POS Nation | Retail POS Software Demo by Samantha Creasy

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Hello, my name is Samantha with POS Nation. Today we're going to give you a

brief overview of our retail point of sale system. Thanks for taking a few

moments to watch this video. Behind me is the retail setup. We have a cash drawer,

receipt printer, a barcode scanner, and our all-in-one touchscreen PC. This unit

has a card reader attached to the side. We also offer a few other hardware

options, including integrated scales, customer displays, and pin pads to accept

EMV and debit payments. For customers that are going for a little bit sleeker

look or need a mobile option, we do offer a tablet with the same software. I have

an employee card that we include with all of our orders so your employees can

swipe easily in and out of the system. We can track our employee hours even if

they're not a cashier by clicking this time screen on the main page. Swipe our

card, clock in, and we're ready to go. I'll swipe my card again to enter into the

system. Here's the home screen. We can go ahead and start ringing up items from

here. Cashiers can learn to use the system in as little as 10 to 15 minutes and be

ready to go for the day. But as a manager or business owner, there's a lot of great

features that I'll show you today that can help build your business. We'll go

ahead and add an inventory item, we'll click through to our administrative, and

then to our inventory maintenance. To add the item number, all we'll do is use our

scanner to enter the barcode, then add the description of the item. If we want

to, we can enter the cost to track our our profits, as well as, of course, the

price we're planning to charge. And then we'll add the number in stock — right now