Retail POS (point of sale) Demo: Processing a sale

Hi guys, it's Clinton from Rain Retail and today

I'm going to show you how to ring up a sale in Rain's retail point of sale software. And

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So let's get this party started.

When a customer is ready to check out you can add them to the register by searching their name,

email, or phone number. If they're not already in the system

just click on the plus button to create a new account so you can track their reward points and purchase history

or you can just ring up an anonymous sale. I'll go ahead and pull up a customer

and start scanning in products.

You can also type in a keyword and the system will search for matches.

One nice thing about Rain is that you can process a return, start a special order,

process a layaway, or make a balance payment all in the same transaction.

We will show you those actions in other videos.

Once the products are in the register you can adjust the price and quantity if needed.

Click on the pencil icon to do a line item discount and the trash icon to remove the item from the sale.

Click here to sell a gift card.

Just scan in the gift card ID number, give it a title if you like, and

type in the value.

Rain will track the balance on the card going forward as it's used in the store or redeemed online. These icons in the upper

right corner help you access customer actions. When one icon is glowing that means the customer has something relevant to the icon.

The paper icon is for quotes or estimates for your customer. The dialogue bubble indicates that the customer has a note on their account.

The wrench is for work orders that are ready to pick up. The ribbon indicates a customer reward can be redeemed.

The two arrows will glow if there's an active rental. The Box icon indicates a layaway is in process.

The ticket icon is for special orders. Now if I click on these I see the details. I

can use the plus buttons to create a new layaway for example.

You can see recent transactions on the right side.

Here on the right hand side of the register you can see how flexible the system is. You can change the date,

location, and till if needed. Plus you can add a discount to the whole basket,

remove tax, and add shipping if this is an order that needs to get shipped out. At the bottom

you can click pause to pause and save the transaction.

When the customer comes back, and is ready to pay, you just click on the play icon to resume the transaction.

To collect payment just select cash or credit.

You can also click the four squares to choose other options like gift card, on account, and more. You can do split transactions as well.

Now just click the green check to collect the money.

Lastly you can print the receipt, email it, or text. You can even print a gift receipt if you like. And that's it!

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