How to Buy XRP (Ripple) in Australia | For Beginners [2021]

so in this video we want to look at how

we can buy xrp

in australia i'll quickly run through a

few of the fundamentals the big news

stories that are coming through at the


have a look at it on the charts and go

through some technical analysis

of where i think it could go and the

potential it has there against

bitcoin and then we'll have a quick look

at how we can buy

xrp through independent reserve

in australia one of the most trusted

cryptocurrency exchanges

now i'll have the links to independent

reserve in the description

down below so you can click through to

that and get your ten dollars a free

bitcoin when you sign up and verify your

account which you can then later on

sell straight for xrp and get yourself

started in that space straight away so

without further ado i'll mention this is

not financial advice it's for

educational purposes only

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that said

let's have a quick look at the news and

then into the technicals for xrp and


how to buy xrp in australia with

independent reserve

so let's quickly have a look at what the

potential is with

xrp basically we're just looking at the

conclusion of what

the price predictions are for xrp in the

coming years so

just looking here they've got a quick

little chart and in 2020

potential high 90 cents so we ended up

getting to about 80 cents

and the low was around 11 cents 2021

prediction is at around

14 potential low of 50 cents

so even at the lowest end we're still up

basically xrp at the time of this

recording is at 50 cents

2022 looking at 26 bucks so i guess

they're banking on the fact that it


double from 21 to 22 and then into 23 to


looking at 100 bucks now i'm not saying

these things are going to happen i'm not

even sure that we'll get to 100

but i do see the potential with xrp

increasing in value against btc now the


big news i've got here from

cointelegraph many of us would know

this is the reason for the recent spike

up to 80 cents

xrp price still stagnant so it's looking

like a reasonable time we're not

buying in at the hype at the 80 cents

but it's come back down to 50 cents

maybe we'll even see it go a little bit


because there was a recent blockchain


of xrp holdings

for the airdrop on the flare network so

have a read of that that's

pretty much one of the big pieces of

news where you would get one for one of


airdrop from the flare network if you

were holding

xrp now that we've seen the hype run out

of this whole flair network airdrop it

might be a

better time to be buying some xrp

of course not financial advice we're

going to look at how we're going to do

that in a sec

but basically on the chart we are

starting to

come back down to some more reasonable

levels after a massive pump up

from that 16 or 1700 satoshi's all the

way up to 4 400. so

it's much better to be buying it low and

selling it high of course

and overall i've talked about this

before as well

on the channel xrp versus an ethereum

video so you can check that out

but xrp looks like a great token

to buy low and increase your bitcoin

holding so i'm not sure whether you're

an xrp maximalist or not or you're just

using it

to flip and get more bitcoin or ethereum

either way it looks like a pretty good

buy at these levels this is where we're

at now at this yellow line

so anywhere under here buying seems

pretty decent and then

waiting for these big pumps where we get

the returns and then later on

maybe selling some out and holding

it in bitcoin or some usdt something

like that to then purchase back into

xrp and increase those bags so that's

what i'm seeing short and long term i

think there's some good potential here

and then long term it looks pretty good

if we just go with history

there's some big pumps from xrp but then

it flattens out again so

get on those pumps increase those bags

now let's have a quick look at how to


xrp with independent reserve so you want

to have an independent reserve account

if you don't already have one there's a

link in the description

down below that you can use with the

referral code from my channel

and you'll get 10 dollars of free

bitcoin once you sign up

and verify your account now with that

ten dollars you can sell it straight


buy yourself some xrp or anything else

they have on their site so this is the

first thing you need to do just create


if you don't know how to do that i have

a video on the channel about how to buy

a bitcoin in australia and that will go

through the step-by-step

process on how to do that it's a pretty

straightforward process three steps

to signing up so we're just going to go

straight towards buying

the xrp and holding it on independent

reserve for that

purpose once we've logged into

independent reserve this is the first

screen that always comes up

trade which helps us out pretty well

it's like the first thing we want to do

if we have some cash in our account and

if you do

you'll see it up here see some aussie

dollars us dollars new zealand dollars

bitcoin which will represent what crypto


are on down this left hand side so you

can select any of these down the left

hand side

and then that will show up here and then

any other cryptos you are holding on the


will show up next to that there so if

you don't have any cash in the account


you need to go through to accounts and

from accounts the easiest thing to do is

just hit deposit

this will show up for your deposit of

funds aud

into your independent reserve account so

then you can go and buy

whatever crypto it is you want in this

case we want to buy xrp

now this is the more advanced way to

purchase xrp but you're going to save on

the fees

just go to the top left hand hit xrp

now we're under trade remember so we see

trade xrp aud that's what we want

because we have aud in the account and

we want to buy some xrp

buy it market is just going to get you

the best price that's on the market

and say you want to get 100

xrp you can see here straight away 66


the fees are just down here as well 30

cents because it is

half a percent so one of the best fees

in the industry as well

it's all transparent here you can see it

straight away and you just hit preview

buy order

now if i hit place buy that will just

purchase the 100 100xrp

like that if you didn't want to buy xrp


the market price you can always go buy a

limit then put the amount that you want

so we want to hit 100 again

and say we don't want it at 66 cents we

think it's going to go

lower and we want to get it at 60 cents

for example so we just hit

0.6 and then we would just hit

preview buy order and that's going to

give us our

buy for 100 xrp at the nominated price

that we want so we don't have to buy it


market that's the beauty about this

slightly more advanced way of

setting our market orders for xrp

so if i hit place by it's just going to

sit me in the list until

xrp hit 60 cents if it doesn't hit 60

aussie cents

then we won't get filled so keep that in

mind as well now the opposite applies if

we want to sell xrp

we just want to sell at limit we bought

it at 60 cents say oh we want to get rid

of it at

90 cents so we hit 90 here we've got 100

of them

and we just hit preview sell order and

of course i can't do that right now

because i don't have any xrp on my

account but you would basically be

sitting at the top there

and then if the market came up to it you

would sell out and essentially make your


profit if you bought it at 60 cents now

if you didn't want to wait for that you

just want to get out of xrp straight


then you just go sell it market put the

amount you want to sell

preview sell order and then go through

with it and you would basically pick up

the price here on the buyer side because

these people are waiting to buy

and you would sell 100 at 66.043

aussie cents like that in one hit now

i'll show you the easier

way to buy and sell and now the slightly

easier way for guys who are just

starting out the beginners

you can hit buy sell up here and then

you've got

ripple xrp just to the side here so

we're just going to hit

buy xrp and that's going to bring us up

another screen and this is just a


easier looking screen all right so we

want to do

the 100 again we want to switch to buy

so we want 100

xrp and that's going to tell us here how

much i'm going to spend 66.68

so if i hit buy that's going to buy it

straight away it's confirmed like that i

don't go through it to

a preview screen it just buys it

straight away

so yeah we've got that half a percent

fee on the trade and i believe this one

might be just a touch

more but it's not too different like we

could see here with 66.67

now if i quickly go back to trade

and i'm just going to leave it play out

here so you can see it all loading

buy it market i'm going to go 100 where

does that give me 66.62 okay so

it was 7 cents different which is what

zero zero one of a percent or something

so minor point one of a percent

not even because it's only a few cents

difference so you can see the difference


not too much in it but this one allows

you to do buy limits and sell limits in

case you didn't want to buy it at market

and you

want to buy it at a particular price

that's really really handy

so that's how you buy and sell your xrp

through independent reserve last thing

i'll note is your xrp is going to show

up here so it's under accounts you can

come back and have a look at it here

and i did say at the beginning you can

leave it on the exchange now

personally it's up to you but personally

i prefer not to leave a lot on the

exchange you can see i do have two


but overall i would be hitting withdraw

and then sending it to another wallet

now i'm going to do a video up on the

channel so stick around

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different cryptocurrency

wallets which aren't the exchanges so

you can keep it on the exchange but

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now if you do have any other questions

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buy xrp how to sell xrp in australia

how to store it how to withdraw it how

to transfer it

you know pay people with it let me know

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free bitcoin when you sign up and verify

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and buy yourself some xrp and play

around with the platform itself

guys i appreciate you following along

for this video i hope you found it


and entertaining of course educational

so yeah look if you need anything else

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time remember to have more fun

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