Kraken Exchange Tutorial 2020 - Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & other Cryptocurrencies

in the last video I showed you how to

sign up to breakin and in this video

I'll show you how to break an interface

to buy sell and trade Bitcoin TV room

and other cryptocurrencies the head over

to the website cracking calm sign-in and

hopefully you have already received your

verification email when you're on here

you can use your email address all right

here this if you haven't done a

two-factor authentication yet you have

the possibility to do that I might cover

this in another video right after you

signed in you've got the option here to

fund your account and also the third

option is secure your account when

you've got a lot of funding and your

account so it's relatively

straightforward how to proceed you can

fund the account in euro US dollars

Swiss francs and many other fiat

currencies so let's start with this so

from your account you click on fund and

as you can see here you've got them any

different here currencies you can use

and on the right side you've got the

height of the deposit or withdraw option

let's say you want to put some euros on

your account you can click on a deposit

and here and you will see the different

deposit methods that you have but for

example say power wire transfer eternal

custody and step again by a different

bank and this is first with customers

probably thirds US dollars onto your

account then it's a bit different for US

dollars on deposit and you would go

through the eight Hannah custody service

which is integrated with bacon and then

here you've got the reference number

that you will need to use with etana

and you will have to sign up and create

a neat an account for that and you can

click on trade as soon as you're on the

trade tab you've got three different

options for buying and selling and

you've got a simple

intermediate-advanced I go over the

simpler one first and in the simple one

you're only able to buy and sell Bitcoin

that's the XP T symbol here you can

choose if you want to buy and sell you

can put in the mountain for example 0.1

BTC and the current price is 7108 euro

and here you can select if you wanted to

perform a market or a limit order marker

orders basically at the

the best market price at the moment very

often it's little bit higher than the

current price because different

exchanges they put their own feet on top

of the price and if you select limit

order it's basically you wanting to buy

at a certain price so you can put the

Bitcoin price at the price a little bit

lower than the current price and when

the market dips and touches and reaches

your price and your order will be


the difference with limit and market

order is that with a market order you've

got a guaranteed price that if you buy

right now you're going to have the more

or less the price of Bitcoin at the

moment and with a limit order there's no

guarantee that your order will be

executed right now so there's also a

possibility that your order is not so a

food and oh if you put a price much

lower than the current market price and

as soon as you've done that let's say

you got a market price the current price

would be over 0.1 BTC would be a 711

euro what I could do is I could do a

limit and I could select the price at

the moment the the price of Bitcoin is

7110 euro and I could collect 7,000 and

maybe a 50 euro I would a 65 year or

less than a previous option now if the

intermediate time you've got a lot more

options here as well we've got the buy

and sell however here with the explicity

xbt and euro you can select different

trading pairs you've got many trading

tests the good thing about the

intermediate option you've got the

possibility to buy and sell other

cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies so

you can swap Bitcoin for a few room you

can swap Bitcoin for a katana or

etherium so you've also got the option

to sell and buy different fiat currency

so you got a lot more options a lot more

trading pairs available good buy and

sell here again is similar to before

you've got the man

you've got the other type market limit

orders which is I've seen and here

you've got another tab it's leveraged

trading what that means is basically you

can multiply the amount that you are

willing to trade by a certain factor and

that will be attitude

three times four times or five times

here in this case what that means in

simple terms if you're trading with

thousand US dollars a thousand euro and

you've got a factor of two leverage of

two that means you'll be trading with

two thousand euros and with five you

will be trading with five thousand euros

so you could by putting fastener on

account by Bitcoin or five thousand

euros I'll sell Bitcoin for five

thousand euros the main downside to

leverage trading is it's a lot more

risky and when the market goes against

your buying or selling price then you've

got a higher risk that your account gets

liquidated but basically if you buy

Bitcoin now at seven thousand one

hundred euro and you select leverage of

five and when you buy you'd expect the

price to go much higher however now if

the price would go lower to let's say

six thousand five hundred euro then it's

possible you don't have enough money to

cover your position and then your

position gets liquidated so you lose

your initial balance of a thousand

Europe so there's a lot higher risk and

if you do no trade no leverage trading

it doesn't really matter if the price

goes up or down that the value of what

you bought just goes up and down but

your position doesn't get liquidated it

might be a bit complicated I made a

short video explaining a margin trading

I'll link it down below

if you're interested in that so you have

this option with the start when you want

the trade to start you can select now at

a certain day you can select a custom

date when you want it to start and you

can also select when it gets expired

you've got goods under Canada's article

until you cancel the order

good for this day this week this month

and you can pay the fee and Bitcoin are

in Euro

now with the advanced so if you've got

you want to try and do some leverage

training though I do recommend

understanding and chart patterns and

reading chance before you start with

leverage trading as there's a much

higher risk involved so with the

advanced option here you've got a few

additional fields that you can fill out

you've got for example the limit price

where you can add and select a

percentage of the market price when it

dips below a certain percent or goes

above a set then you can also select a

conditional close however instead of the

advanced if you actually want to do some

advanced reading then that suggests to

go to Kraken pro where you've got a lot

more options such and as you can see the

chance and I'll go over them in a bit

first of all here when if we go through

the other menu items you've got the

prices you can see the prices of the

different cryptocurrencies that are

available to buy on breakn and here you

can go through the different prices the

trading volume for the last 24 hours and

the price on the right side of the


Bogardus staking so with different coins

you've got the proof of stake protocol

that is

in that coin and that means when you

state that coin you will get a certain

dividend back and some exchanges offer

staking rewards and cracking is one of

them at the moment only coin that is

available so staking is it tells us with

a 6% annual yield and soon as Adam and -

bah at the moment it's only Tesla so if

you're interested in staking Tesla's

without all the hard work involved in

setting up a baller and finding your

staking pool and so on you can stake on


please be aware there's still risk

involved keeping your coins on an

exchange so you have to be aware of that

right now let's look at crack and pro on

what the interface looks like here it's

a lot more information on your screen it

might be confusing at the beginning but

I highly recommend understanding how the

pro version works of cracking because it

helps you get a much better buy and sell

price when trading cryptocurrencies you

do not have to become a day trader but

if you're trading with large amounts of

money then it's it's better to

understand how the charts work how to

read them a little bit they get a better

price when buying and trading

cryptocurrencies so let's quickly go

over the interface and I'll explain a

little the different options that you

have here so on the left side here

you've got the chart layout if you

haven't seen any chart so you're not

really familiar with them I suggest you

go to trading you and you can play

around and charts are more or less the

same on all the exchanges they've got

similar indicators they can learn about

those on trading you here on the left

side you see the BTC USD that's the

trading pair and you can select the

different trading pairs that you have

available that you want to trade and if

you click on one you will get the chart

layout of that trading pair right of

that you've got you've got the time

frame so at the moment is showing the

four hour time frame so each four hours

there's going to be a new candle and you

can change that for example one minute

you're gonna have a new candle each

minute or you can have a five minute

time frame or

our one day three days and one month so

you can see the progression of the

currency that you're looking at the last

few months last year's if you select the

one month though the one month for the

one week time frame sorry the one week

and frame below you've got the MACD and

you've got the the volume traded at the

moment in the middle of the screen

you've got the level two or the book and

here you can see the top part the red

numbers are basically traders that have

in their sell autos but they have not

been executed right now and at the

bottom of the green you've got traders

after in buy orders that have not been

executed at the moment and in the middle

of the screen you've got the current

price of Bitcoin s2 and price at the

moment and on the right side you've got

similar to what we saw before the

different options to buy and sell you

can select a type and a market market

order limit order set a position

stop loss and take profit we've also got

the options of leveraged trading as we

see now before the funds that are

available and how much you'd like to buy

in the current price instead of typing

the price and here you can also click on

one of these numbers and they will take

that price so for example you want to

sell at seven thousand eight hundred

ninety two US dollars you can click on

here and it will put that price on the

right-hand side of the screen and then

you can

though or by depending on what you want

to do so that was basically it for sure

introduction into into crack and showing

you how you can buy and sell

cryptocurrencies on crackin or you can

use the pro version of the crack and

interface please don't be discouraged by

the name Pro isn't you don't have to pay

anymore it's actually a lot cheaper to

buy and sell using the pro interface

it's a little bit more complicated at

the beginning but I highly recommend

that you learn about charts even if you

don't want to do some day trading if

even if you just want to buy and sell

for a longer period of time

understanding the charts in the market

cycles it's very important so that was

it for this video I'll catch you in the

next one maybe with another exchange or

maybe with trading new errors tips and

if you've got any suggestions you want

stuff that you would like to learn more

about then put them in the comments

below I read all the comments they're

very helpful for finding different

topics to talk about so yeah I'll stop

rambling out catching a Knicks wanna

wish you a great day okay