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today's video as you can tell from the

title is going to be how to sell retail

to your clients so this is for any of

you guys out there who are hair stylists

estheticians makeup artists I mean I

guess even if you work in retail this is

probably one of my most highly requested

videos and it took me a long time to

finally sit down and film it because at

first I was like I don't I can't do a

video that extent it's to share like I

don't know how to sell retail to my

clients but then I realized like 95% of

my clients do buy products I think my

approach is just a little bit different

but I mean what I've been doing works

really well my first tip for you number

one is don't try to sell your retail


no one likes feeling like they're being

sold something to them and the second

that we feel this way like think about

whenever you watch a YouTube video right

a lot of people get really turned off by

sponsored videos because if you're

watching your favorite youtuber and they

are just naturally organically talking

about a product that they love and it's

something that they really use and they

truly just love it and they're just

telling you about it because they

honestly recommend it it's more real

it's more honest you're more likely to

want to go and try that product as

opposed to if the video is sponsored and

you know that they are being paid or

that they're going to be making

Commission if you buy that product

that they're trying to push to you you

don't mean it's like well do you

actually really like that is it actually

really good or you just try to make

money right same thing when you are in

the salon interacting with your clients

so the best way that you can keep it

honest and keep it genuine is to make

recommendations for products that you

really truly feel like your client will

benefit from using so get to know all of

the products in your salon come and

early stay late look at all the products

read the back of the labels try all of

them out on yourself get a true feel for

how the products work what do they do

which ones do you like I'm gonna be

totally honest with you guys at the

salon where I work we at the moment are

a Paul Mitchell focus salon so all of

the products all the retail everything

we use in the salon right now is Paul

Mitchell and there are some products

that I'm really not crazy about so I'm

not gonna try to recommend any of those

to my clients because if I don't really

like them myself and I just like they're

kind of mint I'm not gonna recommend

that to somebody because if it's not

something that I would want to use

they're not gonna want to use it either

you don't I mean so really get to know

the products and find out which ones are

your favorites start using them yourself

at home in your own hair care routine so

that's the first thing to keep in mind

the second thing is don't wait until the

end of the service to start talking

about take home products because at that

point it's too late it's already done

yeah there may be a few people here

there that are interested in maybe will

buy something majority of the time if

you're waiting till the end of the

service to recommend the product they're

not gonna be interested because as far

as they're concerned they're

appointments done they got the service

they came for they're ready to pay for

that that's it and any product that

you're trying to sell them it's they

just feel like I don't really think I

need that I don't want that I wasn't

looking to spend more money than what

I'm already about to pay so make sure

that you're talking about products

during your consultation and then during

the consultation when you're talking to

them about their hair their hair goals

what things they do and don't like about

their hair currently what things are

they looking to change what concerns or

issues are they having with their hair

make product recommendations as you see

fit so for example if I have a client

and they're like oh yeah I think I need

a haircut like my hair just feels like

so dead so dry and I look at it and

their ends aren't even that bad it's

just that their hair itself is dry like

I know that doing a haircut yeah it's

gonna help but it's not gonna completely

solve their issue what they really need

is maybe a good conditioning treatment

or maybe they just need to change the

shampoo that they're using

I always during my consultations ask

what products they're using at home what

shampoo are using what conditioner are

using are you using a heat protectant

how do you style your hair normally what

do you use when you style your hair etc

and just get to know their routine get

to know their hair get to know their

issues things that they like what they

don't like and then make recommendations

that are honest genuine recommendations

from there and when you're recommending

a product make sure you're educating

them on the products why is this good

why is this what you're recommending for


why is this better than something that

they can get at the drugstore for

cheaper you want them to spend their

hard-earned money on a product so you

need to really make sure that you were

explaining to them why this product is

worth their money because let's be

honest some salon products are a little

bit pricey so you want to really make

sure that you're explaining to them why

it's worth purchasing whatever product

it is that you are recommending that

they take home with them that day use it

during their service show them how to

use it and then let them see the results

of it for themselves but again don't

make it seem like you're trying to sell

the product to your client keep it


keep it genuine you don't want the whole

service to feel like an infomercial to

your guests you know what I mean the end

of the service when I'm styling my

clients hair I can't tell you how many

times they'll be like oh my god what did

you use that either smells amazing

or I never can get my curls to look like

this like how did you do that what did

you use and then they end up wanting to

buy the products that I use to style

them as well so make sure you're

mentioning the products that you're

using on them you let them smell it and

just let the products sell themselves

another thing that I do that works

really really well and I would say is

the number one like

most successful thing that I do as far

as getting clients to buy retail

products is I will include it in the

total price of their service so okay let

me explain and this doesn't always work

necessarily if they are coming in for

like just a haircut or just a treatment

this is more for the clients that are

coming in for color or they're coming in

for multiple services so during the

consultation one of the questions I

always ask after I get an idea of what

it is that they want to do with their

hair I ask what is their budget how much

are you looking to spend today let's say

they come in and they say that their

budget is $200 and I also find out

during their consultation that they're

using suave shampoo and conditioner at

home to wash their hair and they're

coming in for hair color I want to make

sure obviously that they are taking home

a color safe salon quality shampoo and

conditioner so I will explain to them

the maintenance of the color the upkeep

etc and the importance of using salon

quality products and what its gonna do

for their hair and how it's gonna help

maintain their hair color and the

integrity of their hair I always explain

it as like this is an insurance policy

for your hair if you're gonna be

spending all this time and money on your

color today but you're gonna go home and

use cheap products to wash your hair the

color is not gonna last as long it's not

gonna look as good and it's gonna end up

being a total waste of your time and

money so it's really important that

these are the products that you're using

so again assuming that they have $200 to

spend that day I'll say okay you

definitely need this shampoo this

conditioner and this heat protectant

let's say the products all together cost

$60 so now we have 140 left as your

budget she spent on your actual services

on the color and whatever else we're

doing that day and I've never had

anybody have an issue with that I feel

like by having that kind of conversation

you're making it feel like this is all

one big package deal it's not just like

oh I came in for this service but now I

have to pay an extra $60 just in

products to take home like $60 is kind

of a lot I mean do I really need

I don't know but by me addressing it

right at the beginning during our

consultation and telling them hey if you

want this color you need to take these

home like I'm not gonna be doing your

color if you're not gonna be taking care

of it properly and using these products

at home that also will prevent them from

trying to buy those products elsewhere

how many times you recommend a product

to a client and they either take a photo

of it so they can go home and order it

from Amazon later that night or they'll

say oh do they sell that at Ulta by kind

of including it right there and being

like okay well you definitely are taking

this home and setting it aside for them

it kind of takes that choice and the

option away from them so yeah those are

all of my tips for selling retail that's

everything that I do at the salon and

what has been working really well for me

I know that when I was in beauty school

we actually did a program called prosper

you which was all about like the

business side of doing hair that program

was very big on sell retail sell retail

sell retail and you know keep track of

your sales and this is how much you can

increase your income if you sell this

many products and this amount of time

and I don't know maybe for some stylist

that works but for me personally I just

like to keep a genuine organic type of

relationship with my clients when they

come and sit down in my chair I want

them to feel comfortable and I want them

to feel like they're just hanging out

with a friend basically I want them to

trust me

and to know that I'm always gonna keep

it totally real with them so I don't try

to push products on people just to sell

product and just to make more money

honestly I don't even keep track of how

much income I make off of the retail

that I sell maybe I should but I really

honestly don't I'm not ever selling

things to clients just to make money off

of it I'm only gonna ever recommend

something to you if I really genuinely

think that it's something that you need

and something that's going to help you

with whatever issue you're having with

your hair so so I hope that this video

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