Selling Rodan and Fields Products – How To Sell Rodan and Fields – Rodan and Fields Selling Tips

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to start selling and recruit and

effortlessly hit level 5 in the comp

plan and start promoting the top

performing products whether it be on

blemish reverse redefined whatever it

may be that you're focused on if so

stick around is in this video I'm going

to reveal to you three secrets that all

top earners actively implement that'll

take you to the top in any direct sales

network marketing opportunity including

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you learn how to leverage the power of

the internet in this digital economy and

start systemising and automating your

business that you can actually create

that time for freedom you learn how to

profit from the 95 percent of people who

say no upfront to your Adana for this

opportunity so that you can build cash

flow positive get cashflow positive in

your business and build on charity

sustainability and profitability into

your business strategy so guys the first

step is to take full control of your own

lead generation prospect in the warm

market of friends family and co-workers

it's an okay place to start spot which

is a finite lifespan you're eventually

going to run out of leads and they're

not very targeted leads these people are

not actively seeking the redondo Feliz

business opportunity are the product

line you need to position in yourself in

front of people that are actively

seeking you and already looking for you

and your product line with the power of

the Internet the leverage of the

Internet in this digital economy you can

literally position yourself in front of

people that's already looking for you

the in Turkey is literally the help key

people are typing in everyday searches

into Google YouTube search which is

video search engine owned by Google all

these different sites people are telling

you exactly what they're taking in that

in real time in that moment so you can

join the conversation that's already

taking place in your prospects mind get

out in front of them educate them

provide value which is going to

magnetize them to you and that's going

to differentiate you and make you stand

out in the marketplace as you become

valuable to your prospects we're going

to go into how to do this in depth in

our book

number two guys is the development of a

new set of skills this segues from the

first point all top earners understand

that this is like any other business

profession it requires the investment of

time energy and resources to make you

magnetic and valuable in the marketplace

what differentiates you and makes you

stand out and separates you from all the

other redundant fields promoters

distributors consultants you've got to

have a unique selling point in the

marketplace why should somebody join you

the truth is they're not joining for the

opportunity the comp plan the product

line anthing like that they're joining

you specifically because of the unique

value that you can bring to them that

can help them succeed that's the key

that's known as attraction market this

is why people gravitate to top earners

why can you take a top earner from any

company place them in another company

and within two weeks different massive

organization master tribe follows them

their community their culture follows

them into the next opportunity this is

attraction marketing guys and again

we're going to go into this inner

bootcamp number three guys is have a

clearly defined set of goals and take

motivated daily consistent action

towards the accomplishment of those

goals your brand's goal striving

mechanism so give it a clearly defined

target of what you want and why you want

it that's the compelling motivator

that's going to pull you through the

inevitable temporary setbacks that

you're going to meet as you're moving

through your learning curve in this

industry because it's again it's like

any other business profession a brain

surgeon doesn't become a brain surgeon

overnight just because they bought some

medical tools this is like any other

business profession so constantly be

invest in yourself optimizing the most

valuable real estate in the planet which

is between your two ears optimizing your

brain power increasing your personal

value that's what's going to make you

magnetic in the marketplace figure out

exactly what you want why you want to go

so guys I hope you got some value that

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diamond fields business opportunity and

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