Selling Ripple (XRP) - How to Sell Ripple on Binance

hello everyone today is January 6th 2018

and I'm gonna show you how to sell

ripple for ether on Finance

if you don't have finance already or you

don't have ripple on your finance you're

gonna need to probably check out another

video otherwise I've got a link in the

description for registering on Finance

some background on this video real quick

there are so many exchanges and so many

tokens to be trading that it often gets

complicated for figuring out how you do

your transactions so I've decided to get

a little bit more specific in showing

you how to trade specific token pairs on

specific platforms with that said let's

go ahead and get started so the first

thing you need to do is you need to make

sure you're logged in to by Nance comm

and once you get to by Nance comm you

click on exchange see where my mouse is

and you click on basic and then when you

click on basic it brings you eventually

to this page you see like you see it's

charts the order book and it says B&B

BTC for those that don't know B&B is the

native token for buy Nance but we don't

care about that today we want to sell

our Ripple so it's a sell your ripple

for ether go ahead and shift over to the

right side and you'll see on the right

hand side you got BTC ETA H and a couple

other cryptos we're gonna go with ETH

because we want to get ether for a

ripple and when you do that you see all

the different trade pairs that are

available you have Cardno ad a for ether

and so on but we don't care about any of

those we care about X R P because x RP

is Ripple

and you'll click on X RP / e th and when

you do that all of the charting on the

left hand side gets updated to reflect

ripple the ripple ether trade pair and

you scroll down and you see the

different types of trades they have

available limit markets top limit I

personally like to go with the market

because it's like I'm not big on day

trading because it just lets me sell for

whatever the current market price is but

if you want to

set your price you can do that and when

you scroll down you see you can buy

ripple which we don't care about today

or you could sell Ripple that's what we

want to do today and I don't have ripple

on Finance but if you do have ripple on

Finance you'll have a balance here you

just enter the price you want to sell

for then the amount you want to sell and

click on sell and as soon as you do that

your order will go through as soon as

your orders filled we're using a limit

order if you go with the market order

it'll just sell pretty immediately at

whatever amount you want at whatever

amount the market price is for and once

you do that your ripple balance will

reduce by the amount you sold and your

ether bounce will increase and then

you're free to do whatever you want with

your ether that's it for this video if

you have any questions go ahead and

comment them in otherwise subscribe and

keep an eye out for more of these more

focused videos thanks and have a great

day bye