Buying rough gemstones on ebay.



hello YouTube viewers this is Brent I

want to talk to you today about buying

gems material rough gem material from

eBay and I've had some good luck doing

it and I've had some bad luck doing that

and I've got a parcel that just come in


actually it's just one large stone so

we're gonna take a look at this and

discuss it and then I'll talk about some

of the other stones I've bought from


both good purchases and bad purchases

first let's cut this one open and see

what we got here


what this is is a large piece of Citroen

lemon citrine and I believe this was

close to 300 carat piece as I look at it

it looks like there's some large areas

that I can facet that are fairly

inclusion free and I paid about with

shipping of $4 for shipping I think I

paid about six to eight dollars for this




that's 356 carats total this is from the

United States it came from a dealer in

California but I do see right now I do

see some inclusions in this area I think

I could get several nice nice size

gemstones out of this so for under ten

dollars I think I did pretty good so 350

carat stone for under ten dollars not

too bad and I bought from this dealer

before and done pretty good most of the

time here is another piece I bought from

an eBay dealer that I've bought from

before a very reputable facet rough

dealer for many years and blue zircon

from Nigeria 7 carats this piece I've

already examined it pretty close and

this is a clean a clean piece it'll make

a nice gemstone so I spent $20 on this

so there are good dealers and

not-so-great dealers on eBay and a lot

of times you're not going to know what

you're getting until you end up getting

it and have it in your hands now here's

a piece of emeralds that I I cut this

piece and I knew it wasn't the greatest

piece of emerald because for 10.4 ten

dollars from an overseas dealer you're

not going to get too much but I haven't

cut much emerald and I it's been a while

since I did and I wanted to try another

piece to see how it how it acts so I

went ahead and spent the $10 and bought

it and that's it was a waste of money I

have to say that it it really wasn't

worth the $10 I knew it wasn't going to

be a very valuable stone when I bought




then there's always something like this

this is genuine quartz it does have the

inclusions on this sphere but I'm

looking at what I could do with this as

a faceted gem and most of that could be

cut away and I would still have a very

sizeable gemstone so I look at it at

that in that respect that for eight to

ten dollars if you can get genuine

quartz and you could do something with

it yourself and facet it and have a nice

gemstone I could make a nice Portuguese

cut stone out of this you have a lot of

size to it and for eight to ten dollars


now here is a parcel of Golden Sun stone

that I got for around ten dollars and I

think there's a hundred and fifty carats

here they are small but I can get some I

can get some small stones out of these


and if I'm able to cut one stone and

sell it

I could probably double or triple my

money on this


well that's it I just wanted to talk

about some of my my purchases on eBay

and you know lots of people probably do

that and once in a while you do very

well and sometimes you may not do so

well so but I think in my situation I've

been more successful than I've been than

otherwise so I'll keep looking on eBay

and like I say there's there are good

sellers on there that you can trust you

just have to find them and then you'll

be able to do okay okay

until the next time take care