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yo what is going on guys

EJ here bring another Rock League video

and today guys I've got a lot of

blueprint reveal for you 200 elevations

but before that we're just going to

quickly explain a few things so I'm

going to flip my screens over here guys

so you can see it's about the market and

how trading is going to work so

basically guys there's been a lot of

talk about how things are going to work

and how blueprints are came out and how

things have been affected with all these

crazy prices

so our insiders starting to bring out a

lot of prices and as you can see as

we're scrolling through right here a lot

of the prices are exactly the same as

they were on when they will keep prices

now let's take something in for example

here a white mainframe is worth the

blueprint value is between 5,000 and

6,000 300 right and it costs 2500 to

open and the item price is 8,000 to 800

or 8800 sorry so basically you could

sell that blueprint for 5502 6593 so so

5500 2500 to the map it's 8,000 right so

that's how you're going to be selling

blueprints you'll be able to sell a

blueprint for the value of what it's

worth - what it would cost to make or if

you have a white mainframe normal by

itself you can just go sell up for 8,000

or you can build it for 2500 then go

sell for 8,000 which you can if you want

but it'll be eat if you don't have the

money to actually open it in the first

place and like buy credits you can just

sell it for 5,500 so that's basically

how it's gonna work

but then for the smaller items for

example like it what do we got there a

sky-blue hex tied it's 1200 to 1400

right so basically it's you can sell the

blueprint for 50 it tells you how much

you could possibly get for it totally

how much it cost the craft so cost 2,400

so basically you wouldn't want to craft

this because of cost 2,400 and then you

can only sell for 1200 you lose 1200

credits which is basically like twelve

Keys twelve dollars so you want to go

sell that for fifty right so every

single every single blueprint you're

gonna see here which is under 2,000

credits is going to be worth only 50

credits us that's what people are gonna

pay and then we've got new painted stuff

coming in we've got a lot of new painted

items for example like painted tried

ones 20 X X's Oh like yeah so a lot of

decals like that as well as smaller

things like Dragonlord decals when you

have new painted stuff in the item shop

and things I'm gonna be explaining in a

minute we have special edition wheels

that you get from the gifts and that

work came from to the cryptids so if you

scroll down here you'll be able to see a

couple of them like ever special

spiralis and there is special episodes

Sectary she's apparently special edition

zombies and a bunch of things but yeah a

lot of prices hang out for everything

yet but there is definitely prices out

for things like so if you've got an item

that was you already had it's not in a

blueprint that's easy to sell you can

sell it for the exact price like if you

for example how to pair of our black

special edition radiators you can sort

the 200 blueprints sorry 200 credits so

yeah that's easy that's how trading is

going to work but basically all these

things like at aura like prices are out

for this stuff look up so you come here

and you look for tour tour is 300 or 400

credits right so they say we could sell

the blueprint for 50 no one's gonna buy

it because it costs 2000 open the only

the only cool thing I've get saddest

it's in the inventory and it looks likes

of bright and purple and shiny the best

thing to do if you have the blueprint is

a d6 am rotten also lucky that water

bottle have no water another but water

bottle over yeah basically all anything

that's under 2000 where you can't open

and make profit will just rot in

inventories and like I'll be useless you

know what I mean for example the big one

but white zombie you can make

profit on those because it worked like

seven down to five budget so it tells

you how much you can sell it for

so the sell price of the blueprint is

where 5502 6593

and you can see here you can get a

heatwave in the shop for two thousand

which is too stupid its trade lock you

can never trade that or you could buy

the credits and then have to wait three

days so they're gonna be trade locked

through the game or you can use other

sites like a or who are sponsor by and

you can get untreated of a tradable

keeps straight away for cheaper and you

can go buy a heatwave for like thirteen

hundred credits and and which is the

same value of thirteen keys but as you

can see them at a Cristiano wails which

come special edition pain and everything

like that they've added this painted

versions of all premium items now that

came with uh the cars and DLC which were

no longer yet so like for example

cruising Mohawk topper like I played

every topper intent on the game but it's

non-tradable so I ain't gonna collect

them there's no point but yeah guys

that's just a brief summary there's a

ton of other things I could talk about

but that's basically how the market

everything works so yeah let's not muck

around now guys we've got a a bunch of

these elevations to go through so let's

get these elevation blueprints up now

the elevation Craig is actually pretty

decent I'll show you why in a second but

yeah you can see see how the premium on

and showing your account here still

pretty laggy now the good thing about

this every single black market in this

can come painted mainframe solar flares

singularity and wet paint so and a lot

of these are like in certain colors will

definitely be over 2000 like what what

paint should possibly be if well

according to me answer me but it's

probably gonna be like 1300 and of

course two thousand open so if you were

52 arm sell but when you think about it

most things crates you got for free so

if you can met sell for 50 credits

you're at least making some profit you


although I did spend keys collecting up

tons of crates - that doesn't look

Rajan's and good nights which aren't too

bad if well I still need cobalt striker

Rajan's so if I got them and it cost me

like 2,200 unlock eventually probably do

it because I'd need that to complete my

striker set but yeah anyone that had

striker items and stuff like that these

prices are could be effective whatever

cuz they're already an unlocked item so

you don't need to worry about that but

these blueprints could be really good

because someone made for you may be able

to find the exact item you've been

looking for like a striker item oh I'm

talking about striker collectors right

now like a striker Black Cauldron that I

really need if I can find a blueprint it

cost 1500 to open I would pay that

immediately for it

that's unlocked but yeah guys let's get

into it speeding up this a bit but

hopefully we can um yeah with 200 we can

pull like two or three black markets if

we get pulled the cobalt striker ROG and

that would be insane no I'd rather

pulled that than anything to be honest

with it we'll see how we go



but I've pulled quite a few black

markets and I saw thousands to go I

think well over 30 something and some of

them are definitely profitable but for

example all these rares in that like you

most will just go ahead and archived and

no one's not someone you might be honest

L for ten credits maybe if you get like

a decent one or something but that's

about in if you get like a really nice

decent one might never sell for ten

credits Victor Rajan's ah the amines

this was the original crate they first

came out in but yeah when I open these I

remember all the memories when all the

crates first came out and I open them

all and everything like that

yeah but hopefully we get some black

mark it's a few decent items

Nimbus unpainted unfortunate oh okay we

got our first plate marketing does a

goalkeeper solo play which is no point

in opening you might be able to get 50

credits for it I don't know who would

pay 50 credits for it like what yeah

yeah I don't know why anyone would like

that we can go buy credits you might

you're getting credits for maybe if you

put a consumer study basically so I can

say well I might do it

I have the other the rears I'm gonna

music I might this ourself a gerbil I

have a pretty lucrative way otherwise


known as that

because what's all these loggers capable

of you're crazy I'm karajan's against

rotten some people I came to the trade

so hungry right prices will go up so

yeah it's not the other ones so we have

a dream a possum they're gonna get

looking if you have the case in the

first place well the items just use

non-christian trade but mine is the more

you look it's is that I'll say that a

deadly person uselessly an shops

shopping list like some pretty cool I

can honestly boy the P so we're seeing

how they are more than forty talking

about 750 bucks really insane oh

definitely something


some reason

corine jinx let's see that probably cost

a thousand armlock maybe 1200 oh okay oh

okay though

it's the pistol it's not bad burnt

sienna striker good not that's not too

bad yeah they cost ten dollars to unlock

said it's bad I sold I saw my striker

did not set a while ago there we got a

strike an item so that's not too bad hey

like it's cool we've been sitting in the

inventory you can show it off but that's

about it like but you could possibly

sell that like if someone's going for

the striker go nuts it and they really

need it and they can't find it on the

market like I would say I would pay

about 300 credits for that like if I

could find it but if you couldn't find

it in your super desperate the

completeness set you would maybe pay

like a thousand to unlock it but but we

ain't almost halfway through

so I blew everything up 400 so you like

it like a 115 so fill this it one more

than 800 I've got three before so

aviator yeah I've heard the different

process versification feet across

whether we're us actual Daniels

automatic or I think missing stuff about

you something to make all the time I

feel like Google up but I've seen of

diplomats were freed after Chris presume

in the next week okay Mike it must not

be bad they suppose lagging or senior

for a pretty decent week although buddy

figures who take like a to the 20 digits

long a little dialogue perfect monsoon

usually get your bullets a cutter would

drain the moment so much content to do


because these oh yeah the reason one

profit so time they didn't yeah so yes

we're saving the game you can train up

blueprints you take that bottom several



nice man black market I would survive it


literally - let me get a little one yeah

I'm totally the game like cod map they

might be in his neck is it's only the

items that were available in the crates

after they got removed so all the black

cars and they cooked remove 30 to go

come on


oh they have you gotta guards we get a

second black market but it is unpainted

Solar Flare again

number 23 so we at least got the odds of

two black markets but unfortunately both

I'm painting oh okay we got another one

wet paint

I'm painting wet paint you see the last

fifty Jersey lucky all right so we've

beaten the odds have gotten three come

on can we get it one more and beat my

odds out like of two hundred my best so

far is three black markets out of 200 we

got to beat that

I still got a fear for you are left and

a lot of other videos made of different

ones that are already not up there or

piece of series

we got three black markets you might be

able to selling for 50 credits each you

basically getting four near free so okay

okay black seats way that's not too bad

let's say your Mane's buy more chances

lucky last all right guys well I hope

you guys enjoyed that little opening

there we've got three black markets a

few highlights you would have seen

throughout the video and yeah and all

the information at the start I hope that

helps you out and understand how trading

is going to work how to make profit

you're just gonna have to be super lucky

maybe after while playing the game you

might pull something really cool but the

chances of like getting a white zombie i

like what like it was terrible odds and

stuff like that like about 0.5 percent

not even less like 0.008 percent chance

of getting like a white samba drop in a

blue after again but anyway guys I

hope you guys enjoyed the video and

until next time peace out

Ajay's out and our catches in the next

rocket league video or stream sears