Vacation Club Scam -- How To Spot Them and Protect Yourself

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a vacation club in a nutshell is a

fraudulent business model where a

company or a group of sales individuals

attempt to convince couples during

in-person marketing pitches that they

can save thousands of dollars on their

future travel by joining a club and that

club comes with upfront fees which you

must pay right there on the spot my

investigation of the vacation club scam

near my hometown began when I received

this unsolicited letter in the mail it

promised a free trip anywhere in the

country valued at almost $1,400 if I

call the phone number and agreed to a 90

minute presentation on saving money

through a new travel product the letter

is designed to trick you into attending

an in-person sales pitch the sales pitch

is held in a nondescript location a

hotel conference room or a vacated