How To Get CRATES in 2020 in Rocket League! [FULL TUTORIAL]

hello my guys and girls this is pics 1

today I have an exciting video for you

all because I've been getting so many

comments particularly on my recent

Easter Egg opening video asking how you

get crates in raqqa League and I

searched up on YouTube and there are

many people searching up how to get

crates in 2020 in rocket League so I

thought in this video I would not only

show you how to get the crates I show

you you know where you can go and how to

get the crates but also I'm then gonna

be opening the crates that we get today

so I have got a budget of five thousand

credits and I already know what I'm

gonna go for I'm gonna go for some

golden gifts I currently have twenty

gone Lant into my inventory but by the

time this video is up I will have

hopefully already opened those twenty

lanterns in a recent crate opening video

so definitely go and check that out so

that means I need crates so I'm gonna

trade for them and show you guys how to

do it so yes you may have heard that I

said I'm gonna trade for these crates

and that is how you get them because you

they can't be dropped in game they've

all been part of recent events in the

game such as the Christmas event

Halloween event the summer event sadly

there was no Easter event just a couple

of free Easter items this time around

but that doesn't mean that the crates

are not in circulation because if you

think about everything there's millions

of rockety players and they all got a

couple of eggs or pumpkins or gifts or

whatever at the time that means there's

millions of them in the game and some of

them are being opened because some

people try and sell them to make a

profit when they're new and there's just

so many of them around so you're gonna

want to have to rocket - League calm and

go to the trading section or slash

trading or the little trading button

here and here you have a handy-dandy

filter system you can select any item

we've selected golden gifts for this

video if you're looking for a particular

certification or paint of a certain item

like a white octane or black dye see

wheels you can put that in here and in

here and then you select the platform

you're on you say if you want it or if

you have it I want the golden gift so

that means it's gonna be in the house

section because these are people

advertising what they have because I

want it you can select the item type

whether it's an item or a blueprint or

sumn not gonna use that today apply the

filter and search now obviously this

first guy that comes up for instance

he's selling gold and gifts for painted


I have credits to trade so I'm not

looking for that

this next guy however is selling golden

gifts and golden lanterns go on pumpkins

all kinds of golden things for credits

so these are his prices some people

open to negotiating stuff as some people

say firm prices which means you either

buy it for this price or not I didn't

realize that golden gifts 2018 would be

the same price as golden gifts 2019 so

maybe we could open some OG golden gifts

we could buy 25 of his 31 golden gifts

so what you do just click contact on

Steam in this case and his profile will

come up I'll add him as a friend and

then we'll just wait I'm not entirely

sure how this works for console but I

imagine the concept is very similar you

get their PSN ID or their Xbox gamer tag

you can then add them and there may be

message you or you can message them and

you do it that way so now we've added

Steve pagas this guy has no idea that

I'm doing a video but here he is usually

the traders are fairly active and he's

already invited me to play and he almost

as if this was planned but it's not

planned so let's just invite to trade

and I'm gonna say in the chat because he

has no idea I want sometimes the traders

say what you want what do you have and

this guy's just he's on it he's you saw

he had 230 hours in the last two weeks

on this game so he knows what's what's

up looking for twenty five golden gifts

2018 so there we go

we say what we're looking for we've got

credits here my credits can't be traded

what so if I trade for credits and I

have non-tradable credits in rocket

League I can't trade them what rocket

League it screwed me I can't believe

this why on earth would rocket League do

this okay so if you guys didn't know

when you buy or used to buy keys from

rocket for instance which is what

credits used to be you buy them and

they'd have a week trade lock okay but

then if you sold item four keys in the

game you still have your trade locked

keys and then you'd have your tradable

keys I traded for these 5,000 credits

only 200 of these I've bought and

they've applied the trade ban to all of

the credits that's the most stupid and

unnecessary thing I've ever seen but

that's how you get these crates anyway

in two days we trade this is quite

professional guy and I guess I'll open

these golden gifts in a future video

I mean nevertheless this video was

supposed to be a tutorial as to how to

get crates so traditionally you have

tradable credits I just didn't think

rocket Li would make tradable credits


that's such a dumb thing to do so in a

bit Steve pagas you've been awfully kind

and very professional but I guess we're

not opening crates today obviously the

main premise of this video was showing

you how to get crates and we have done

that so that's all well and good I'm

happy with that I just thought maybe

it'd be nice to open some crates in a

crate tutorial but then again you guys

know if you're looking for how to get

crazy in 2020 you understand the concept

you understand creative things we're

actually just gonna play some games I've

never been so shocked let's just search

for one of these two and have a game and

see how it goes we're just gonna play a

game whilst I search for the game

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thank you to logo for sponsoring the

video and let's get on with it alright

we got a game of threes I've never had a

video go quite so not to plan I I just

assumed it would work I trade it for the

5,000 credits today in preparation for

this video because I thought I could

show you the process of me getting

credits but the main thing you guys want

to see me do is get crazy cuz you guys

know how to get credits you can sell all

kinds of items including on that website

you can find traders for your credits I

just thought I'll show you how and where

I get a lot of my crates and how I get

crates for the videos where I get

comments saying how do I get crates and

that's what I thought I'd do and I

thought you know what it'd be really

cool to get them and then open them but

I can't believe Rockley did that that

seems like such a stupid irrelevant

change that they didn't test something

if it was always like that if keys

always became untradable as soon as you

had an untradable key i'd understand it

i'd at least be prepared but to to turn

raided and therefore tradable credits

into untradable credits just cuz you

have a couple from rocket League makes

no sense makes no sense but oh dear

now we're lagging so know what that was

that was a weirdest trove and it's

almost like lag once and now we're back

to normal

but at least it didn't negatively impact

us but we are lagging a little bit I'm

just gonna stay near post as over the

top had so much faith that that was

gonna miss but it ended up being a lot

closer than I thought but here we go

we're playing some threes I've been

playing a lot of twos lately so maybe my

threes game is a little bit off but

we're just trying to sit here have a

good time and also as you can see on

this new Logitech headset that I did

sort of draw attention to one of my

recent 1b1 videos I've attached the

microphone and it works just fine it was

actually the most painless experience of

audio you know I just clicked the the

input device on discord for example

where I actually was using this

microphone to speak to my mind Cazale

and i just tapped the microphone option

and it was there and it worked so I

swear double double never apparently not

we've been under the cosh in this game

but we've held bum we've had like one

chance at attack and they've had tons so

although there's only one save our team

so maybe I'm just I know overthinking

things teammate with the boom teammate

with the boom yeah she did boom it no

I'm bad at the game I'm all I wasn't

expecting to play him all flummoxed and

more stressed out I really thought you

know just let's just buy some crates and

we'll just have a good time opening them

but now we're playing ranked rocket

League Oh bang how's that why doesn't it

get this boost from them boo staff come

back good from you I'm still using the

fennec I wasn't just playing up to the

to the camera for a video just saying I

love the fennec I genuinely I'm really

enjoying it then again that wasn't great

ended up being a good pass put it wide

or good I'll say sorry as well I wasn't

good pass from me ah no I just hit the

brakes a tiny amount thinking that it

wasn't going that far rip note you'll

see the adjustment look I just hit the

brakes just a little bit because I

didn't want to fly too far forward but

in the end didn't work out so well for


they'll Detroit the guys scored the goal

on me recognizes me it's always funny

see you later I thought he was gonna

jump up that soon of a teammate so I

left it for him didn't know if it was a

keeper there so finally just get a

pretty sick little double touch to get

that out get this boosts teammates can

follow that up nice bump him maybe there

we go gone teammate

oh no he hesitated we're gonna have to

go on defense good block teammate hold

it I missed it

oh good flick at least no boost

I thought someone's gonna be able to

follow that up mainly Phil I was waiting

on Phil but I'll call Phil oh I wasn't

ready for that

ah Phil Phil's having a nightmare

multiple apologies in the chat not

having a great day oh that came off a

different angle didn't think Phil's

going fat my bad my bad

one no down bang that that's a perfect

hit dunk no whoo oh and again no jump no

how'd you miss that oh this whole video

is a nightmare

oh that was a joke how on earth do you

miss that at this rank Mikey what are

you doing come on come on boys one

minute left I still have faith I haven't

been oh dear I mean they've been better

team than us by far I haven't seen much

from us so really in terms of

threatening apart from right before we

conceded it really like we were gonna

finally score but we just couldn't put

it away myself included here we go good

position bang dunk I can't get the dunks

I'm looking for 42 seconds come on boys

you can still do this

oh my gosh Mikey what's going on got the

save I don't know if we're gonna get to

come back from this you know they're

both up bang that feel

I said bang that fill that was weird

what's going on up him got one now I can

go middle we score now we have a chance


Mikey what is going on what on earth was

this game and I got bumped as well icing

on the cake come on Phil yeah have

another one have another miss Mikey what

was that what was that performance oh my

goodness I'm gonna have to go again I

cannot have that be the only game I play

I don't know if Mikey even turned up are

you recorded yeah man

XD two goals for Detroit in my video I'm

gonna have to play another game it's

gonna be doubles this time means we only

have one teammate to rely on so that

that's that's good cuz that minimizes

our risk if I have a bad game it's RIT

but we've got twitch willow go and check

out forward slash willow

because we're playing another game this

video is probably gonna be really long

but it is what it is I think I've

obviously spoke about the logitech

equipment that I got sent recently there

was the nice one lad I was gonna pouch

that but I thought he did most of the

work there was obviously the headset I

spoke about I poked in the microphone

but recently since I've started

recording with this webcam and I don't

have to worry about resetting the

recording with like I do with this

camera I'm Way more inclined to just hop

into another game of rocket League it

makes my videos longer which might be a

bad thing to some people but now that I

think about it I'm recording this and

uploading it for those in quarantine and

self-isolation like myself so a longer

video everyday might actually be really

enjoyable and helpful to some people I'm

aware some people particularly on this

video they will have clicked just to

find out if maybe they weren't aware how

to get crates in rocket league in 2020

and they would have clicked off I'm

aware of that

all the pass great pass the fair rate

that's so much and are where some people

have clicked for that but some people

that normally watch the safe if the

minute gameplay videos I do can watch a

longer one here as a RIT he's not

talking in the chow he is now but really

good parts of him and a really good

finish from me you know credit where

credit's to absolute belter I got it I

got it

take the shot he was there for it no I

didn't think it's gonna come back like

that most one no problem he did hit that

a little bit hard he was actually going

for a shot as well to be fair double

demo from who I don't think they're

gonna get round or almost caught them

unawares can't hit up a team it should

be there I bit slow off the mark

no boost missed the middle boost like a

melt that I am alright he just ruined my

life as in like took it past me he faked

me out I really thought he was gonna

touch that or go on lad up the wall no I

can't risk that Oh sound no worries bro

I got bumped you can take over I'm back

to nil though Oh still to nil nice and

safe at the back bumps him maybe didn't

quite I wish I'd more boost I need boots

that was perfect

normally when I missed those aerials

it's because I do it wrong I jump at a

wrong angle I overextend under extend

whatever that time the aerial the

approach was perfect I just literally

didn't have the boost to complete the

move so that's a shame normally I'm not

boost stuff because normally I hog all

the booths but I'm just got to 84 with

all these mini pads good little play

from us out from the back hundred boost

didn't even mean to grab it but I'll

take it

try get the angle see I tried to make

the hit worse trying to get that angle

but still to nil I like this guy just

gonna stop him from scoring it's come

back to the middle and twitch saw the

danger cut back in I appreciate I'm not

gonna say nice one cuz he might for some

reason think I'm being sarcastic cuz he

didn't do something amazing but just

tried to have my angles covered that's a

rip turnaround you got time nice one

okay we got away with one there

nice she's doing well get the dunks in

get that out or we got dunks on me

though two-nil two minutes

I feel confident no middle boost 34

boost in the dream I don't the angle go

for it lad oh okay

to nil two minutes that's why I said

that just now but it's still only two

nil two minutes I missed the ball

completely bumped him however oh that

his teammate thought that he he cleared

it and he didn't I think I faked him out

there by being bad I'll be foot I'll

fully admit that and that's that a lot

of fun GG my guy all right so guys gonna

check out will oh great teammate love me

some twos what a scuffed video this was

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like that if I remember to trade with

with the trader who was also very nice

so in some ways the video didn't go so

well in some ways it went really really

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