How to Sell Rodan and Fields - Rodan and Fields Selling Tips

hey there what's up Chris Hughes here

and in this video I want to talk about

how a Rodan and fields affiliate like

yourself can more profitably use their

social media platforms and the way I'm

going to do this is I'm just going to

show you how most people on Instagram

and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are

using their long domain from Rodan and

fields which there's nothing wrong with

that but there's a way to make it much

more profitable and better for your

branding long term so I'm going to click

on this post here and this lady is a

Rodan and fields ambassador I'm going to

click on her thing and look at this

you'll see here the full domain name

look how ugly that looks to

slash u.s. slash p WS flash name and I

mean it's fine that you have that it's

good that they give you the domain name

but the thing is there's a big

difference between someone who sees this

link and someone who sees a customized

domain that's specifically for you or

specifically ultimately to solve

problems that your products have so I'm

just going to click on the domain name

that this person has and show you the

website that they get if you are Rodan

and fields independent consultant this

is probably the same exact site that you

have so you're very familiar with all of

this and I just want to give you

something that's going to help out

significantly when you're marketing your

products so I want you to go through and

find one of your favorite products on

here ideally if it's something you're

using and you just love I want you to

pick that so I haven't used the products

here so I don't know but I know a lot of

people have had great results of them so

I'm just going to pick one product here

and show you what I would do if I was a

an affiliate for these guys so you'll do

shop skincare and okay so redefine looks

like one two three four different

products so this probably has a high

price point

as you can see it's working so it's

great because it's going to actually

solve problems that people have so what

would you do instead of sending people

directly to this page or directly to

their home page well the easiest thing

is to start off with creating a landing

page and this is just one that I've used

in the past which I've used this for

other skin care products because I've

probed them in the past and this works

really well so this here is a domain

that I own and look at how simple this

is why use Botox injection free

solutions for younger looking skin and

your email address here and then click

show me more this is a service in

software called clickfunnels that I

built this on and it took me maybe three

minutes to build this the thing is once

somebody enters their email address and

clicks show me more for the first step

it's actually pre-qualifying them

they're telling you right up front that

they're interested because they're

saying yes show me more tell me more

give me more information so this is just

a quick way of filtering someone the

next thing you can do is you can have

show me more redirect to your Rodan and

fields product page and what's going to

happen is this this will do the selling

after you've got that little micro

commitment from them so if you want to

learn how to do this I'm going to give

you a 14-day trial to the clickfunnels

product which is what I built this on

and you can play around with it there's

a bunch of different themes that you can

start off with I'll show you some right

now okay so I'm just going to show you

I'm going to click create variation this

is the page I was using and I'm going to

go create from template and this is all

super easy I'm going to click on opt-in

because right now it's an opt-in page

which is just getting someone's sum of

email address or information so that you

can continuously share stuff with them

you'll see here these are all templates

that are pre-built things that you get

for free for using quick funnels will

want to click on this one

and then just create the page so you're

seeing just how simple this is if you're

not going to tech that's perfect because

it's very simple to use and click on

edit page here and I'm just going to

show you how simple this is so it loads

up an editor sometimes it takes a little


right now I'm in Germany so the

Internet's a little slower than it would

be in the States for a lot of places I'm

just at a hotel right now traveling so

it's a little bit slower than I'm used

to but you can see here I hover over

this and here I'm going to go back to

the road and it feels page let's see we

can copy this real people real results

we'll copy this as well and this is just

over the top ten ways to change your

financial situation only five days for

the top product to redefine the future

of your skin by dressing the signs of

aging it's crazy this is look how simple

this is and I just copied this from the

page you can use pictures you can

drag-and-drop pictures really easily

download Freeport instead of this we'll

click here and we'll change this to yes

show me more and then you can set the

action and go to website URL and I'm

going to copy the address from I'll move

this down a little so I'm going to copy

the address from up here and we'll go

back to quick funnels and look how

simple this is now I'm going to click

out click Save you'll need to change

this so Rodan and fields is awesome

click here but not set connection Oh

photo website so I didn't

say that will click out and then we'll

go back then we'll save this and we'll

exit and this is just to show you you'll

have to edit this stuff too but that's

easy just click and then you know type

stuff in so we'll do a preview of this

and I'll put in yes enter email address

yes ok at and I'll click yes

show me more what's going to happen it's

going to redirect to the Rodan and

fields page so this is a way of getting

someone's information instead of

immediately redirecting them you can

have like a welcome page you can

introduce yourself you can get people to

know you more you can share your

personal results from the product and

then link up the product that you're

recommending underneath so very simple

and there's a 14-day free trial where

you can test click bottles and see if

you like it or not you're doing any type

of marketing for Rodan and fields this

is a good way to you know build up an

email list of people who are interested

in what you're offering and you know

have a shortened link compared to what

you're probably using so click the link

in the description if you want to learn