How to sell your robots after the latest update.

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hey what's up everyone Danny lightning

back with another war robots video

somebody asked me how do you sell a

robot on the latest update it took me a

second to so don't feel bad but I've

figured it out

okay if you go into your main hangar you

can't sell anything that's in here it

looks like I started clicking on all

kinds of stuff in here trying to figure

yeah I mean how do you sell a robot but

hit change robot and go into your

storage hangar you can only sell the

robots that are in storage all right so

I'm gonna go ahead and sell once I got

this junker back here that I don't want

but the Gephardt or jeepers or whatever

why do they name such weird names on

some of these how do you pronounce that

I have no idea but if it's in your

storage hangar and you click on it right

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