The Sims 4 Tutorial - #14 - How to Run a Retail Store

hey guys James here today and welcome to

another Sims 4 tutorial this one is just

to teach you how do you open and run

your own business lot so it's pretty

simple when you jump into the game if

you open up your phone there will

actually be a button right here that

says buy a retail store now you cannot

open a home business in the sims will

get to work you have to purchase another

lot to do that on and you can purchase a

lot in any of the worlds in Willow Creek

Oasis Springs or the new Magnolia

promenade you can purchase anywhere in

those make a store anywhere it just has

to be separate from your home lot so I'm

going to choose one from Magnolia

promenade one that's already been

created so we'll discover this one here

so you just purchase it so you can perch

it as furnished or unfurnished and

whatever you want to do otis bulldoze it

you can pick an existing lot or one

that's empty you build your own store

etc etc but I'm going to show you just

with an existing store so that you can

get a good idea of how everything works

now this is something important to

understand you can own multiple retail

stores and each retail store has its own

funds so currently I have eight hundred

and seventy two thousand in my household

fund but the store has nothing so on the

store lot we can't actually buy or

replace anything because there's no

money for the store so what you do you

want to transfer from your household to

your current retail store let's transfer

five thousand dollars you just enter the

amount you want to confirm transfer

it'll take it out of your household

funds and put it into the store menu

which is down here and the bottom right

says retail store and this is where you

get all the information about your

stores so you can see the current amount

of money in the stores fund so that you

can use that to restock to build and to

buy new things and you can see your sort

of incoming incoming outgoing costs and

your net profits you can set a price

markup for the entire store in one go

you can also manage your employees and

the menu here so you can hire new

employees and that kind of stuff and of

course you can set the employee uniforms

in here and you can sell the store now

one there's also more useful features as

well on if you click on the cash

register one of them I find particularly

useful is clicking on toggle for sale

tag if you click on that it will show

you what items in your store are

currently for sale and currently there

are none for sale so how do you set an

item for sale it's pretty simple

just click on whatever you want to set

sail and click set the sail now because

we have got those these little for sale

tags turn on you can see immediately

what you're trying to sell so you can

just go around and click on all the

items that you want seems to be able to

buy it's as simple as an and if you

don't like those tags so those tags are

really only useful when you're sort of

selecting the items you want to set for

sale so you can just turn those off and

now they just disappear and it just

works in the background and of course

from here you can set all the store

prices the employee uniforms you can

also purchase advertising for your

stores you can get television ads web

campaigns and that kind of stuff to help

bring in more sims and there's an open

and closed store button there it's also

in the menu over here to open and close

your store

that's pretty like I mean as far as

stores go they're pretty straightforward

but a few things can be kind of hidden

which is why I wanted to do this little

little tutorial especially with the

whole funds system you've got to

understand that the the money that you

have for your house which is in the

bottom left is separate from the money

that the store has and again if you want

to quickly transfer money you can click

on this button here at the bottom left

and you can transfer money between any

retail store that you own and your

household or you can even transfer funds

between two retail stores if you have a

couple of stores and you want one store

to have a bit more money for renovations

or something that like that you can do

that so that's pretty much what you need

to know to get started with retail

stores other than that it's pretty

straight forward you gain perk points

down the bottom here as you talk to

customers make sales and generally

progress and what you can use those for

it's very similar to the the additional

traits reward system in the base game so

you get the points and then you can buy

certain attributes that either help you

out or give you a temporary effect to

you know improve something about the

store so that's retail stores that

that's sort of just a really basic

introduction to them but I hope this

helps you get started with them and I'll

tell you what there are a lot of fund

and they're a lot of fun to play around

with if you want to see more about

retail stores you can check out my rags

to riches series in the sims for get to

work I'll have that link down below but

yeah that's it for me today guys thank

you so much for watching I will see you

next time and have