Learning to Sim: Make Millions of Simoleons Selling Real Estate! | The Sims Freeplay

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hello and welcome to Contreras ins this

is the first of a series of Sims

FreePlay tutorial videos that I am

making especially for new Simmons who

have just started playing the game so I

went ahead and actually started a brand

new game to test out some tips and

tricks to show you in particular I want

to show you a way to make millions of

samolians very quickly start to build up

your town and also get yourself a nicely

stock inventory full of high-quality and

rare furniture this really only works

right at the beginning of the game or if

you're prepared to completely demolish

your town one of my viewers random video

clips explain the steps for this really

well in a comment you need to sell all

but one house actually I've found that

you can have to you then can buy the