How to Sell Your Ripple

hey guys crypto dad here and today I'm

gonna show you how to sell your ripple

so let's get going



okay so I've done several videos that

explain how to purchase cryptocurrency

and then move it into your own wallet

and I've had some of my viewers ask me

how do I sell this cryptocurrency how do

I move it back so I can cash out so I'm

gonna do a video on that today and we're

gonna use ripple as our cryptocurrency

of the day so let me get started here so

the main thing we need to remember about

moving cryptocurrency around is that we

just need to focus on the address the

address is just like your home address

or your business address it's a number

that represents a location okay

my address is with numbers but

cryptocurrency addresses are much longer

and their combinations of numbers and

letters so basically we just need to

find the right address so what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna sell ripple out of my

ledger nano wallet and I'm gonna move it

over onto bit tricks and the reason I'm

using bit recs is because it supports

ripple now there are other there are

some other cryptocurrency exchanges that

support ripple but in this case I'm

going to use bit tricks I'm comfortable

with bit tricks now I'm not gonna sell

the cryptocurrency on bit tricks I'm

gonna transfer it out I'm gonna transfer

it out 2g Dax because that's a the

easiest way for me to cash out I have my

bank account already linked and it's

gonna be pretty simple

the reason I'm not transferring the

ripple into G Dax is because G Dax does

not support ripple at this moment so

let's let me walk you through the

process the first thing I'm going to do

is I'm going to take my ledger nano s

and I'm gonna connect it now the first

thing the ledger nano s once is me to

enter the pin code which I will do okay

and when I enter the pin code of course


it connects to the computer and then I

need to launch my ripple wallet which is

a Windows app I've done videos on how

you get set up for ripple but I'm

assuming if you want to sell your ripple

that you already have this all set up so

we'll just go from here oh I do need to

enter in the I need to enter into the

ripple app pardon me so we just need to

move over here to ripple and hit both

buttons and there we go so now the

wallet comes up and shows our balance

and all is well and good all right so I

want to move this over to bit tricks so

I'm gonna launch my Chrome browser I'm

gonna go to bit tricks enter my password

and it wants my Google Authenticator

code if you don't have Google

Authenticator 2-step verification

enabled on your crypto currency exchange

accounts you need to I'll say that's

about as simple as I can put it I've got

some great videos on enabling 2-step

authentication it needs to be done to

protect your accounts alright so we're

gonna go over here to wallets and mine I

was the last time I was on here I had it

open but generally you're gonna end up

at this page here and then when you go

to the search bar and type in a

particular cryptocurrency that wallet

will show up here and it's empty at this

point so don't worry about this balance

that's in the account I'm just worried

today about our ripple so what we want

to do is make a deposit into this

account so we're gonna hit the plus sign

all right and then it generates this

address for us here ok so we get an

address and a tag and both of these we

need to use both of them

so we go over here to the ledger wallet

ripple and we're gonna click send and

you'll notice here that there is a spot

for the address but nothing for the tag

so we need to go to advanced mode and

that opens up the tag field so now we're

just gonna copy this guy here and we're

gonna copy this guy and put him down

here the tag field alright and the

amount of ripple I'm gonna send today is

200 ok now I'm gonna click send and as

soon as I click send it's going to want

me to confirm on the the nano itself

it's gonna ask me to click a confirm

button so keep that in mind when you do

your transaction it's when it asks for

confirmation it wants you to push the

button on the ledger nano s so we click

send and we're gonna get a confirm I'm

gonna click the little button there and

let's see what happens

okay okay so we had a few hiccups here

and there but it got it got in there

okay so what happened was I tried it the

first time I tried it I wasn't using the

Advanced Mode for my send okay and I

wasn't using the let's let's pull this

guy back up again as you'll notice here

they they have an address and a tag and

so the first couple of times I tried I

was only using the address and then I

finally realized that I need to be in

advanced mode so that I can include the

tag and I had still had a few problems

rebooted you know did all this stuff and

then tried again and then after I

confirmed the transaction and it said it

was broadcasting it did a bunch of stuff

and then I got some red thing that said

there was an error okay and I was trying

to figure out a different way to do it

and then all of a sudden I noticed in

the wallet that the 200 had gone out

okay and I went over here and I checked

the tricks and the amount is available

now this is very interesting compared to

Bitcoin because if you've had any

experience with Bitcoin over the last

month you'll know that transaction times

are just going through the roof

transaction fees are going higher and

transaction times are taking longer but

this ripple transaction was happened

within a couple of minutes okay so here

we go now we've got the ripple in our

bit tracks account but I'm not gonna use

bit tracks to cash out

okay I'm gonna use G Dax to cash out so

what I need to do is convert this into

Bitcoin right so we just hit X RP

and we go over here to sell Ripple okay

so I'm gonna sell the max amount of

ripple that I have I've got 200

available and you'll notice I can only

sell it for Bitcoin all right I'm gonna

click last here and it's gonna give me

that's the price and the Bitcoin and I'm

going to end up with a total of point

zero one six five Bitcoin which is I

don't know

close to 200 so we're gonna click sell

ripple and we're gonna confirm okay the

order was placed and filled very quickly

okay so let's go back over here to our

wallets and okay so now we have Bitcoin

and it's available okay so it was a

really quick transaction okay now we

want to transfer this Bitcoin into my GD

X account so that I can cash out I don't

have any bank account connected to bid

treks I try to keep things simple I have

my bank account is connected to my coin

base account I set up a G tax account

and they're the same company and they're

connected together in many ways you can

go on GDX and access your coinbase

account and G Dax has less fees so we're

gonna try that out today we're gonna see

just how much of my total I'm gonna get

alright so I'm gonna go over here and

open up my G Dax account and I do have

two-step enabled on my coinbase account

so it sort of carries over into my G Dex

know it lets me log in without entering

that 2-step authentication but it will

not let me sell or withdraw or do

anything you know major so that's the

protection that's built in so what I

want to do is I want to deposit I'm in

btc-e USD I want to make a deposit

I want to deposit Bitcoin

all right so that's the address that

it's giving me and it's warning me not

to send Bitcoin cash to this address

because this is a Bitcoin address here

so I'm just gonna copy that guy I'm

gonna go over here to bit treks I'm

gonna go to my Bitcoin wallet and I'm

going to go withdrawal

okay I'm withdrawing from this wallet

all right I paste in the address of my

GDX I hit this up arrow to send out all

the Bitcoin that I've got and we're

gonna click withdraw and then it wants

me to confirm and enter my 2-step

authentication code

I just charging me hmm fairly

substantial fee point zero zero one

Bitcoin I'm gonna go ahead and accept it

I'm not gonna cry about it not gonna cry

I tell you I'm not okay six digit

authentication for bid trucks confirm


there we go so the withdrawal was

submitted and let's see what's refresh

here I do have a pending withdrawal okay

so I just got an email from coinbase

telling me that I just received some

Bitcoin so my coinbase just alerted me

that I just received some Bitcoin okay

guys so I stepped away from the computer

for a little bit and came back and I got

a alert from coinbase telling me that I

had successfully sent the Bitcoin from

my coin base to my GDX

so the mystery is solved I mean I I sent

the Bitcoin from my Rex account

into my G Dax account but I guess under

the surface it had to go through


so here is the withdrawal the last

withdrawal from my Rex account

which was point zero one five five one

and let's look and see how much I got in

my G Dax point zero one five five one

eight six nine so it looks like I got

the the bulk of the Bitcoin and that's

all well and good

so my transfer didn't really cost me

anything so let's go back over here to G

decks and we can see that the Bitcoin

came in here today and between sending

it from bit racks and and actually

getting it on G Dax is about an hour and

a half okay not horrible but you know

that's what it was K so it looks like I

need to sell the Bitcoin yeah I wish

okay there I prefilled okay so there we


so I took my Bitcoin and I just clicked

here to pre-fill all of it and in my

amount and it's going to give me two

hundred and twenty two dollars in cash

so I'm gonna hit my place sell and

success okay look the the amount of is

in my US dollar account right now

there's my two hundred and eighty five

two hundred and twenty two dollars and

85 cents now I'm gonna do withdrawal to

my bank account and gonna max okay so

there's the max in US dollars and I just

need to enter my code already and then

hit withdrawal

boom Shakalaka boom Shakalaka there

that's it I withdrew the funds and the

money is now in my bank account I just

got an alert telling me yeah I just got

alert that told me that what straw has

been started on December 28th in the

morning I initiated the withdrawal and

it will arrive in my bank account by

December 31st ok which their estimate

their estimate is what about 3 days at

the very most now I've done one before

from coinbase and actually this turns

out it is coinbase the last time I did a

coin base withdrawal I had the money the

next day in the bank you know ready you

know you know ready to spend so that's

basically the long and short of it I'm

not gonna wait until the money actually

shows up but those that's the process ok

I'll go through it one more time I had

some ripple in my wallet on my ledger

nano s I transferred it into bit recs

which is an online exchange because they

support Ripple

I could have shortened this whole

process by transferring the repple

directly in G Dax but G Dax does not

support rebels so I had to take that

intermediary step of moving it into my

Rex account from bit treks I did

once it was in the ripple I had to sell

the ripple for Bitcoin which I did and

the fee was minimal on that on that that

currency exchange transaction then I

took my Bitcoin reward from that ripple

transaction and transferred it to G Dax

and I did that with little cost to

myself it was it was very negligible

let's say so the Bitcoin went from bit

treks into my G Dax account and then

from there all I had to do was sell it

for cash and withdraw and there you go

it took a little bit of profit not a lot

of profit

but I just wanted to give you the

mechanics of how it all works you might

want to do more and if you do more you

might run into some of their limits that

that are in place I did a fairly small

amount so I didn't have to contend with

any of that sort of thing if you have a

lot of ripple and you want to sell it

all you might have to do it in pieces

over a series of days who knows unless

you make other arrangements so anyway I

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