Which bone china to collect when there are so many choices?

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hello it's Megan Bayless from vintage

cottage craft babinda just with a couple

of tips on what sort of fine bone china

to collect apart from something that's

really pretty like this plate it really

is very attractive but it's not very

valuable and I'm about to explain why

there's certain things to look for so

anything that comes from the

Staffordshire Potteries Staffordshire is

an area of England and it's made up what

was made up of five different towns that

were all into pottery grab it it's great

stuff look at the back stamp so on the

back of every piece of China most pieces

of China are beg your pardon there will

be a back stamp now have a look at that

do some research you want one that's got

a crown and aligned on it because with

the crown and the line it usually

signifies that there was a royal decree