How To Sell Your Roblox Items in 2023

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how to sell roblox items hi guys welcome

back today i am going to be showing you

how you can sell raw blocks items so

let's get started first what you have to

do is you will simply go to

roblox is an amazing platform where we

can play games it's a virtual reality

and where we have our avatars and then

we can actually play different games

hundreds of games are found on roblox

and the signing of process for roblox is

really easy you simply sign up with your

you know username and then you set up a

password and then you're good to go so

in roblox what happens is we have avatar

and we have different items that we can

buy so how to

buy these items and then we can actually

sell roblox either most of the people

actually wonder how to sell the items

and because we can make money within raw