Fallout Shelter Beginner Tips: 19 Quick Tips for New Overseers

hey everyone this video will quickly go

over 19 tips for beginners starting

their own vault and fallout shelter if

you have any questions leave them in the

comments below the first tip is to plan

for expansion rooms can be expanded

three spaces wide so build downwards

with elevators when starting your vault

expanded rooms are more efficient than

multiple separated rooms get rid of

laziness look at your dwellers list and

find any that are on a coffee break

these dwellers do nothing but suck up

resources put them to work remember not

to overpopulate you will need more

dwellers to build more rooms but don't

try getting more dwellers if you don't

have any jobs for them or if you're

already struggling with food and water

like the dwellers don't build faster

than you can populate rooms will do

nothing if they are empty and they will

still draw power running out of power

will start shutting down rooms that you

are still trying to use don't forget

upgrading your rooms will increase your

productivity and storage amount try to

upgrade your rooms before building new

ones find what a dweller is good at and

train up that special stat to max by

throwing them in the training room then

send them back to work

luck is the best secondary stat for your

dwellers so it's good to train everyone

in luck it will increase the success

rates of rushing and increased looting

out in the wasteland try to get a gun in

every dwellers hands as soon as you can

any weapon with a 0 to 1 stat you can

just sell since their hands do just the

same amount of damage

don't bother arming pregnant dwellers in

the state of emergency they will just

run away and hide you wouldn't want to

put them in danger anyway would you

along with arming the dwellers you

should put on an outfit that complements

their special stat also even if it

doesn't show it there a special will

still increase even if it's maxed if you

put on an outfit that increases that

special equipped to high level dwellers

with your two best weapons and have them

ready to rush to the vault door in case

an enemy attacks you can upgrade the

vault doors defense to give them a

little more time to get there if you

need to make some dwellers happy send

them to the living quarters to make a


this will take their happiness to 100%


and when choosing dwellers to make

babies their stats will affect the

offspring if you need another dweller

with high strength have two dwellers

with high strength to make a baby and

try not to make the same dwellers too

much it may cause problems in the future

well--there's with the same family will

not make babies together the wasteland

is a great way to collect weapons gear

caps and experience

ready your explorers with endurance so

they can last longer luck will increase

their loot give them stimpacks and radar

ways so that they can go even further

though endurance and luck are obvious

must for exploring other stats have been

noted to improve the performance in the

wasteland so keep that in mind the radio

tower with high charisma dwellers will

improve the overall happiness of your

volt but be careful because this also

increases the death claw attacks if you

don't need any more storage rooms don't

make them first go through and make sure

all your dollars have a weapon and the

right outfit and then just sell the

extra gear that you're not going to be

using don't be in a race to build a huge

vault once you get the training room

start rotations and try to increase your

dweller specials and their level before

you bring in a huge population that's

all the beginner tips for this video if

you have any of your own to add leave

them in the comments below so that we

can all see them alright that's it for

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