't have enough stats this is

just even if even if that was a six

started basically no stats it's flat HP

and resistance that's garbage this if it

was a six star it's like the name of the

game if it was a six star what would you

do with it

roll it and see if it had speed that's

about it for that one this if it was a

six star rolling see if it at speed this

is garbage either way this is garbage

either way this is like oh you know what

it is a will and it has speed so I will

keep this I hope that it rolls all speed

and then I would gem the HP over the

flat attack and hope it rolls all speed

dad if it was a six star would still be

crap because it doesn't have enough

stats that's just energy energy is kind

of like energy and guard or like the

worst rune sets just because I mean if

they have good enough stats you can use

them on things but like they don't

really provide much aside from like

here's a little bit of this here's a

little bit of that like this not like it

doesn't give you immunity it doesn't

give you a chance for extra turns it

doesn't give you the chance to stun and

doesn't give you that extra boost of

speed like the Swift does so energy and

guard are like the least valuable stats

like to be able to like weren't putting

those on someone you would want the just

efficiency to be really high so you want

lots of good rolls lots of juicy rolls

and the stats that means something like

speed tech defense HP and then you also

want to you want high high rolls into

those stats and lots of them so let's do

this is oh look at all those this is LD

only ladies and [ __ ]

I hate these runes man where it's

five-star and it's legendary and like

you know people gonna be like you caught

a roll that to say speedbag oh I'm good

yeah I could have rolled that I just

don't want to this is not anything good

like we're gonna keep this maybe we need

to use that for something but I don't

really want to use that because it

doesn't have any stats it's got the crit

rate like and you're not gonna react

because it's purple it's purple man so

we're hoping for speed rate that's

that's kind of a thing

speed and maybe defense dodge flight


this is my this is my face that this

word is making me use please if you if

this rolls it's 3 on speed okay this is

a toss we don't need that for anything

this I really hope that we can just toss

this yeah I hope it rolls like a low

query door low HP Xin just tossing

because I mean if in a perfect world it

could get 5 5 5 5 into speed right and

then we have a 23 speed will room wow

that's not that bad


there's really no reason I should even

be rolling this to be honest oh right

yeah this I shouldn't even bother going

down the first place though we've got

some blue roads though this is the

light-dark only account right so we we

keep some questionable will birds on

this or maybe I was like saying if they

maybe they're like speed with like

defense and HP you're in it's like a

blue room but it's a six star or

something so cuz I would keep that this

is garbage not I don't mean that room I

mean like a 6 star rune slot to where

speed is the primary set and then ahead

like if it at 8/8 defense in 8 HP IV

like I'd be very excited about that room

that room could almost not do any aside

from rolling low it's almost not able to

be messed up until it starts going into

plus 9 and plus 12 so this is just

garbage this is just even if that was a

6 star IV toss knife because doesn't

have enough stats if it was just speed

like again if it was the speed saw to I

will keep this we cave for speed

this I'm not gonna keep if it was a

six-star yes I would keep it and see how

it rolled but no this is just crap it

doesn't really have anything it's just

crap it doesn't really have anything

this is just crap because the flat slot

six attack and it's five star and it's

blue but you generally don't want to tag

on this is just doesn't have any speed

that's the only redeeming quality I

would see in this is if it had speed we

would maybe see for old speed we would

definitely see her old speed on that one

this is just like if this was a six star

and it had higher rolls into crit damage

and quit rate maybe you stick this on

like a beast monk but still you'd want

speed on it so I'd still you can get

some speed in the last one the last time

this is just flat slot four it's

pointless this is flat it's pointless

so this one is interesting not great not

that I love this room but maybe it rolls

double speed I would rather this be on a

slot four slot six maybe it rolls double

speed this one maybe it roll is a few

speed row like three four speed rolls

but for the most part I really don't

even want to keep by their throws this

is just garbage

like I said keeping some questionable

rooms sometimes on this account if it

was my main I absolutely wouldn't have

kept that defense lot too but I'm trying

to think like if that was if that was if

that was a speed the defense subs on

that HP route I'm going through these

too fast who is a speed and a defense

sub on that HP even a blue six star slot

six HP I would have kept it could have

rolled 18 speed if it had speed as a sub

right if it had a speed slot six so in

that situation blue six star I would

have are we done

everything game you done you your board

okay games board let's see what happened

I don't know if he's gonna show my high

of login or something like that when I

do that so it just to be safe just to be

safe okay did

oh but now it's not gonna show even what

we what we kept so we can even see if it

rolls like whatever again if it had it's

basically like we kept like maybe one

brew none what is this oh this is the

defense that we're gonna see like this

is really you don't use this for much of

anything though I'm just gonna thumb

just gonna throw this away but hey we

got some speed but I could see maybe

people using this if it rolled 17 speed

but now we're just these blue runes

maybe I was keeping those early game I

don't really see a point unless that

gets I would rather have a tag slot 2

than a defense saw - I'm gonna like

defense more units use attack the only

thing I'm rollin this for is the speed

I don't even want to roll this like what

are we gonna do with it on this I still

sit and I still think we need to speed

yeah we're just gonna toss these I might

have kept these like early-game see this

doesn't have enough other stats that's

just the speed I think I just kept these

early game this I'm not even gonna keep

some night I'm gonna keep this I'll keep

that's a decent breeze aroun right if we

can get okay let's take an actual look

at that one so what I would hope for out

of this room is it's a legendary rune

but it's just got stats

it's got like a juicy amount of stats

right so I'm hoping for rolls it

I was hoping for rolls into defense and

crit rate and then I could just use it

on a bruiser right and gem the speed and

over the flat attack but the room

decided was gonna be a little jerk face

and not even do that so let's go on to

the next one we've got like five we've

we got a lot of Roos that's like it was

legend and orange and had speed and it's

probably not gonna roll speed and

probably gonna get sold but we're gonna

keep it for the time being but I think

there was a legend hold on let me go

back to the other account let me go back

there they can

I know we just switched but let me go

back to get I uh because I want to show

something I want to show

just one thing yes just want to show

this one so this one like I know I say

like Oh yuck it's a five-star rune if

this got decent rolls if this got like

seven into attack/defense HP if it

starts rolling seven into those and it


okay so it rolled a five into the speed

that's as high as you could roll into

the speed like this could be a usable

rune I mean it's not you're gonna want

to eventually replace it with something

else if you're trying to push for like

Guardian and stuff like that but this

could be a usable rune to some extent

we're hoping 4/7 and we're hoping for a

five into this speed

that was a seven wasn't it that was a

seven so this is exactly what I'm what

I'm trying to and people give me a crap

for this but they're actually sometimes

people are right even when they give me

crap like bagel it's not all 5-star

rooms are terrible that's correct and

this is one of those cases where the

five-star rune is not even that bad

we're hoping for a little bit more speed

if we get a five roll into speed and we

get something else I mean it's it's it's

somewhat usable as far as like cuz it's

a will rune it's like one of the better

stats one of the better sets oh not a

great roll not a great roll buddy but we

could still stick I mean we wouldn't

stick a legend Jen legend grinds on this

but we could stick like blue and hope

that they get high rolls and we could

just use it for we could use it for a

decent bit for you know reasonably

reasonable like Roos were like oh we can

use this in like Fighter level or maybe

in like c1 or something like that and we

could you know we'll room we got some HP

this is really not so we were I would

not stick this on it right I would not

stick that on it I would stick one of

these you get 28 over there

I was thick would you stop that I

wouldn't even really stick a purple I

mean unless you got a bunch of Purple's

I would stick like a blue on that I

would stick a blue on that or just stick

Blues on these hope for decent rolls and

use it like a little bit

for the time being use it for a bruiser

for Guild Wars so I just wanted to

mention that because a lot of times

people like bagel you can use things

that are not six stars you can use five

star ruins sometimes and yes there's

some situations where you could use five

star rings it's not the end of the world

I think I have a five star rune on my

Bernard on my main or something like

that because it's got like a quad rolled

speed it's not the only situation where

you can use it but there are situations

where like the more premium runes like

for example of violent room that's like

let's say it's got like sixteen speed

sub but it's a five star room but it's

got like like HP okay paint this picture

paint the scenario in your head five

star violent rune slot six HP percentage

but it's got defense speed speed is like

sixteen it's got some defense on a

percentage it's got some flat HP and

it's got some attack percentage like you

could use that room reasonably but

you're not gonna take it with you to

endgame like use it Guardian but you're

gonna you're gonna use it for a decent

bit so it's not like the end of the

world like you must have only six star

runes to even play this game how dare

you even try to use a five star room so

what oh no no inventory space gg

okay we can throw away some of these

speeds we'll just do a couple crafts on

this we're really at 48 minutes we don't

need to really continue this too much

we'll do whatever we have its role this

is the odd the time you were all speed

you choosing now like yeah we want to

prolong this as much as possible we want

to make the drag the paint out thanks

game thank you so much you know even

though doing this next week of course it

will speed cannot a huge stupid room we

break with this nonsense speed again no

stop it stop it you drunk room go home

so is that 13 speed we get 19 this is

the free to win account we could

definitely use 19 speed on this I say

that and now I want to sell this room

but imma toss this we do need to make

some space I'm gonna toss whatever is

not if it doesn't roll speeding with


why you choose now to roll speed on

these garbage routes I am looking for

reasons to throw them out not keep them

why don't you roll speed on the good

ones why you gotta roll speed on a bad

ones this game this is why I don't like

to keep these five-star ruins because

then it's like our roll band speed I'm

like I should have just tossed you just

out of principle because you're in DIC

rune why's it choose now to roll speed

again with this dick room

give me a break room

all right we made it we made a few

spaces I got to go through and like

actually clean more out of this please

don't tell me we're gonna need more oh

you know let's do let's just crap the

ancient ruins or whatever call it a day

after that that you could you could keep

that and see if it rolled double speeds

at that's still probably not that's not

gonna be staggering enough though even

if it did roll double speeds this again

it's not even if it was six star but it

just doesn't have enough juice this is

Justin it is that energy room plus it's

a five-star plus it's a blue so many

knows this oh it's a legend I know a lot

of people to keep these rooms like oh

it's a legend room even if it's

five-star bagel I know it's faster but

it's it's a legend faster hey hey the

synthetic say you know it's grower Finch

why would that excite me these are just

but I know a lot of people keep those

like a lot of people not like five

people like thousands of people that's

because they like to hold on to

everything what if I want to use it well

you're gonna use a lot of resources

you're gonna waste your mana trying to

upgrade that and it's just like not good

for anything and what are you gonna use

it on weight like a juicer Donna what

are you gonna use it on I don't know

just yet maybe I'll summon a monster and

I want to use it on that in the future

no sell it

take the mana farm or ruins this is just

garbage garbage great it's all five star

balloons so this we would see if it

rolls speed rate generally with vampire

just the general rule of thumb a lot of

times in vampire almost always with

vampire you want crit rate on it because

it needs to leach health somehow there

are some exceptions like Rama goes where

you don't need quit rate because REM Gus

doesn't need to quit for anything so

there's that also some things that maybe

have like boosted quit rate just

naturally by something in their passive

or something where you maybe don't need

crit rate but for the most part vampire

generally needs query

this is just like I know actually some

people that would keep this for maybe it

rolls a double crit damage and then it's

good efficiency for like a DPS unit I'm

not gonna keep it but I do actually know

people that would keep that one and roll

it just to see if they got the crit

damage for a fat Lucian as like a broken

set as weird as it sounds this is just I

know people like to keep these as well

like early game players like oh it's a

quick damaging it's a rage at least

you're at the right you're headed in the

right direction of like rage and crit

damage slot the slot for go hand in hand

better than attack percentage slot for

but this just doesn't have it's a big

difference between the crit damage at

max is 68 and sorry not 60 68 where I

can even get that number 65% and oh

because the rune is at 8 maybe that's

why I got 65% for a 5 star max rage rune

or or any any rooms thought for cord

damage if it's 5-star 65 is the max if

it's 6 star 80 is the max so maybe was

getting ahead of myself and I was

thinking an 80 like me smash the 68 65

and 80 together and made a 68 this is

just not good enough

there's not really a whole lot that does

really good with this even it was a 6

star this is not do one attack slot

before on a rate room what was I saying

I don't remember it's finished off with

these I'm keeping this this is that

that's a definite key so we're hoping

for two to three rolls into speed two

rolls into speed I'm happy with dodged

crit damage will be happy with that

what's not gonna say before I don't know

oh there's not a lot that you really use

its slot to defense so this we see if it

rolls fudgin see the roll speed but a

big nonsense on here I really got a I

think there's a bunch of rooms still

from like early game on here that we

just got to go through and toss cuz like

I said over the course of time you'll

upgrade your you know you raise your

rune standards but I don't know what

what I don't think it's not really great



even old Max rules he did eight digits

roll max so

it did just roll max can we get 13 HP no

we get 14 for rape can we get speed and

we can this is free to win so this does

not have as high rude alarm like if it

was the main I wouldn't keep this but if

it was Europe I probably wouldn't eat

this either but since it's free to win

we kind of got to be a little bit more

tolerant for any thicker speed it got it

got bad rolls into things but we might

be able to cuz we really we don't do RT

with this we do like Guild Wars and this

could be usable in Guild Wars this can

be usable for like a DPS unit Guild Wars

violent DPS unit I don't love it

it's got a lot of low rolls trust me

it's got a lot it's got a lot of little

rules but the stats are what I would

look for in a violent attack slot 6 rune

there's just not as many of them as I

need right so and crit damage so the

room it looked terrible at the beginning

and like as we rolled it it was like

makes more sense at least so this is

this is actually like you could use this

room hey I hate to say it but you could

actually use that rune you're not gonna

use it a guardian or TA or or maybe you

are if you have rag doll you maybe

you're gonna use that one and you can

get away with it but it's the lowest

roll possible and into the step that I

didn't want we need double rolls into

speed please double rolls into speed the

make up for and not for rolls

don't give me okay that's a good that's

a good start that's a good start

it basically turned into almost a blue

room we need another speed we need to

know this big game we need this we need

the speed it's free to win we need this

there like it's free to win you're not

getting damn thing you know what it's a

max roll if we got a max roll to speed

we got a Maxwell into HP I hate to say

that but I'm actually gonna keep this

room on this account on free we now

actually if this was the main I would

have no use for it right if it was the

the primary account where we got a bunch

of crazy everyone's been playing for

forever but this is free to win we spend


we use and we said we started much later

than the other ones as well so this is a

room that we would actually use for

things for like what we use this for is

for any like any support unit a lot of

different support like Fran we would use

it for we were used for what else

Fran anything else beside the friend

friend accuracy yeah so we would we

would actually use that again not

something you want to take into cardio

arts Jay cuz you're gonna get smoked if

you try to use something like that there

because it's all about root efficiency

there but for free to win Guild Wars

that's useful this is all garbage that's

even if it's a five-star it's all of our

stats this is all garbage and

part of one of return of all this five

million other rings oh geez no need to

roll those we don't need two Volvos

all right guys anyway because it's just

it's just all getting Swift this could

be speed chasing we should actually take

him to look at the other rooms too but

in my opinion why would we craft energy

runes there's no reason to craft energy

ruins if I if I was like let's take a

look at what stats I would want on these

other runes and let's start with energy

I would be doing you a disservice

because there should not be any reason

we would ever want to craft energy runes

if you're crafting stuff from Giants if

you take a look at these the symbol of

harmony symbol of harmony mostly drops

from Giants so if you need more of those

you farm Giants symbol of chaos drops

mostly from necropolis so if we need

more of those you perform necropolis

right it actually actually if you look

at this it's an order of where it drops

the most its Giants keep is first on the

list because it drops the most from

Giants keep necropolis is first on the

list because it drops the most from

necropolis if we see this one dragons is

first on the list because it drops the

most from dragons so it's actually in

order it doesn't tell you it's in order

but it is in order of where it drops the

most these symbols so if you meet more

transcendence you farm dragons more etc

etc but there's no reason we would we

would ever craft these no reason to

craft these we would craft these of

course for speed chasing I don't really

feel the need to craft these you get

crate every now and then and plus a lot

of times if you have DPS stuff you can

put them on if you have quarry and subs

you may not need the crit sets you can

also use a lot of times you need will on

DPS units as well for like endgame stuff

so I don't find myself crafting these

too much rage I know a lot of people

craft a lot of rage they do necro and

they craft rage and well runes so from

necro these are the two most popular to

do focus I don't really see you need to

really craft focus there's just not as

flexible as other stuff resistance I

would never craft resistance fatal I

could see people may be crafting fatal

if they're like man my DPS sets are

lacking I just don't have a lot of you

know the swift sets have been nicer to

me than the DPS sets I could see I still

would prefer that they craft the rage

ones try to try to grind necro for rage

runes and Friday

get the range stuff from there but

Friedel is like a nice like I could see

them crafting fail I wouldn't go crazy

on it but this spirit that's definitely

something people craft in vampire

there's not a whole lot of mosses that

are meta on vampire so really you don't

craft a bunch of these because if you're

doing necro and you get a hundred

vampire runes like let's say you happen

to get lucky get a crate like a hundred

good vampire runes a hundred good will

ruins a hundred good rage ruins those

willed runes are gonna go out fast those

those will runes are gonna get used so

much and then you're gonna have just an

abundance of extra vampire runes lying

around cuz there's not that many units

that are really meta on vampire but

there's a ton of units that are meta on

wil violent half my units on every count

are on violent runes so that's like the

number one that everyone crafts nemesis

there's only a few units that are really

meta build on nemesis so you really

don't want to craft I really wouldn't

even bother crafting the two sets just

with the exception of like maybe will

because you really don't you you need

twice as many of the four sets you know

what I mean so these are like the these

are like the primary ones that are the

best for crafting wills not bad

shield is you do you really don't want

to like oh let me go craft a whole bunch

of shield runes I could maybe see

reasons you'd want to craft the revenge

but to be honest it's really better to

just spend it all your resources from

dragons it's better to craft violent

than revenge destroy you get plenty of

disturbance there's not a whole lot of

monsters that are even relevant for

destroyed fight I could definitely see

crafting fight runes it's very important

to craft fight runes if you're doing a

lot of the rift beasts to try to get

fight runes crafting fight rings with

those resources it's not bad I know a

lot of people are craft fight rooms is

the most it's the most usable out of

these other ones and then these ones you

just get like the same thing with the

energy in the guard like whatever has

the value for the most part some

exceptions but really just use whatever

you get don't bother crafting like the

new ones so best for crafting these two

this one this one this one yeah

is these ones these ones these ones

these ones these ones anyway that's it

for this one I talk so much

I talk so much but I hope that I got one

hour it's longer than Saturday morning

sevens have been but hopefully like I

explained and I know people are gonna

just not watch this and be like bagel

you should do a video where you show

what rooms you keep and what ruins you

sell I'm just gonna facepalm so hard

that my fist goes through my face and

I'm gonna be like I just did that I just

did that I just rip my head off and

throw it at the wall that's what I'm

gonna do now you guys gonna do that on

purpose you gonna be like Oh watch this

I'm gonna trigger him watch this

anyway I'm just trying to give you guys

information trying to let you guys know

my logic on why I keep things and why

something's anyway it was fun departure

from the usual Saturday morning summons

as soon as we get new units out there

will be four billion summon videos on

every channel

so enjoy your summon free Saturday while

you while it lasts

oh no we did one summon we technically

did one summon in this video didn't we

alright anyway I'll see you as always

hope you enjoy - LC was always in the

next one