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let me be a little selfish here i'm living the American Dream we don't need

no more roofers just say you hate Minnesota we're

chasing opportunity it shows me your leadership you're just

panicking a little everybody knows you're phoning

it in can i get a commitment from you you could post nice quotes

you could do all that but everybody knows you're not doing the activity

don't be that guy looking for a job roofing come to the

roofing industry you can 100x your income

income what's the biggest job you ever sold

oh i'm not big i haven't graduated to that yet surprisingly

i'm like a door-to-door residential killer but

i don't know i've had jobs at six figures you know with windows and siding

and roof over here and the best market on the planet Minnesota

probably next to Florida but that's a different story i love this place

um like a hundred grand only okay yeah i love it and i tell guys all the time

uh we i see the trend now where everybody's

chasing commercial there's no money in residential especially some business

owners they they will take one HOA right okay

million dollar project two million dollar project they see the numbers they

say oh this is great and they cancel residential now they start chasing HOAs

two years later they go out of business and i'm like

why like for me personally i'm like you i don't have big jobs i mean we've done

some you know quarter million dollar projects

and stuff but for me every day stuff like i've been doing it

for like six years my numbers never go back every year

slight increase everybody's get fat you know my sales

guys my production people my supplementers everybody you know you

have eight ten families every single year

no one's stressing a about anything you just go out every day and you just work

work work it's you know 10 20 30 grand jobs what's wrong with that

nothing nothing the commissions are outrageous like you were talking about

earlier where else in the world can you go and

make a yearly income sometimes in a week a day like if you

were to average out what i made like it would probably be 20 30 grand a day

that's unheard of people watching this that aren't in the industry are

freaking out thinking we're just throwing out these numbers but

we all get fed here and and it's amazing it's amazing opportunity and there's so

many residential like i love it i'm a weirdo

i love it i'm just i'm the same way and my next question to you is if you or

obviously everybody get lazy everybody have lack of motivation stuff

distractions if you are in your A-game for a year

like you just straight focus no personal drama

no major events like you focus 100 percent on work you

cancel everything cancel your life and you work what's your earning potential

you feel like like next year how much money like

absolutely max you don't have to make it you don't

have to plan it but can you make i don't know you name the number how

much can you make on your A-game in a perfect world

i think i think that that i have not even

seen my best numbers yet i agree but what do you

what do you feel like you can do um multi-millions easily

per year yeah two to five like i honestly

think i'm trying to crack the two this year

i never cracked two so i'm trying to on residential too i want to do it in

residential yep i don't want to do it in commercial that's

awesome so it's my numbers yeah i mean two million it'd be great for me

it'd be a it'd be it would it would make things

nice you know i love it name one training you wouldn't recommend

to anyone maybe you took a training or we all like to learn but name a training

that you're like okay don't waste time in it

sometimes a training will just teach you not to like you said worry about that

information like i don't know i just say the best i

can't answer that i don't know um do you recommend i like for example

HAAG training would you recommend something like that

no because here's the thing insurance there's no congruency

that you get a good guy out there wants to buy he's going to buy you get a staff

guy most likely he's going to deny you and

you and every somebody's selling somebody on the job here

so i wouldn't HAAG they say that i i do know that that title probably

brings you a little bit more respect from the insurance supplementer or when

you're supplementing because i've seen that

happen but i wouldn't recommend that because hail is like

what we do is not rocket science man you know

you feel it you see it you know it it's there and if it's not there it's not

getting bought that's plain and simple if it's there it's there um i would

recommend people in our industry uh do personality type

kind of training i think because we deal with so many

different personalities we we're in the people business we're not

in the roofing business and i think most people focus too much

on their company their brand and products

instead of the people that they're talking to

i think that's the best training and i think that's the one that served me well

because you know when you shut up you know when to talk and you know

what motivates people we all have our own language i'm a blue

you're you know red blue red you know and you you're probably yellow you like

to help people you know i don't know like everyone's got their own language

and if you're where's the colors coming from

blue red green yellow they're just personality types

someone yellow someone who likes to help people blue someone who likes to have

fun they don't care about money red's all about money and achievement

and uh greens are what is it ricky analytical they got to

know every little detail it's got to be spelled out in black and

white and once you know that it's like the unfair advantage man it

really is door knocking sucks how do you do it

so i kind of just psyched myself out so here's the thing you got to understand i

started as a canvasser in this industry so that's my first love that's how i got

to experience all that the abundance that it brought

so i love it i love talking to people but i psyched

myself out this is how i did in the beginning

i grabbed a stack of door hangers i didn't i didn't put

any kind of pressure on myself i said i'm going to get rid of 75 of these door

hangers and by the law of averages i'm going to

talk to somebody and out of those people i'll definitely get one at least that

was my whole goal if you take your if you take the focus

off of selling and just doing the activity the

results by the law of averages is going to

follow now along with that that's why those 800 doors i had to

knock so many because i didn't know how to overcome objections i didn't know

body language i didn't know what a turtle vent was you know so you

learn all that in the repetition but i just psyched myself out

and say hey i'm gonna go and plus i honestly believe i'm

helping people i don't think you could do operate at a

top level in this industry if you don't honestly in your heart say

i think that they need me and i know they need me because the insurance

companies always undervalue their claims they're always driving them on the

damage so honestly i go out there i look at it as i'm taking

a walk talking to friends and family meeting

new friends and just letting them know what's available

i'm not there to sell you either way i'm gonna sell

and get my deals but honestly i'm going to give you the best service

uh world-class experience possible with me at the door and you're going to

notice i'm different between all these other guys you

mentioned several times personality tests

i recommend one where you can someone who's watching

trying to get in sales where they can find it where to go

download it online or go to school if you just type in personality tests

you'll get a myriad of them but like i said some some put animals

sharks bears whatever some people use colors

i'd say that that's that's the number one thing that

a lot i see a lot of people don't even it's not even on their radar um i

would also give a free tip to anybody that's worth like a million dollars

right now knocking doors in this specific area and that is

hey i'm just dropping off my card i know you've been inundated with contractors

where are you at in the process that is gold in any market take it to

the bank give one advice to someone who's just

starting in sales like in the very very beginning maybe rookie

just joined a company frustrated lack of training one advice to brand new

sales rep i would say like i said before if you

can leverage other people's experiences stick by a leader and just shadow him

shut up do what he does buy him lunch if you could get with a

top producer you are who you surround yourself with

by default you will be a top producer if you hang

around four top producers or even one hang around the people do the activity

don't get attached to the results you can really compress time frames if

you just do the activity and take the no's

don't everybody puts so much value like on failing

there is no success without failure get over it

just get over it because here's the thing if you're not successful in sales you

could go back to what you're doing why don't

you just go for it do the activity don't get attached to results

and i guarantee you you're going to be successful how do you train sales guys

who start working maybe for you because i've

seen you train quite a few guys over the years

what just get them on the block with me nothing's better than the block to teach

people the real meat and potatoes of this industry if

you can do knock doors that skill set will feed you the rest of

your life because you're able to go out and extract

some revenue from the market so i take them out on the block

and i say just watch me if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

i'll walk with them for five times after that they probably pretty much get it

i go just repeat verbatim what i say and you won't can't go wrong or once you

hear what i'm saying put it into your own the way you speak because i have

quiet people shy people introverts extroverts i got

all these different types i'm dealing with but i just

i can't ask somebody to do what i'm not doing so i go and do it

i go and knock a door i lead by example and

there wasn't a time there was a time in my life where i avoided responsibility

and and didn't want to do the activity one

of my good friends Houston Burgess we were

god bless the best salesman i ever met he

sat me down one day had that come to jesus meeting where he was like hey

listen man everybody knows you're phoning it in you

you could post nice quotes you could do all that but everybody

knows you're not doing the activity don't be that guy, Ben

and he had that heart to heart and i changed after that literally my life

changed and that's when i got into storm restoration the rest is history you know

have you ever covered deductibles never ever

no i got trained by some good people in the industry when i first got in

i didn't realize i was with the storm chasing company

when i got in this so then you you know but here's the thing storm chaser is

like i don't know i i kind of just think

we're chasing opportunity and you can't blame a guy

for that i mean what do you want me to sit at

home mooch off the government and then cause trouble in your community

now at least i'm going out there and taking

market share this is a position that's available for anybody who's hungry

this in my opinion is like uh like the old

gold rush back in the day the only place in america where you can go out

and have the american dream from what this i'm living the american dream i get

to travel people pay for stuff for me like i help

people and i travel and and just learn all

these amazing places and on the planet and i wouldn't be able to do it without

this industry next question is a tough one. How often

do you see vandalism in our industry around your

companies hear stories maybe you've seen that on the job sites i was talking to

your assistant here earlier um so i have a a gentleman that i helped

out and trained but he wasn't really a closer

well i thought he had a bad experience with me turns out he went got his

adjuster's license he just told me the other day he was down south

and his first roof in the business to adjust

folded up folded like a cheap suit all those shingles

so um i have i don't think it's i haven't seen it in a while like a year

or two but uh i did i've seen it and have you ever

seen sales guys doing it like uh around you

uh well just i mean i want to know how you deal with it like

if you because i recently interviewed one of the business owners and he

caught one of his guys doing it and i'm like how do you deal with that because

you don't want to turn them in necessarily

but at the same time i actually got a call from Michigan

this week uh someone doing it and they actually

turning him in like insurance fraud uh full nine yards like we were talking

about before just all the the negative stuff you see in this

industry that's probably one of them i haven't seen it a lot i have seen it

and i was just like when you're new and you're when you're

new and you're just following people you see

you know you see what they do i didn't every time someone would attempt to do

that or i just kind of like be so cringed and scared because

you get that name and it's over and not only that like you you messed up

somebody's house dude like that's not cool i

i've never been like a thief or get into fights or like whatever like

so i've seen it i know what it looks like and you could definitely tell

but i think people that are doing that they just weren't brought in right i

think it's just an ignorance issue now i do hear of like i mean when i

first got in the industry i heard that there was people down in Georgia

cutting steel uh was that stainless steel balls in half and putting them on

their sandals and walking on the roof or something crazy like that

so i don't know like i i think that's a small percentage man because

i think they're ready i think they're regulating that and they just watch it

guys if you're watching this i like what Ben said you said

it's obvious you can tell and i agree 100%

i don't care what you're thinking if you're attempting to do it just don't do

it it'll stay on your record forever it's just bad business practice if

you're desperate if you're if you need money talk to your

boss say hey man i'm desperate i need gas money whatever but don't do

anything stupid i don't care how much sense it

makes some people think that oh this is damage you know i i can

add few more and i also see i also want to say this

sometimes in this business we get so frustrated working with insurance

companies who denies your claims and they say it's not enough damage so

we're trying to help that okay that's not enough damage i'll just add some

to to help them approve it don't don't hold your hate against you know

insurance company because if you do that now you just

compromise your integrity and now you're no different it's not

even worth the money like if you need money just go get a job then get out of

this if there's no storms in your area if you don't know how to

work a storm and you don't wash shingles how to mismatch and get it bought

it's not worth it i was in one recently in Wisconsin

got up there they had a half inch inch hail

there was uh i got on the roof he was he goes full disclosure there's been two

contractors up there before you when i hear that i'm like oh here we go

i get up there all the damage that i've been seeing is like this small

well this one was like this and all the way down to the mat

totally black perfect circles eight of them

and i'm just like i'll pull the ladder down let's go

and i told the homeowner listen you're going to get a roof either way because

somebody messed up your roof what what's the name of the company

you know but don't do it guys it's not worth it man

i love it don't do it why are roofing sales reps fail

i don't think they stay in the game long enough to give it a chance

uh quit too early yeah i think they quit too early because uh

you know it's a hard business it's not for everybody but here's the thing like

anything worth something is going to take

a massive amount of effort and dedication and focus

if you can focus for 90 days like i said i i came up with a 90-day

run in here i stole it from MLM and it seems to be doing right

90 days massive action of activity and that will create so much momentum the

rest of the year you won't really have to work but i think that

going back to your question original question is i think they just

don't stay stick and stay long enough and when they fail they take it too

personally and they don't overcome it i think

that's you have to have thick skin in this game

where's the best place to find the sales guys you came from outside of the

industry yeah uh what other places business

owners can look for sales guys to recruit

people restaurants people good with anybody dealing with people

MLM is like i would recruit if i had a roofing company

i would recruit all MLM people because they already are half trained

they know how to take a no they know how to overcome objections they know

personality types and they don't make any money

you know MLM people looking for a job roofing industry in industry you can

100x your income over here love it great advice what's your

favorite app for business let's see well i just

whatever CRMs you know these are they make life easier

speed success like speed any way you can gain some speed

i'm with it and the apps do that the Hover apps and all that

SPOTIO i love that i don't inspire it nobody uses that no more so SPOTIO

Hover CRM any CRM yeah the CRM do you have a favorite CRM

between you probably i'm using JobProgress now and i'm used to it

but Acculynx probably is the easiest one i haven't tried JobNimbus or any of

that other stuff yet okay well when you come work for us we'll teach you

it's pretty easy um oh what's your favorite house no i

don't look at the clock he's like i don't want

to be here no no it's just it's it's here's the thing so you're

telling me a product does not matter i don't think so

sure but do you still have a favorite favorite story favorite brand to sell

you don't care at all i don't get Tamko can you sell Tamko i don't i could sell

whatever but i because i here's the thing if you put a

shingle on there it's got petroleum and limestone on it like dude there's might

as well be a hurricane coming through there it's not coming off

how cheap it is okay here's what i'm gonna answer to that it's the same thing

just like okay Honda and Mercedes-Benz they have

wheels they'll take you from a to b there's no

difference come on well they say in the Malarkey is like the bomb

i don't know i sell CertainTeed right now i'm comfortable with that

they'd like to talk about this and that but like i i've sold that i sold GAF

so you don't focus on shingles with the homeowners no it's about the person man

you're to give them a good product you're going

to give them a nice roofing system i don't think a majority of our roofing

companies go out to screw people so you're going to get a sweet product

they have to or else they wouldn't be in but you have a builder's grade

and you have well yeah no the builder's grade is terrible you're right that's

just yeah and who puts three tabs on anymore

come on like you know i mean there's companies who do it i know they do

you know and Tamko and stuff like i did one time wonder how they make money

though like they do don't they have commercial

managed repair programs well you know like Tamko is the cheapest

shingle out there right so when COVID-19 started um the fir

within first week they sent everybody letters that they cancelled

all rebates all contractor programs like any perks everything

like first week of COVID-19 Tamko cancels any benefit to do business

with Tamko I mean if you're that affected and the

first that shows me your leadership you're just panicking i

mean it's the first week into pandemic and you already

cancel everything there is i mean come on well talk about shingles

we're going through a shingle shortage 2020 right now

how did COVID-19 affect your door knocking

like how did you change your game interesting good question

um so i started off this year in Illinois

so Illinois big liberal state i mean when i saw that COVID-19 came into

effect i was already planning on working for a

company they're a high school friend and i had to pivot because you had to

wear the mask you didn't wear the mask you couldn't knock doors they weren't

letting you out in public at all in the beginning

so i had to pivot for my year and see what i was going to do to create

income storm popped off in Wisconsin they're

more lenient there so but here's what's the

interesting thing about COVID is that more people are home

there's more contacts there's high touch now that now i could get in front of

more people and you know the numbers it doesn't

matter like i can only get in front of a certain

number of people so that's why you do leads and all this

other lead gen but it's been great because people have been

accessible they're at home and they've got more disposable income

and nothing to do so they're sprucing up their homes they're more

willing to hear you out even retail i don't even do retail

and i had to learn retail because it just became an option

this year is it possible to always get overhead and profit from insurance

companies some companies say they get like 95% of

the time we get about 50% of the time is it possible to always or

is it worth it always fight for it what's your story experience in my

experience i always get overhead and profit a lot of times

like 80 80 over here in Minnesota with the specific company you need to go talk

to Chris and teach us how to get eighty percent

but you're getting about eighty percent and that's the another reason why i'm

working with who i'm working with because

that is uh that's like get having someone on a supplement end who can

secure those additional funds is powerful to my commission we do the

same thing let's not you know let me be a little

selfish here i like my commissions fatter than

smaller right so yeah i've had in great experience with

O & P here in the state um yeah last question best

and worst insurance company to work for with

well right now State Farm is the worst and i would even put Allstate second

from the Farm yeah but State Farm denied everything i had

with in Wisconsin i have it i have State Farm tomorrow i got a 7:30

adjustment tomorrow we'll see how that goes but

from what i hear State Farms just using COVID and just denying

everything everything's got to go have to go to appraisal this year seems like

okay um the best insurance company Travelers is good in Wisconsin i heard

they're not good here um Liberty Mutual, Nationwide i mean

i don't know the the ones that always if homeowner would ask you

for a recommendation for insurance who would you recommend

Chubb can anybody get Chubb no it's uh no i don't know it's just

super expensive per month but they're yeah that'd probably be the cadillac but

i would just i would i would say just i would tell them

do not get State Farm do not get Allstate because those are the most two

that i have trouble with and if i have trouble with it like

you're going to have trouble most of them you have 100

yeah can i get a commitment from you um our audience always have questions can

we get a commitment for you to answer those questions if they have

sales question or something from about about this interview can you come back

to this video maybe a week later it just answers some

comments on YouTube yeah sure all right so guys Ben will

answer all your questions if you have any uh give this video a like if you

learned something new today uh Ben likes likes uh i follow him on

Facebook a lot he's a likable guy and he deserves a lot of

likes give this video a like comment below if you have any questions

for him or myself and i'll see you guys in the next video