My Biggest Garage Sale Finds to date! Plus BEWARE of ROSETTA STONE PRODUCTS

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hey guys this is a little warning about

rosetta stone always always check

rosetta stone but they are very picky on

on eBay they can nail you for trying to

sell rosetta stone and I'm gonna show

you exactly why this box was sealed in

plastic and it's the French one two

three four five so I opened it anyhow if

I had to

there you go that's fake all the way

around and that's why you see rosetta

stone so picky on eBay

so be very very wary of rosetta stone

products okay guys hey everybody Mike

the rideshare reseller coming to you

from a garage sale Saturday yep today

was garage Hill Saturday for me and I

got out and today I had my best ever

garage saleing they're gonna see my my

haul here in a second just wanted to