well what's up everybody it is pencil

became a here I'm back with an RV so

today we're not gonna be playing any of

these games today today I'm gonna show

you how to earn row box from selling

things on roblox here alright salt

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and you will be non fide every time when

I'm when I video every time when I post

a video I'm sorry about that but today

we are gonna be showing you how to earn

roebucks from selling coding or things

from the catalogue here so first things

first before I do anything before I buy

anything you need you need premium you

need roblox premium there's no way to go

over it or under it around there or

anything yeah yeah so yah to buy them

yah to pay go the $4.99 a month like

there's no point buying like these two

because it doesn't really like change

your your robe off your robe box I'm out

yeah so just go for like dog golf like

the easiest one go for like the the

smallest one and also you get 450 robox

a month so I currently at 569 because I

I brought some fiend and solar soul why

don't you got premium go to catalog and

then and then go ahead and search up and

go ahead and go over here and then click

collectibles because if you want to saw

something yeah you a nice VI eliminate

or eliminate you like item actually

because like like I don't know why but

alright so this is all like the women

need you items here cook the

collectibles here and I already cooked

it I don't know why

so go go from a cheapest stuff if judge

if you're like star nor anything so you

go go down here and then I searched shop

like they do like search up to I 0 to

450 because that's how much you have if

you start you see here are some limited

or eliminate you items here so so they

you can you catch it hit whatever

but once you click on an item like like

you have to see what the average price

is because if the average if this is

higher than the average which it is that

means like not a lot of people are gonna

buy it here and also and also look at

the quantity because the lower the

number is the more rare it is but if you

buy something and then don't don't just

saw fried 50 robach is higher because

here's a twist I'm not gonna I'm not

gonna buy anything so this is this this

is an item diet bra new attack cattle

all there all right so whatever is it

where is it

here's here it is 599 and all I'm

selling it

alright I'll just get it rid of this get

rid get rid of it from Asda sell place

right now so the average is 525 right

now yeah I sold it for $5.99 I got it's

like a cheaper price actually alright so

the price is not that bad but the

quantity sold is only 10,000 I didn't

know I didn't check tout yet before I

brought a song know why I brought it so

let's that's good let's just take it off

sale for right now and then I'll put it

back so so look over here if you saw it

it takes away

roblox taste away 30% of I bill now you

so you only get 70% back to us so that

said I saw the 410 well I'm not gonna

sell it for that you wanted to sever

back because that only 70% no hug the

higher depresses the more roblox would

take away something I'm on the sofa gal

just put the original price back yeah so

I forgot 400 something which is pretty I

got it for 400 where she's pretty cheap

so I'll go ahead and click the cell all

right so after ideas saddest after song

by it buys it

it won't say item own one it will just

say nothing here alright so so I always

pull a dog the price X is lower than

this person I'm not saying I'm like I'm

not I'm a saying that you had to do that

you could sell for 600

but this one gets old first yeah you can

suck like a higher price if you want

like oh my god

1000 oh my god

3000 these people are so greedy right

here I'm not that greedy I'm just like

oh come oh my okay this is way

overpriced not mad man right here

I bet nobody can afford actually all

right but I suggested I can I buy like

like cheap items because not the more of

no more the higher the higher amount

causes to buy the item the west people

will buy it so us let's go let's go see

like I'll search out such the point up

see this one is about dirty to just

that's 10,000 but if you go over here

that's 3100 but oniy oh but I see only

like four one two one one one people buy

it and now how people buy it at you know

one day even me if I do this see they

they rarely buy a key so 3103

wait a minute yeah this is actually a my

dream hat yeah so this is actually a

pretty good price I'm not gonna lie yeah

guy ignore mystic 5000 8000 here so so

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goodbye everybody have fun earning