Selling Ripple (XRP) - How to Sell Ripple on Binance

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hello everyone today is January 6th 2018

and I'm gonna show you how to sell

ripple for ether on Finance

if you don't have finance already or you

don't have ripple on your finance you're

gonna need to probably check out another

video otherwise I've got a link in the

description for registering on Finance

some background on this video real quick

there are so many exchanges and so many

tokens to be trading that it often gets

complicated for figuring out how you do

your transactions so I've decided to get

a little bit more specific in showing

you how to trade specific token pairs on

specific platforms with that said let's

go ahead and get started so the first

thing you need to do is you need to make

sure you're logged in to by Nance comm

and once you get to by Nance comm you

click on exchange see where my mouse is

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