How to SELL your rims and tires on the internet!

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what's going on guys I'm finally able to

record videos in my garage again the

weather is finally nice now in Canada

man it's been cold for so long but

besides that I have something special

for you guys I just got these Honda

Civic rims and tires I don't know

exactly the condition of each and every

one but I did get them from a friend for

free honestly I'm lucky that uh you know

she reached out to me so I thank her for

that but basically my goal in this video

is to show you guys that if you have

rims and tires like this laying around

or if you're selling your car and you

want to sell you know a set of rims and

tires I'll teach you guys every single

information that you need to know in

order to sell these for the best

possible price that you can get and also

just so that you know if someone asks a