How To Start a Rug Making Business in 2023 | MAKE MONEY WITH THIS SIDE HUSTLE!!

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this is how I would start a rug making

business if I was starting one in 2023

step one make a memorable username or

slash business name having a memorable

name is very important because you want

people to be able to share it with other

people and remember you when they try

searching you up on any platform want to

have your username consistent throughout

all platforms that way it's super easy

for people to find you maybe even try

and make something that's catchy like

for example let's say you're making it

about cars then let's you would call it

something like crazy car rugs something

simple like that and something that's

not spelled weird or with numbers at the

end is very important in my opinion and

it looks professional too number two is

pretty obvious you have to buy the

supplies and I sell the supplies on my