🔥 💸 How to Withdraw/Deposit Ripple XRP on Kraken (Very Easy) 💵

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hello guys this is just a quick video

just to sort of cover some issues that

people have been talking about in the

comment section now I posted a video on

how you could buy ripple XRP with crack

but I had a few people posting that

wondering how they could withdraw ripple

from kraken or how they could transfer

ripple to kraken now this is really

quite simple first and foremost you need

to go up to here to where your accounts

or user name is click on this and go to

the either d withdraw or deposit button

say i'm gonna go to the withdraw one i

think that's more of what people are

struggling with go to withdraw wait for

that to load up and then on the left

here you've got a whole different bunch

of options here where you can withdraw

or whatever currency you want there's

one here that's ripple XRP click on this