The Sims 4 Tutorial - #14 - How to Run a Retail Store

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hey guys James here today and welcome to

another Sims 4 tutorial this one is just

to teach you how do you open and run

your own business lot so it's pretty

simple when you jump into the game if

you open up your phone there will

actually be a button right here that

says buy a retail store now you cannot

open a home business in the sims will

get to work you have to purchase another

lot to do that on and you can purchase a

lot in any of the worlds in Willow Creek

Oasis Springs or the new Magnolia

promenade you can purchase anywhere in

those make a store anywhere it just has

to be separate from your home lot so I'm

going to choose one from Magnolia

promenade one that's already been

created so we'll discover this one here

so you just purchase it so you can perch

it as furnished or unfurnished and