How to Buy and Sell Ripple (XRP) on Coinbase - Earn FREE XRP!

hey what's up everybody in this video

I'm going to show you guys how to buy

and sell ripple using coinies coinies


has been accelerating this beaten with

butcher adding cryptocurrencies to their

platform and it came as no surprise at

least to me that they would eventually

add ripple if you're not familiar ripple

is trying to make cross-border payments

between banks and their customers truly

efficient and doing the same with the

internet different information but for


imagine the near-instant direct transfer

of payments between any two parties and

any currency that is the vision of


already we were beginning to see this

dream unfold into a reality and 2017

ripple shot through the roof from

fractions of a penny to worth over three

dollars and fifty cents creating several

probably hundreds of ripple millionaires

or thousands of ripple millionaires in

the process today the price is around 30

cents and ripple sits as the third

largest cryptocurrency by market cap

according to coin market cap anyways

let's get started and I'll show you guys

how to buy and sell Ripple using corn

base alright everybody welcome to

Columbus if you don't already have an

account with Columbus what you can do is

click the link in the description below

and you can get $10 worth of free

Bitcoin whenever you buy or sell digital

currency on Columbus and I also receive

$10 so it helps me help you we both make

free money and that's I think that's

great and if you have any questions I

also have a written guide showing a

step-by-step process how to create an

account and also add payment information

so if you have any trouble you can refer

back to that but so onward so let's say

you you have you sign up for Columbus

you've added your payment confirmation

all your payment details you're on this

coin based dashboard screen you can see

your portfolio of value all the

different Kryptos that Clem is has

quickly been adding you see a ripple

right here it's up 8% today as a whole

it's a really exciting time crypto the

markets are is heating up there and you

can just tell that something big is

coming similar to 2017 but let's not get

too far ahead of ourselves here let's

just buy $10 worth of Ripple

all you need to do is click by cell tab

up here and if you are not on your PC

but you're on the Columbus app you will

still see the same by itself so the

process is the same by default

Bitcoin is going to be listed here

you're just going to want to scroll down

and find ripple it's trading at almost

37 cents hard to believe that was worth

there were three dollars and fifty cents

over 10x from this price and I'm just

going to buy ten dollars I'm gonna buy a

twenty four point four ripple you can

see the feet here that Columbus charges

I'll also I've done a video on a fee

schedule so if you have any questions

about the fees colombia's charges you

can refer to that I think they're

extremely reasonable but so let's

confirm this body you're just going to

click buy x RP or ripple make sure that

all these details are correct and click

confirm by boom thank you your payments

process and let's go back to this

dashboard and we're gonna see yep

Michael you can see this blue line up

here increased that's roughly ten

dollars and we can see here recent

activity I bought $10 worth of ripple at

my portfolio is now 5% ripple that's

great now let's say ripple shoots to

like a hundred or three hundred dollars

or whatever some of these wild

predictions on Reddit and that's I see

on Twitter are it ripple ever hits three

hundred dollars I will be sawing there

anyways so click let's say you want to

sell a little bit of ripple click buy

sell go to sell you can see I now have

50 ripple worth $18 I want to sell only

$5 say I'm getting a sushi roll tonight

I need that money now I want to sell

this instantly and all you need to do is

click confirm sell personally I'm not

going to click confirm so because I want

to hold on to my ripple for as long as

possible I think you know it's one of

the strongest projects out there and I

can definitely see them playing a huge

role in this upcoming bull market and I

look forward to buying more if you have

any questions let me know

thanks for watching and if you have any

questions please let me know in the

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