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today's video i'm gonna go into detail

showing you these

items that i purchased in a recent

marshalls haul video i'll put the link

in the description and up here for you

guys to check out so if you haven't seen

that video you can see me actually

buying these items in the store and how

that goes down but in those types of

videos i'm not able to clearly break


all of the items but in this video i'm

gonna show you close up most of the

items i'm not gonna go through every

single pair of all the different sizes

of these crocs that i bought but i will

show you

at least one of each item i'll show you

my buy cost what i expect to sell it for

on amazon as well as the profit we have


pairs of shoes 22 pairs of crocs six

pairs of socks and

one nike shirt i spent about eight

hundred dollars at marshall's that day

i'm gonna use the amazon seller app it's

a free app all of you guys have access

to it and you can

see all of the information you need to

know to make a purchasing decision let's

get into going over these things all

right hope you enjoy this

so the first item that i picked up was a

size 10 samba

og adidas and these are amazing these

are purple

velvet velour i paid 29.99 for these

and hopefully you guys can see how nice

these are if these were my size i would

fully keep them these are

amazing 30 bucks is a good price for

sambas in general

not this super duper purple suede color

which is amazing these ones actually

don't have a listing on

amazon so i'm selling these on ebay so

starting off here in ebay we're going to

look up these shoes with the information

that we have on the box which is

samba og and you can see my previous

history of search db3011 let that come

up now let's make sure we are looking at

sold items and you can see

that on 331 when was sold for 4.99

a little less than that best offer was

accepted april 3rd

74.94 57.97

57.99 74.99 best offer accepted

159.95 best offer accepted 80 bucks with

free shipping

71 bucks with 15 shipping and a terrible


looks like this person undersold them at

35 plus 10

shipping a 70 listing plus 15 shipping

with best offer

a 60 best offer a 70 plus 10 shipping

which puts it at about 80. these are

gonna cost about ten dollars to ship

so in my mind we won't have any trouble

selling these shoes for seventy dollars

on ebay and maybe even more it's a size

10 which is very popular let's sort it

by the highest price so you can see here

on june 17th that's only five days ago

pair was sold for 104

with 21 shipping and you can see these

are the og 420

purple haze velvet these might be some

kind of special release that i'm unaware

of but it does look like we won't have

any trouble selling these so 70 to 110

for a 30

investment that's a good buy in my

opinion let's go to the next one

dan smith size 6 adidas these things are

pretty cool these were originally it

looks like either

24 or 34 at marshalls but we paid 20

bucks on

clearance definitely not a bad looking

shoe a kind of creamy

lemonade yellow but it's leather very

nice made shoe

well constructed so for 20 bucks

definitely something that i would look


a nice looking adidas shoe let's go see

why i purchased this

let's scan the thing with the amazon

seller app you can see it comes up right


adidas stan smith casual sneakers yellow

size six

sales rank is 8024. that is very

important to know that's a great rank

for shoes and also if you look at the


not only does it have four and a half

stars out of five it has over

5 000 reviews there's definitely

variations on this listing those are not

all for this shoe

and you can see that the current low

price is 79.95 and if you click on

top bar up here i'll give you a little

calculator we're going to send these

into amazon amazon fulfilled for 79.95

sales amazon's gonna take 17.41

it's going to cost us about 72 cents to

ship to amazon and our cost of purchase

was 20

exactly because we don't pay tax at

marshalls so the profit on that one pair

of shoes is going to be 41.82

and it should sell very quickly up next

we got a classic nike free run 5.0 you

can see right here on the tag that these

are originally

a hundred bucks retail so i'm always

looking for high msrp tags when i'm at

marshalls or

ross because the disparity between the

marshall's price and the msrp is a good

sign that there should be profit for you

to make so let's go and look at the shoe


okay not the most amazing shoe but it's

a clean

white shoe you can see here on the

bottom it's marked with marker 40 bucks

and here's the actual tag to back that

up 39.99 for these

when you buy white shoes do your best to

make sure that they're clean they're so

easy to get dirty in between the store

and you just one customer trying them on

with dirty hands is gonna ruin the shoe

and make it so that you can't

sell it and you don't want to have a

habit of returning stuff to stores when

you're buying a lot it's just not a good

way to build a relationship let's go and

check it out on the amazon seller app

so again we're going to press the camera

icon we're going to scan the barcode of

the shoe

this is actually how i make purchasing

decisions in the store you can see the

sales rank is 10

000 which is excellent the low fba price

is 89.12

it has 538 reviews with a four-star


these are all great things that you want

to see again this is a shoe that has a

lot of variations

but the most popular colorways in most

shoes are going to be the black ones

or the white ones let's go into the

calculator we already put in our 40

cost selling for 89.12 about 20 of fees

with fba

62 cents to send it in and after our buy

cost it's looking like we'll have 29

of profit not too bad next up we have

these new balance cm

997 h classics traditionals these are

10 and a half and we got four pairs of

them so let's break into these things

to me i'm not like a big sneaker head

these were 40 bucks you can see the

marker on the sole which we clean off

before we ship into fba these were on

clearance for 32 bucks some might think

this is an

ugly color but i think this is a fire

retro color way it's toned down a little

bit but you got the blue and the pink

just to shine on these fools all right

so let's look this up

all right so now we're going to scan

this new balance shoe and see what our

profits are on amazon now this shoe has

a higher sales rank 29

000 which is not amazing it's not 10 000

it's not 5 000 it's not 2 000 but it is

not terrible

new balance is a solid brand that you

can count on and has a very strong


this shoe has a 1 500 count of reviews

with an average of four and a half stars

looks like the lowest sell price is 75

bucks selling it for 75 bucks there's 17

of fba fees it'll cost about 75 cents to

send it to fba our purchase price was 32

bucks and our profit it sits at just

around 25

and since we got four pairs that's a

hundred bucks across those four pairs

last but not least we got these three

pairs of reeboks these are all the same

size 8 reebok club memph m-e-m-t

i'm not sure what that stands for fv3192

let's see what these things look like so

these are a pretty chill

regular looking reebok shoe 35 bucks

it gots the uk logo on the side pretty


gonna have to clean that off but overall

just a nice navy

chill shoe suede white sides with a gun


decent not like the sickest reebok but

pretty uh okay nothing amazing about


but also definitely not bad you could

wear this shoe for a lot of different


now let's go look this up on amazon and

see what we can get for this shoe that

we paid 35 bucks for

all right so we're gonna press the

camera icon we're going to scan the


the sales rank on this shoe is 9 500. it

has a total

of 1 342 reviews

averaging about four and a half stars

maybe a little bit more and the low fba

price is currently 65

keep in mind prices change all the time

it might have been different when i

bought it could be different tomorrow

and it will certainly change between now

and the time that it actually sells so

if we sell it for 65

there's going to be 15 of fees with fba

82 cents to

send to amazon 35 purchase price and the

profit on this pair

is gonna be 13.63 so

not amazing not even 20 bucks but like i

said it's a good

shoe it should sell fairly quickly and

with the three pairs that we purchased

that's going to put us at about 40

profit for those three pairs and now the

reason you're here big pile of crocs i

know that's the reason you came here you

weren't looking for yeezys you weren't

looking for nikes

you love videos about crocs don't you so

i'm not gonna bore you guys with

showing you all of the results on all of

these because there's different

sizes but i will scan one of each


and then walk you through the amazon

profits and the reason i purchased it

for those all of the crocs were 16 16.99

so keep that

in mind first up is this black pair of


this is an m10 w12 men's 10. so we're

going to scan

the barcode right here not the

marshall's barcode but the

manufacturer's barcode now we're going

to scan the upc code the manufacturer

one not the marshalls one we're gonna

click on the item then we're gonna look

at the details it has

1500 reviews averaging four and a half

stars with a rank of five thousand

three hundred and three you couldn't ask

for much better of a rank unless it was

like some nike air max or something like


but it's selling for 45 bucks let's go

into the details and being black you

know this is probably the most popular

seller of this listing

if we sell it on amazon for 45 bucks fba

there will be 12.54

fees 50 cents to send it to fba we paid


for the shoe and our profit sits at just

around 15

per pair of these black crocs not bad

because being the most comfortable shoe

there is these things will fly off the


next up we have the amazing standard

mario batalli

yeah just kidding those would be orange

standard navy

crocs also 17 bucks let's head into

amazon and see what the profit's going

to be

so we're going to scan the manufacturer

barcode it's going to come up it's the

same listing as the black one it's just

the blue variation

5 303 ranking selling for a few dollars

less so this one's only selling for

and after our 17 cost of purchase

we're gonna make 11.56 on the navy blue


still not terrible and like i said they

are going to fly off the shelf but

making an 11

profit on a 17 investment quickly and

fairly easily

is really good now we're getting

exciting we got grey crocs with heat

stripes okay how exciting can it get

around here let's do what we do

let's get to business in the upc press

on the results 318

sales rank that is an amazing sales rank

it also has 17

000 total reviews on this page obviously

that's not just for these gray ones

there's lots of other colors of crocs

that have driven the sales and helped

that sales rank but anything with a 318

sales rank you can guarantee almost all

of the variations on that page are

selling well let's look into

the profit it looks like the lowest fba

price right now is 39.58 there's ten

dollars of fba

fees 40 cents to ship it in paid 17

and our profit on these gray ones is

going to be 11

and 35 cents when it sells on amazon via


not too bad i lied things are getting

even more exciting around here with

these pink

crocs these kind of have a shine on them

let's get into these ones so we're going

to scan the upc this is that same

listing with a 318 sales rank as the

gray one

but there's less availability on these

pink ones and they're selling for fifty

dollars and nineteen cents so we're

gonna dig into that one

selling it for fifty dollars and

nineteen cents with all associated fees

and our seventeen dollar buy cost puts

these at almost

twenty dollars profit per pair i wish we

would have got more pairs of these pink

ones but we only

got a few pairs now get to talk about

some of my favorite things to sell

socks particularly nike and under armour

socks are some of my favorite things to

sell on amazon

they are very easy to list pack and

they sell

like hot cakes everybody needs socks you

can't live without them these were 9.99

10 bucks per pack and you can see the

retail price on these is 20 bucks so

that means there's probably money to be

made but let's go and look at it on

amazon the rank on these is 6923 now

this is gonna be

in clothing we're gonna click on it

selling it for 22.28 with our ten dollar

buy cost we are going to make

four dollars and 49 cents on every

single one of these so about a 50

profit margin on those not too shabby

and we did get six packages of them so

just picking up those six pairs of socks

is gonna make us 30 bucks

last but not least we have a nike dry


swim team shirt we paid 15 for this and

you can see

the msrp is 34. when you're at ross and

marshalls you should always check out

nike stuff

especially if it's a higher end nike

stuff not that this is super high-end

but there's

over a hundred percent difference

between the marshall's price

and the msrp also dry fit is something

you should always look into in general

dry fit stuff is just highly popular


love it so you might also notice that i

have this in a bag and you might be

wondering why

the reason it's bagged is because it's a

clothing item and it needs to be bagged

before you send it into amazon fba the

amazon fba warehouses are very dirty and

stuff can sit there and collect dust and

you do not want your brand new items

arriving to your customer dirty so these


this shirt and even all of these crocs

will all get poly bags into their own

clear bag with the fba label on top of

it that way when it arrives to the

customer it will be fresh and clean and

brand new i put this in a bag as soon

as i pulled it out of my shopping bag

because i'm in a warehouse there's dirty

books there's all kinds of stuff around

here it's not exactly the cleanest place

to leave a brand new

t-shirt and i don't want my customers to

have a dirty product let's look up this

final item and see how much profit we

will make so let's scan the shirt 11 000


in clothing with 58 reviews averaging a

little over four stars 34.

is the lowest price which is perfectly

in line with the msrp on the tag that

you saw

and selling it for 34 at our purchase

price of 15.

it's gonna pay out 9.39 which is not a

huge home run but if you had a lot of

these that would be great it will sell

quickly and we will make over 50 profit

margin on that 15

invested in this item once it sells now

all that's left for me to do is to

create an amazon fba

shipment with these items and sticker

them package them up box them all up and

send them off to amazon fba where they

will become available for customers to


if you guys want to watch that and see

how that goes down click up here to

check out that video

i'll show you guys exactly how i do that

this haul was 800

spend and i think we're gonna make about

400 profit and it took me

maybe 45 minutes to do the shopping so

400 profit for less than two hours of


and less than 800 of investment risk

this is pretty typical for a standard

marshalls retail arbitrage hall wherever

you're at

you might have trouble selling reebok

new balance nike or even crocs because

you might be restricted in those brands

if you have trouble with that click up

here to check out another video that i

suggested that's about how to get

approved to sell

big brand names on amazon but otherwise

you might just have to sell them on ebay

i know it's not as amazing as amazon but

it is what it is until you're able to

sell those brands you don't want to be

passing up on profit right so i hope

this video was helpful for you guys i

hope it helped you

understand why i might buy certain items

or to understand

sales rank or ratings and reviews or

product variations or maybe just how to

use the amazon app to calculate your

profit and how to see if an item's worth

selling if that was helpful for you guys

please like the video

consider subscribing to the channel and

i'll see you guys on the next video

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