How To Sell Cryptocurrency In Etoro (How To Close Trade)

welcome everybody my name is Marcus

stone and in this video you'll learn how

you can easily sell cryptocurrencies or

how we can close trade in eToro so let's

start first what you want to do is go

here and click on portfolio now we're

gonna see here like your cryptocurrency

that you got and you got I get like so

Bitcoin or buy Bitcoin and what you want

to do is let's see I got buy Bitcoin ok

so you can see that I invested I got one

is seventy three dollars in loss and

what I'm going to do I will click on

close trade here you can also close part

of the trade or everything I will close

this one damn good night so this is how

I did it quite easy and you can do it

with everything if you have any

questions ask me down below in the

comments I'm really happy to help you

but yeah this is how we can sell

cryptocurrencies and also how we can

close straight thank you

have a great day and see ya good bye