What Is An Annuity And How Does It Work?

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Tania's in Illinois hey Tonya how are

you hi thanks for taking my call Dave

I'm so pleased this week with you you

too what's up well I'm hoping you can

guide me I think I've made a big mistake

my husband and I just started doing your

plan in August and it's been amazing but

we're on baby step 2 but this has to do

with an old 403 B that I've had

nothing's being contributed to it but

earlier in the year back in April we

went to the financial planning services

that my company sponsors and pays for

and they did a full workup and I had

been kind of having sleepless nights

because my my value would go from I'd

lose like $20,000 you know and then I

get anyway there was a lot of risk so

they suggested that I moved some money a

hundred and sixty six thousand into a

traditional annuity within my 403 B