yo yo what's going on should wear you

out here so today with another YouTube

video so today's video topic is gonna


how does selling used rims use wheels or

use wheel and tire package okay how does

saw them successfully on a sell them

quick and to be honest to make sure you

have a final sale and never seen them

again okay

so let's get our over here right now

they've got its head 26 inch used ribs

and tire that came up for 2007 Cadillac

Escalade so let's have a look at the

wheel here so we got a set of four here

in stock they've got four 26 inch to

create number 12 black machine wheels

and we've got for 295 30 26 Venezia

crusade HP's no these bills aren't tires

are approximately three or four months

old they were black both brand new

mountain balance okay up here and it

will be sold from here look it down the

facts no let's say for example this

package here if I had to order a brand

new from the US by the time the kitchens

gonna be 4,000 bucks let's say four

brand new rim entire package of customer

walking off the street one order

now I've driven these for about three to

four months and now I don't want them

any morning to free up some money I want

to sell them so how do we sell these

well there's many different way to sell

them you can sell them online you can

advertise them in your local newspaper

triad any type of like online swap meets

Facebook tell your friends

like I said share it online a lot of

Facebook posts we've got Instagram you

can post it put in car forums and of

course the number one with eBay so let's

say you want to sell them from this is

gonna fly with a song from your garage

they sell them online a number of things

you want to know it's gotta be two

things price and you gotta be honest so

number one let's get down to price I'm

never gonna get 4000 bucks out of this

package ever I'm never going to get

3,500 bucks on this package area

take a loss now that applies for AB is

America crews your tires clothing

jewelry a used car whatever you buy an

appliance or electronic item you're

always gonna take a loss even if these

are mounted brand-new and I bought them

I'm still gonna take a loss I'll never

get at my list price back because

they're been used so now that's been the

price let's say I bought it for 4000 now

if I want a dream I can list them for

3950 3000 950 online and I'll never sell

them or I don't want to take 50% off

because 2000 bucks will be too less I

want to average on about 75% so let's

come over this calculator here and let's

see 75% of 4000 to come on down here so

we're staying 4000 bucks MSRP - let's

say 25% there's about 3,000 bucks not

3000 bucks

we just said why you're taking $1000 hit

well now we're going to get back to

overall condition so let's come over

here so these towers are like brand you

know the only got a few thousand

kilometers on them there's chalk got

plenty of meat they're way above the

wear bars now remember my number two

point told you guys honesty you got to

be honest when you sell wheels and let's

get down over here now on the camera

this feels it beautiful but we got some

curbing action there okay this to rub

the curb and if do got a chunk of the

sidewall and a little bit right there

that came out okay now 100% honesty now

if I wanted to be a carpet salesman I

could say the wheels are 99% mint

perfect well they're not mint they're in

good condition they do have curbing no

bends so that's definitely be cosmetic

flaw it's not worth to get this fixed

because first of all a lot of people

can't even fix 26-inch rims and this is

just a cosmetic damage now the tires not

through the steel belts the sidewalls is

roll worthy but if you want to give it a

reduced price you can definitely either

replace the tire and ask for more money

or you can take more of a percentage

down and sell these now like I said

overall tire condition is great and rim


great no another thing you want to

mention a personal user of guitars if

they have any bends and he bends warps

wobbles well you can't tell that by

looking at the naked eye sometimes if

the rim does have a good bend in it

you'll have a flat spot in the wheel but

judging by this wheel over here this is

definitely a very round rim it's good to


now if you are selling a big-ticket item

like I said 26 is you better if you want

to sell them confidently you better go

to local wheel and tire store pay the

guy at the wheel shop a half an hour

labor total spin all wheels on the

balancer off the vehicle if they good me

checked out or you're good but if a

wheel got a wobble or face be rebalanced

I suggest you spend the 50 200 bucks

which works off 20 to 25 bucks per wheel

to get the rebalance from rechecked and

that's where you're going to sure I've

never seen this room entire game if you

sell them honestly can't get it checked

out come on over here

BMW wheels here personal x6 these are

things that will knock the same

principle you want to come around here

guys I'll show you if you want to go to

the same principles that I said price

and honesty thought these wheels I know

we're a hundred percent guaranteed

perfectly straight and round wheels no

waffles will Bend balance is good

rims don't even have a Nick on there

mint condition no these wheels brand new

if you have a bike would be a build with

leadership believe it rap I'm gonna run

a between five to six thousand bucks now

these are a replica BMW wheels but they

have the Bridgestone run flat tires are

SC and are ft okay also they have the

factory OEM BMW sensors they're not

aftermarket the OEM

made in Germany now I'm never gonna get

five to six thousand bucks I'm gonna

take a twenty five percent hit let's say

they've even some before 3500 4000 bucks

that's what's gonna happen so now like I

said condition honesty and prices those

can I saw your wheels now where you lift

your wheels

- like I said list them online list of

many local papers and another thing you

want to know how to sell use wheels is

if you got a popular dip like an

Escalade Tahoe Ford f-150 Ford


you constantly a lot of these rims like

those 26 if you go back over here they

come with a dual fit bolt pattern so a

dual fit bolt pattern means that will

fit two vehicles you're gonna have a lot

more chance of selling this wheel and

Cadillacs and f-150s and big SUVs can

definitely will 26 as a little

modification slow bit easier to sell now

for example if you have a GMC you can

get which is oddball you have a Jaguar

which is oddball GMC Acadias got out of

six five one twenty six five one three

two if it's only gonna fit a three to

four year window not particularly a book

which is gonna be very very slim if you

have a five-point 108 Jaguar for example

or a Ford some new Ford Fusion a half

five by one you can have a very slim

window but there's only gonna fit you

know Ford's Jaguars mobile so if you

look at those types of vehicles that's

only maybe 10 percent margin on hold

remote area industry and they will take

their vehicles now if you - another five

and six percent where people don't even

put these big wheels or fancy wheels on

whole Jaguars they put very discreet

19-inch and simple wheels so your

America can be very very small so you'll

be sitting on little wheels for a lot of

time which means you're gonna chop your

price down and blow the wheels out as it

you basically got screwed on the wheels

you're gonna lose money you're gonna get

rid of them to get cleaned up space

header garage well that's what

successfully sell wheels seven once no

come back and sell in landscape thanks

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