New to Roofing Sales? How to Make Your FIRST Roofing Sale

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How to sell roofing jobs?

Step 1: Research your market and competition, identify your unique selling proposition (USP), outreach potential clients and offer competitive proposals.
Step 2: Understand customer needs and wants, listen actively and ask open-ended questions, offer solutions and tailor your presentation to their requirements.
Step 3: Build trust and credibility, provide testimonials and references, be professional and courteous, follow up promptly and go the extra mile.
Step 4: Emphasize benefits over features, focus on the value proposition, differentiate your company from others, and demonstrate the return on investment (ROI).


so you're new in roofing sales and want

to make your first sale in the industry

you're in the right place because in

today's video i'm going to be teaching

you three tips to make your first

roofing sale my name is adam the roost

radars and i help sales people and sales


reach peak performance have fun doing it

and most importantly smash their income

goals so let's buckle up and go for a


and chat about how you can make your

first sale in the roofing industry

all right tip number one is you cannot

let your

lack of industry knowledge hold you back

from getting out there

have a short story to share with you

listen i came into this industry my

background was in natural medicine and