How to pack and ship wheels sold on eBay

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tonight's video is probably a subject

some of you may have been wondering

about if you've ever parted out a car or

thought about it or maybe you just have

an extra set of wheels and tires handy

so a lot of times people tend to want to

sell things like wheels and tires

especially newer larger ones on

Craigslist or local and they end up

taking real low offers on them just to

get rid of them because they think

they're not going to be able to ship

them or it's going to be super difficult

well this is a quick video on how that

we ship wheels and tires we sell on eBay

obviously anything super big you

definitely going to have to consider

Freight but a lot of cars maybe if it's

a little older and you're partnered out

like an old 90s Japanese supercar maybe

you have 14 15 16 s you can ship all

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