Roadside assistance how to get customers

what's going on with your man past

season seesaw hello see all the mechanic

and roadside services my mother all

right now man you know I start this

video I used to pick on people that

drove minivan and I never in my life

thought that I would ever drive a

minivan but you know your perception of

things change as you get older you start

to realize a couple things at your

college that I realized before or you

know learned at some point in time and

you know it comes with maturity maturity

call the time time maturity blah blah

blah but a quick video man about

business you know and I have people at

me up all the time like how do you get

business how do you how do you you know

continuously grow how do you start the

scale and really and truly I tell people

all the time man I base it off a

customer service you know what I'm

saying and the Domino pizza very like

bad service good customer service you

know that's what people Warren if you if

somebody calls you to do something in my

field I gotta be there today it isn't a

really good discussion answer my phone I

have a greeting that I used to tell

people hey you know this is a

professional service this is a reliable

service and it's all through the tone of

voice and your actions what you want to

portray so and make it here too you know

people can hear this imagine yourself

going to go buy something you know you

know when somebody wants to do business

from when somebody doesn't want to do

business so you know that's just what

going back to the movie thing I am a lot

more prepared and if anybody even though

you can see them I see my son's car see

one of my son's car seats in the back

seat right there

I'm completely fine with that because I

bring them on calls with me about

absolutely have to try not to because it

gets hard and very distracting it

doesn't seem as professional but hey you

know daddy duties come first so god I

also get this paper so it is it's it's

got its challenges you know what I mean

but getting customers it's technically

easy it just you have to be cool when

taking a lot of rejection to be able to

get to that for me it's not everybody's

gonna want your services not everybody's

going to want to pay your price and I'm

in a small town right now I'm

fluctuating between a big city my actual

Orlando and Hollis County Avon Park

sebring lake wales in the surrounding

areas it is a night and day difference

but when I'm in Orange County - well man

hi Lisa Polk County or Hardy County like

but it's more do it yourselves like the

last few days I've had a lot of all wind

chops and it's been crazy because it's

going to make a video on the last one

that I did I poured a guy out of the

horse goes and you know scratched my


you know messed up a window broke a

fender flare and it was like it was

horrible because the job wouldn't pay

for the damage that was done their truck

even though I'm doing it myself

so either way but it's all about

customer service you know I don't

usually do the service because I don't

like to damage my truck I don't like you

know put more strain on it than

necessary but then again I got multiple

vehicles so like the van for the

roadside service I need to do a big job

and I need to put a lot of tools in it

and want to save gas because it's kind

of far out jump in the van I mean and I

got I got a little gang of it so you

know I got my old-school Corolla like

people be sleeping on it so ugly but

that thing is like it's out lift like

every car that I've had almost ever is

insane that thing just takes a beating

and keeps on going but the main point of

this video not to make it too long if

you want to get customers if you want to

be able to continuously reach people you

gotta you got to let them know that you

there and you got to provide the service

that they looking for you know what I

mean if you go to a fast food restaurant

and you have to be there for 30 minutes

waiting on the food and eating that fast

you know what I mean and so that's the

same theory like you got to be able to

deliver over deliver what you promised

to do so you know I told customer I'll

be there within an hour you know I got

like 15 10 minutes 11 minutes actually

to get to the destination that's like 15

minutes away I can speed there it's not

going to necessarily give me there that

much faster but because I already set a

time frame I am going to do everything

that I can to make sure I keep that time

frame consistency you know I could talk

about it all day long because it's a

role for me it's a roadside service and

I get a lot of people hit me up on the

role outside too and I hit up I hit I

can't reverse BAM right down I had the

shot up on the next video bye bye

you know add it to it to the services

that I already do but not going to get a

tow truck you know there's guys who

around where I met their hard yard a

long truck in the trailer and you know

talking back and forth with this but I'm

talking of the roadside text we all seem

to go through the same thing the only

difference between me and most people is

that I'm a mechanic first and then a

role so I take second so like ours for

delivery jump starts

tire changes it soon to be towing it's

all a part of what I do but I fix the

car on the road first so you know about

the service I can go on and on about

this I guess if there was a more direct

question with you know how do you go

about it I'm not necessarily a

consultant but I have no source of super

system so I can't help people out who

are looking for additional ways to reach

customers how to interact with customers

I mean there's just so many ways you

know we live in the 21st century you've

got everything or the internet that you

could possibly imagine anymore you have

word-of-mouth but I always come back

down to customer service I got a good

excuse me I got a book that I'm almost

finished right now directly dealing with

how you build

clientele and my number one key is that

service so you know

either way people getting ready to pull

off and

I guess there's all to it so if you got

questions concerns how to get customers

how to stay in business what it's like

being in business what is like driving a

minivan I'll let you manage so until

next time be it they be promoter

beneficio siempre