Estate Sale Thrift Store Finds Video #104: Gold, Silver, Royal Doulton China & More

hi everyone it's living the good life

and I have another estate sale and

thrift store finds video for you and

this encompasses I guess the fur the end

of January and the first week of

February 2018 let me go ahead and show

you why I found I went to the thrift

clearance center only got a few things

and I think I think I showed you some of

the other ones earlier the first is this

it's a Payton City

excuse me Payton pottery from Payton

City West Virginia they were in

operation from 1914 to 1963 and from

what I can tell it sells around 15 to 20

dollars on ebay I got it for $1 and it

is in great condition and this was there

for two weeks in a row I guess nobody

bought it I couldn't believe it I

thought it was pretty cute so $1 is a

good price to pay for a teapot the other

thing I got was this vase

it has a slight pinkish actually I think

this is supposed to be have a stopper in

it but it's got a light pink color on

the bottom half it does have a pontal

mark and then it's got this band of

green with the almost like a stippling

enamel work with the flowers and the

leaves and then here at the top you can

see where a stopper has been slipped in

and out so I'll go ahead and trying to

find a stopper for that but that one was

a dollar as well um and let me get the

one useful thing out of the way I got

this huge meat mallet I don't know about

you but back in the day when they made

them out of wood if you were really

whaling away to tenderize some meat the

end of the little wooden mallet can fly

off around the kitchen so I've had that

happen and my mom asked me to find one

of these for her at an estate sale I had

found one for myself at a garage sale

last month and I found this one for a

dollar so that one's good

I also went to an estate sale

and they have a several pieces of

sterling but they had these spoons a

whole bag of them for $10 so I found a

spot set down look through them I found

three pieces of sterling so I thought

okay three pieces there's bound to be a

few more that I was kind of if yet I

have tested all of these so this one

these are the ones that are not silver

there was this community plate there's

these two William Rogers

and then we have a whole plethora of

souvenir spoons that are just a silver

plate and this one I think it's maybe

even be brass here are the three that I

knew were definitely sterling we've got

this honolulu and it is mark sterling on

the back right there in the middle you

can see the little cartouche and then

there's this one for I think it's tile

and it's got the little elephants on

there so it says sterling tile and and

then I've got this one and it is a

Canada and it's even got it in the

Victoria in the bowl there and this one

says sterling as well it's down here and

it's rather hard to make out so I know I

had those three and they weigh 32 grams

so that was one ounce so for my ten

dollars I knew you know I had a pretty

guy do they wait up enough so that was

one ounce there that would be like

sixteen dollars at today's silver spot

price but here are the other one so I

have tested every single one of these

and just a funny side note I'm testing

away and I'm thinking wow I'm doing so

horrible none of these are silver and

then I realized I was testing all the

silver with the 18 karat gold solution

so that was useless I had to start all

over again and as you can tell from all

the spoons that took a while so I was

thrilled to find out this one a sterling

and I had a pretty good idea that it was

it's not marked at all but the rest of

these also test for some amount of

sterling as well because I had that

result so there's this little this one

says Hong Kong silver but he actually

tested for silver and got another little

souvenir spoon here I was shocked that

any of these tested at all but I

definitely got the red smudge when I was

testing with the silver acid so and then

we got this one they're probably a low

grade of silver and I hear there's this

one so different souvenir spins and so

total with those and a little ladle I'm

about to show you well shorty now I

found this at a different estate sale

it really wasn't marked there was a

faint mark here you can't even tell but

it was very worn away there was just you

can barely see it a letter at the end

and it looks like it was a G and it felt

like sterling it was a little bendy it

had some give in it came home tested as

sterling it was $2.00 it was in a big

box of miscellaneous utensils that said

two dollars each so I looked at them all

so we fat and the rest of this jewelry I

paid eight dollars and 66 cents

including tax I got this adorable little

pin and I can't tell if this is the

19-teens 1920s it's got a C clasp with

the longer pin so I'm thinking this is

first quarter of the 20th century I got

these cufflinks the testing was kind of

inconclusive I'm not expecting that

they're anything but I'm not going to

get rid of them until I get some

confirmation I got this sterling silver

I got this little tie tack for a

fraternity it says ten karat gold on it

and the big one was this it is a Masonic

ring it's very worn but it's 14-karat

gold so the the ring in and of itself

weighs eleven point three two grams so

at $1,200 for 14 karat gold my

calculations are that it's two hundred

and fifty five dollars the tie tack at

ten karat gold is one point three one

grams and so for eight dollars I mean I

was surprised they said that the family

had just brought the jewelry at that

time and just that bring the jewelry up

and we'll price it for you at the

counter and I just had a whole handful

and said how much for this and showed it

to him that's what they came up with so

I was thrilled the last thing I want to

show you is this beautiful plate look at

the amazing gold work on this it is just

deep deep red with this amazing gold

work and here's the center there's

nowhere on it anywhere I paid $5.00 for

this plate at an estate sale and here's

the mark its Royal Doulton

retailed by Lovington Brothers when I

look up this mark it says this from 1922

to 1927 it says Made in England not it

doesn't say maintaining it just says


if it says Made in England it would be

much later and there's the Lovington

Brothers I looked up and there is a

Lovington Illinois there's a Lovington

let's see New Mexico so I don't know if

those towns were named for someone named

Lovington or this is just somewhere else

you all may know since you're across the

country if you had a lot

Lincoln Brothers store in your town but

it was just amazing to to find that

beautiful plate for five dollars so I

was absolutely thrilled so I hope you

all enjoyed the finds when I add up all

the sterling it's a hundred and forty

five grams four point six six ounces and

at 90 percent silver instead of 925 it

comes to sixty three dollars and I told

you the ring is about two hundred and

fifty five dollars so the ladle itself

is 22 grams so I hope you enjoyed all

the finds and please send me a comment

I'd love to have your subscription if

you're not already subscribed thanks so

much bye-bye