How To Sell And Withdraw XRP To Bank

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hey guys what's going on sir lewis here

the youtuber to invest to rest and in

today's video i'll be showing you guys

here how to basically withdraw your xrp

and cash it out and send it to your bank

step by step so i showed you guys here

how to buy xrp in the united states and

anywhere in the world if you guys want

to watch that i'll leave it up here in

the cards and in the pen comments now

you guys want to know how do i cash out

my xrp how do i sell it and then send it

to my bank account so i'm pretty sure

you guys buy your xrp you know based on

my video on kucoin or maybe kio or

bitmart those type of places in my

opinion kucoin is the best that's why i

use it in that video but the thing with

kucoin and these other exchanges is

there's no ach transfer can't connect to

your bank if you want to still keep it