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holy selling rocks that's what you get

from working hard hello and good morning

everyone as you can see I have a lot of

cleaning to do we kind of toward the

boys's old bedroom apart in order to do

a makeover and all the extra stress is

all over the house so I gotta get

cleaning the kids are already outside

playing it is a beautiful day let's get



hey cutie I made some on me I thought

you had a friend over so I'm an actual

Koko those two have honey

Carson tangy Dostum hero of dumb buddy

you guys having fun

did you sleep good in your new bed oh

yeah that's awesome

okay eat up



so I've been cleaning for about an hour

I thought those cuties are just playing

outside but it looks like 30 let's go

see what they're doing what are you guys

doing what are you doing tiny

selling rocks setting this up for like

an hour understand mom Oh rocks for sell

it rocks nice I love it oh you have

prices so cool we're going to go three

get on the chair

you guys are awesome aren't so this says

free rocks and they've got a little pile

of gravel right there so you can sell

what you found that one I love it so

much cool guys I'm glad you're having

fun don't you one that I found yes I do

oh this is a super cool and I like I

love that so much


that is so cool okay well I love you

guys have fun

alright are you guys it is so hot this

is about the time of year where I

realize we really really need hot feet

oh man you guys they're just living

career outside right now and I love it

I keep reapplying sunscreen she just got

a fresh fresh batch on but I have been

moving things out of the house so you

guys know I had some bags of clothes I'm

donating right here that I moved out to

my car and then I was able to carry it

all the bunkbed stuff outside but look

at the floor you can tell that we were

building beds and kind of crazy

yesterday so now I need to clean the

floor hey did you find the letters to my

letter board they're not yours they're

mommy's when their hair is crazy messy

and their knees are dirty because it

means that they're being kids and

they're having one outside so I am going

to get back to me really quick also um

with that sign that I bought the yard

sell the other day the home sign that I

painted these letters were brown that

matched this but I painted them white

just so that they could pop a little bit

more we are actually going to make like

a fun little collage wall

right here is because you can see that's

kind of a big wall for a little thing so

we are going to be using a bunch of fun

things to make a collage wall right here

and I am excited but I got to get back

to me because my four is disgusting


much better much better much better the

floors are all clean now

hallelujah I still have to do my dishes

but there's not very many I have done

like four loads of laundry today and the

fifth one just beeps so in stuff done

guys it has been a super fun super like

laid-back enjoyable but also productive

day and those are my favorite kind of

days we really need to do some yard work

tonight when co2 gets home really really

bad the grass is like a jungle out there

but it feels good to be getting stuff

done it's a good day

oh man I see a Nana Papa and Uncle Matt

with Slurpees and money for rocks since

who's here

Nana who's with her what are you guys

hey I need to hear big thank you that's

why competing for I said Matt Kenny

thank you Oh me your room hey let's not

have you sleepy on your new bed dude I

love that rep you like it love it we're


no sir beyond that that's like beyond

that's my bed and this one's Jed's bed

this one's my bed no oh all three ice

cream I lay like this okay look at her

is that good it's your strong big

no no no no in your strong



well vows a lot of fun that they stopped

by to buy some rocks from the kids and

to bring them Slurpees they absolutely

love that they have so much fun with

their uncles things get a little crazy

and out of hand because they're always

roughhousing but that was a lot of fun

they love the new bedroom reveal they

had to come see it so they loved it I'm

feeling good about it guys it was kind

of super last-minute as you saw we found

those bunk beds and then we were like

well we might as well update the whole

room while we're putting a new bed in

there so I love the way that room turned

out it looks absolutely amazing a few

people have been asking what our plans

are now for Cohen in the other bedroom

so we're actually going to be updating

McKinley's room because Cohen is going

to be taking in the crib that she sleeps

in so a lot of changes coming up she's

gonna be sleeping in a big-girl bed we

are going to be putting the crib in what

used to be Canyon's room for Cohen we

have a lot of rearranging and cleaning

to do but it feels so good to be getting

it done it is so fun to see Canyon Anne

with his older brothers now he slept

amazing last night that is also

something that people have been asking

he slept great you guys just like he

does every night no problems no concerns

they did talk in bed a little bit longer

last night but Cody and I were like who

can blame them this is exciting they

have a brand-new bed and a brand-new

room so they were excited but things are

looking awesome I'm feeling good it was

good to see my family

now I'm like kind of dreading the yard

work that's coming when cody gets home

because our yard looks atrocious and it

is flipping hot there are now a bunch of

sweet construction workers buying rots

from the boys how cute is that finishing

up their job and walk across the street

to the little boys 7 rocks that makes my

heart so happy holy that's what you get

from working hard having an eye

yeah and working it what oh my goodness

this guy is I make you that guy just

give that to you

yeah oh the whole um construction crew

who came over yeah working across the

street from us and then they pain so

much money you oh my god

was any of that yours there's all of

that money you made that's cool that's


yeah look who made it huh I did I made

at home Cody's here guys

so our lawn is like a mess right now so

it's yeah yeah it's bad

as soon as I get dinner in the oven I'm

going to go start pulling weeds because

we gotta get on top of our yard to put

it off for a while now


Cody is still knowing and I cannot

believe how long our grass was you guys

that is insane

also I just planted my flowers finally

in my pots you can tell that the cold

water in hail started to get to them but

I think they're gonna make it I just

went through and pulled out all the dead

pieces got them planted and watered how

are you doing cutie I think it's a good

day when your legs are covered in

Slurpee when you got a play in your

pajamas but that looks so good and it

makes my porch smell so delicious

oh my goodness what a difference of

bathmate Wow we got coyotes or ghosts

just holding his bacon keeps laughing he

is look how big he looks okay if you

guys could smell the deliciousness

coming off of these five for your

freshly bathed with their yummy lavender

lotion on and the cheese from our dinner

it smells so so so so so delicious I

just made a burrito casserole I've

shared the recipe several times super

easy it is a package of frozen bean and

cheese burritos I put in a casserole

dish then I mix a can of cream of

chicken soup and a cup and a half of

sour cream mix them together put it on

top cheese bake at 350 was it

you want a drink okay but we got to eat

dinner first all right Cody is still out

there finishing some yard work he

decided to mow the backyard as well

because weed city you guys so he's still

out there working I decided before we

ate I could have just watched the kids

his hands they were so filthy from being

outside since they woke up this morning

so we could quickly did some math and

now they are looking so handsome

I love advice you too hyper but you too

are you so handsome you too why do you

have mom's phone charger I'll just come

in into the garage to do something to

get my scooter and I smell it that

season I was like investment so good and

that's why I came in cuz you could smell

mom's dinner does smell really yummy huh

okay let's eat and I'm gonna check on

coats progress real fast just Kitty and

that hot stuff is still working on the

front yard we have so much grass you

guys whoa I love you also I have a

question for anyone who might be able to

help me

I'm so sad you can't leave it in the

comments but if you do know please let

me know on Facebook or Instagram we

planted all of these trees when we moved

in a couple years ago look at those ones

over there thriving doing awesome

three of my trees in the backyard I take

the exact same care of them gave that

miracle-gro water them and look guys I

don't even know like it looks I can't

tell if those are old I'm so sad I'm

gonna be so sad if this tree is just

dead I don't see any like new looking

buds on it baby I think this tree is

dead and those two that's an apple tree

and that is a cherry tree the apple tree

over there looks like it's doing okay

but let me sad if those three trees are

dead what can I do or they just toast

kind of bummed about it alrighty you

guys meet

the kiddos ate dinner I put Kinley to

bed the three other points they're just

watching a movie right now I mean this

isn't some boy are enjoying the front

porch oh he's so tired I never like have

the time to just sit in rock him to

sleep until after the kids are in bed

but then he's usually already asleep

so I'm totally enjoying this I'm

actually just getting ready torched the

Phillip Phillips fan band's new video

where Braden opens his mission call they

are just incredible at like conveying

those loving family emotions in their

video so I'm really excited to sit here

with Coey and watch it and enjoy this

night it's just the most perfect

temperature my sweet husband is still

mowing away I think why it's taking so

long because the grass is so long so he

had to empty the bag like every two

minutes yes was that a workout oh man

well he look good oh I'm sorry

love you the kids are all back Kim's

already in bed heck yeah look how

gorgeous that sunset is and our yard is

looking much better much better babe I

mean we still got it fix our edger for

that but hi cute boy we were just

talking about I am going to be focusing

on our flower beds I need to trim a

bunch of stuff do a ton of weeding and

this guy is going to be focusing with

the boys on designing and building

another house another house a treehouse

tree house we're super excited that is

something that we wanted to build since

we moved into this house and we got to

get cracking on it I told Cody

if we don't get it done by the time we

do it the boys are gonna be like too old

to be interested in it so hopefully we

get started on that in the next couple


but I think we're gonna call it a day

yeah I'm about to fall over you still

need to go in and eat yeah that's

probably one of the reasons

go get some food kollene can you tell

everyone thanks for watching thanks for