HOW TO SELL YOUR DIAMOND RING for the most money




today we're gonna find out how much a

diamond is really worth I mean it's

really worth for a normal person who

wants to sell his secondhand ring last

week I found this ring in the sea and

there is a diamonds on it or supposed to

be diamonds so the marks inside the ring

says on this side 750 which means 18

karat gold and if I turn it on the other

side there is written D which is diamund

0.74 karats GCT diamonds are very

expensive they are renowned for being

one of the most expensive gemstones in

the world but how much is a diamond

really work for a normal person who has

a diamond and wants to sell it for

example you're all engagement ring or

some old ring that you want to don't

want to use them anymore spring is very

consumptive it's not in a good shape

anymore basically I want to find out

what's the best way to sell a secondhand


removing the stone selling it whole I

don't know yet what should you do with

your old diamond ring if you want to

sell it should you remove the stone and

sell it the diamond separatory or your

should you sell all together okay Here I

am it my ring

we are going to try to sell it in a few

jewelry's this is the area of jewelry

try to ask in the shops if they want to

buy this

hello yes and do you buy this

through Yasir yes

limit your life

how much is the diamond worth 10,000

10,000 too much too much again

the diamonds good no good no good no why

why no good yellow is a yellow diamonds

5,000 5,000 is not bad I mean 5,000 is

not bad but seven No

okay let me try to ask someone okay I'm

positively impressed because I had the

first offer at five thousand hundred

dollars which I totally didn't expect so

five thousand is not bad it's like seven

hundred US dollars

let's try to another shop

I'm trying to sell this spring and

interesting how you want to tell

yourself yes don't provide yeah thanks

so this shop didn't want to buy it's

very subjective now I just saw my old

friend here hey


I used to sell here some gold a few

years ago yes how are you fine all right

yeah ever I even you ring up too many

years ago see you I have this ring yeah

and I was trying to understand how much

I can sell it for your way sorry what

Joey no no it's not a oh I find in the

Sears oh wow you finally see yes yeah

what do you think for this this thing is

around eleven thousand eleven thousand

to buy no I don't buy because it was no

certificate you have to buy which

certificate yeah you shall do your

friend so yeah if if I have the

certificate this is worth eleven

thousand but yeah without no is cannot

cannot cannot cannot yeah firstly you

take the certificate even you go to

anywhere to sell you need a certificate

yes yeah we thought that okay nobody

what you want to buy so amazing the

second evaluation was eleven thousand

Hong Kong dollars which is around thirty

one thousand three hundred US dollars

but I didn't have the certificate so he

suggested me to go to make the

certificate so after I can send this for

for more it's a good idea I think that I

would go to make the certificate okay so

now so here right now at GI a

Gemological Institute of America and I

am waiting for my ticket to be prepared

so I can discuss my stone with them

hi guys I'm back home with the diamond

ring I didn't have the time to make a

video when I came out of the GI a office

in central because the office was

closing anyway it was late so I didn't

want to destroy the ring because I've

been offered $5,000 for the whole ring

they I'm going to ask in a few more

shops if they will buy the ring just to

check what the evaluating price I will

ask in a pawn shop since I am going to

the to the GI ei today I will bring them

also this bag which is full of all those

diamonds that I found in the years in

the Rings these these diamonds all come

from gold rings from which I have

removed the stone field the report is

proportional to the weight in carats of

the diamonds so so for example from

point 15 two point twenty two is two

hundred and thirty five hundred or is

around 30 US dollars and then increasing

point twenty three point thirty point

between point forty and forty nine is

three hundred and twenty so it's always

increasing the bigger the die among the

more expensive pawnshops

the price of this animal


I was thinking vent out


three thousand

let me think about it

think about

okay I think thank you very much

oh we got our second offer for nine

thousand and nine thousand is he's very

good he's four thousand more than the

other jewelry where I asked before and

they offer me five thousand so now I

want to go to the GI a to get the stone

evaluated because I think that it might

be more than nine thousand here we are

so now I am at the GI a of this and I

will first ask them to check the

diamonds in the loose bag because I

don't want to unmount the diamond from

the ring now that I have been offered

nine thousand dollars I want to be sure

that it's worth more than that otherwise

I will just sell it as a whole ring to

the pawn shop for nine thousand so first

let's set the other ones evaluated and

then I can take a decision also for the

Rings so here in the leaft after being

the office of the GI a they didn't allow

any camera inside but we had a long talk

and basically they didn't want any small

diamond because he's not worth to make

the report the only diamond that I left

them is a loose diamonds

point forty two carats and so after

three weeks I will have the result and

it's a very long time this is an area

with many diamonds and jewelry shops so

I will ask them

so here during is a display of smaller

stones and they are exactly like the

quantity I gave now to the Gea

so they will have the certificate so I

will try to ask them if I have the

certificate you will not buy

okay they all said no nobody back they

don't buy them they don't buy they said

no although like six or seven shops or

no we don't buy no no no no no and they

would not buy the small ones without

certificate and even the large ones with

the certificate

nobody buys diamo everybody only sells

them so I don't know this making a

certificate thing is it worth or not I'm

changing my mind actually what do I do

with the diamonds with a certificate if

nobody wants to buy them you know what I

think I wasted enough time already with

this diamond thing they don't want to

buy them even if you have a certificate

so there is no point in waiting three

weeks to know what's the result for the

small stone in order to make the new

certificate for the big stone I'm gonna

sell the ring today to the pawn shop

that after me nine thousand and that's

the end of it so I think that you just

have to find a good shop that makes you

the best price don't sell it to the

first offeror bye bye from golden dives