War Robots [WR] Tutorial - How To Sell Weapons and Robots

so today I'm going to be doing a very

quick tutorial video the reason why is

because iOS has just received the error

update version 1.7 point 1 so we now

have the selling feature available to us

Android has had this feature for the

past week or so as the update came out

last week and anyways I'm going to be

taking a look at the selling feature

there were some plays that were

reporting issues selling the inventory

because of some sort of a pop-up window

so I'll be addressing that and hopefully

this tutorial will be able to help you

if you are experiencing those issues so

anyways that let's get down to it um the

first thing that you want to make sure

you do is actually equip all your robots

in your active hangar with weapons the

next thing is you want to go into your

inventory so basically all your robots

that you have in your inventory you want

to make sure that you put weapons on all

of them first otherwise a window will

pop up and as you can see I've actually

deliberately left my fuging without whip

and so I'll show you what's going to

happen if you have one robot that

doesn't have weapons on it so in the

main hangar if I try to sell for example

a medium weapon here for example this

level 3 Punisher if I click on the trash

a window will pop up saying they are

empty weapon slots on your robots

peaceful is full you put your robots

before attempting to sell a weapon

because of this you've actually got to

make sure that all your robots on your

active in your active lineup on your

active hangar has to have weapons as

well as all of those in your inventory

so what I'm going to do is I'm going to

go to my fuging and I'm going to equip

weapons on it so that I can sell weapons

okay so now that I have all my robots

equipped with weapons in the inventory

and it doesn't really matter what

weapons you put on you're just going to

make sure that they are equipped okay so

all of these robots have weapons on them

I'm now going to go in and I'm going to

start selling my weapons so if I go to

say a level three Punisher and I sell it

I'm now able to sell so again that is

the key thing and if you want before you

actually start selling anything in your

hangar whether it be a robot or weapon

make sure that you equip all your robots

and your active the hangar with weapons

as well as all of those in your

inventory so that will solve the the

problem okay and I do expect this

feature to improve over time as most of

the other features in this game have

improved over time now if you found this

tutorial helpful give it a thumbs up

make sure to subscribe if you haven't

already and until next time I will catch

you guys later