Getting Rich Selling RICE! #MeetTheEntrepreneurs #1

hey guys today I'm gonna start a new

series which is about introducing other

entrepreneurs so here we're in the

middle of Germany as you can see in some

industrial area and I'm gonna visit one

of my friends who started an online

business about selling food it's

actually rice products so let's check it

out oh this is interesting

this looks really like a startup

I love it it's actually so simple he

sells all his products online so what

you see here is just a back office and I

know how he started it was relatively

small it was just one simple room and

now he's even expanded into other

products around the actual rice proud so

see I mean it has this startup feeling

you actually in some I don't know old

industrial building so we are here

waiting for the boss to show up hey hey

we get ya here's the man so rap he's

gonna show us around now so he's selling

those online he actually produces a

really nice way this is how his rice

looks super smarty Rex in German this is

how it can look let's see more here's

where they shoot the product pictures oh


and so I I came a little bit late here

that so most of them already left but

this is where usually people work he and

the was in Basel by 15 Mike is doing

very clone has a knife at home but it

was a nice meeting room you so this is a

true startup as you can see beautiful

with a lot of ideas on the walls people

working late plays full office was this

big ass this little meeting room we've

just seen now he has grown when was that

last year that was last year yes Bob so

this is how the rise in your home when

you order it stylish price I would call

true entrepreneurial spirit young

successful good-looking thank you we'll

go to the warehouse where we actually

see the products he says there's no one

left because I'm late but it's okay see

the products let's go

can we start in Germany how could it be

what 39 degrees in Germany Wow

that's rare he actually speaks English I

don't know why you talk to Germany

should I talk in English English please

okay now we're heading to

we're house where we can see all the

production machines is and the shelves

where we store our rice and also the

packaging tables with scanners and

computers everything on a top level so

that we are able to do our daily

business sending out the rice packages

how many packages you're sending now as

we speak as we speak we are we're

sending none because there's there's no

one left in the warehouse who works

today but but I really don't every day

yes and well that is very very but that

is very hard to say because we have b2b

customers we have PTC customers and if

you just talking about the online shop

customers and we're talking like I don't


300 400 package of packages per day well

and they're actually buying like half a

kilo or kilo yes yes they're buying our

food and non-food products and the

average patient package looks like we

have one or two items that are non food

like rice cookers or bamboo steamers no

and we have about three to four rice

packages of different kinds of sorts

like black rice or pasta matthew rhys

jasmine rice so we only talk about the

average package per customer I love it

because yes started with rice only and

then moves into all these accessories

around it and build an authority for

rice and a related product so let's go

and see them all right

so this is how it starts the rice cubs

in these pallets and then we put the

rice from the big packages into those

machines we have one two three four

machines that all do the same so we put

the rice on top and it floats down so

the rice goes up there and then by falls

and falls down and then we put the rice

into our small packages

these small packages go in here and then

put the labels on them you label them

yeah and then when we seal the packages

and put them into these boxes okay so

the next step is someone orders

something on the internet on our parent

shop and then um these orders are shown

on this computer and the Packers and

Pickers they know what to pick and what

to pack and what to put into the boxes

in this one this is the only way you can

eat rice all the other ways are wrong we

can see our three kilogram packages

these packages and then we have 200 gram

packages for just testing just a portion

yeah perfect now we've seen actually a

little bit how it works from the online

order through these machines into

picking and packing and then delivering

it to the customers at home so your

shipping in Germany only over you ship

yes Germany is our main

a country but we also ship to Austria we

are actually we ship into the whole of

Europe thank you very much okay Thank

You sigan and I'll see you soon all

right bye

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