How To Run A Restaurant | The Sims 4 Guide

if you have the Sims for dine out game

pack then you're probably looking to

start running your own restaurant and

it's actually a lot of fun to do so here

are the basics to help get you started

firstly you'll need a restaurant

community lot to do this simply change

the lot type to a restaurant and ensure

that your law has all of the

requirements being a ho station waiter

station chef station ice just having to

but you can start with one at least for

dining spots as well as a toilet and

sink dine outcomes at some restaurant

lots that you can play but I suggest

building your own or picking your well

built one from the gallery because not

to throw shade on EA but the options

they gave you kind of sucked then all

you'll need to do is have your sim

purchased a lot which they can do from

their phone or from the business tab on

the bottom right alrighty

you earn your restaurant now you'll need

to start by transferring some money into

your business this will be used to pay

staff and wholesale fruit costs as well

as any renovations you do on the

restaurant it's also where your profits

will go and you can move money back to

your sims household funds once you start

making that sweet money before you opens

the day one you'll need to take care of

some initial setup head over to the

restaurant setting option in the

business tab on the bottom right choose

your price markup I suggest doing at

least one hundred and fifty percent to

start and optional advertising which

will attract more customers to your

restaurant you'll see that the

ingredients quality is grayed out and

this can be unlocked later through perks

then you'll need a menu you can pick

drinks appetizers mains and desserts

with up to thirty options in each

section but you don't need to pick that

many if you don't want to I just picked

five as long as you have some food there

people to order they'll be happy also

note that each dish has a different

difficulty rating out of five and early

on you wanna pick dishes that aren't too

hard to make as your chefs will be more

inexperienced if your chef tries to make

a dish that's too difficult it will come

out poor quality and your customers will

hate you for it as your chef's get more

experience you can adapt and change your

menu to add more difficult dishes in

you'll also want to choose what your

staff wears there are some cool presets

but you can tweak the outfits to be

whatever you want them to be it's really

great for if you wanted to add a theme

to your restaurant and finally choose

your customers dress code I decide to

have everyone just up in formalwear to

eat their pretzel and banana bread now

let's talk staff you'll need to hire a

host who will greet and show customers

to their tables waiters who

customers and chefs to cook food you can

do this from the business tab on the

bottom right and you'll start out being

able to hire one of each but will later

be able to hire up to two chefs and

three waiters most likely they'll start

off with pretty low skills so don't

expect too much from them

host comedy and charisma skill will

determine your guests satisfaction when

seated way does Fitness skill I mean

they drop through less while their

charisma will influence the quality of

their customer service your chef's

gourmet cooking skill will determine the

quality of the food they make while

their mixology will influence the

quality of the drinks they make note

that staff will automatically perform

their role at the start of each day and

will naturally get better skills as they

continue working however this is a bit

slow and you can enlist staff into

training if you want to get better at

their job faster but this will cost some

money damn it as your employee skills

grow it's also good idea to pay them

more just that they stay happy and work

efficiently customers that enter your

restaurant will also leave a review when

they finish which will affect the star

rating of your restaurant being from one

to five a higher star rating will mean

you have a more natural foot traffic and

it's just generally a good sign that

you're running your restaurant

successfully customers will start with a

rating of three and they all go up or

down depending on how much they enjoyed

your service a cheerful greeting from

your host quality food good service nice

to call and a bit of attention from you

the manager will go a long way to making

customers leave a good review poor

quality food bad customer service on the

other hand will really hinder your cause

but nice deco something that you have a

lot of control over and that if you have

it there you can't screw it up so I'm

all for deco distract everyone with your

artworks now if you've got too many

customers and you feel you're struggling

to keep up you can click on the host

down and select disallow new customers

to give you a chance to get back on top

of things but there's even more you can

do as a manager thankfully because that

wouldn't be much you can welcome or

check in with guests which will help

with your star rating and also give you

25 perk points you can also prioritize

customers orders if they've been waiting

a while or shout free drinks or food to

help smooth things over if your guests

are unhappy or if you're really screwed

up as you interact with and serve more

customers you'll earn perk points most

notably these can help you hire an

additional chef and two more waiters as

well as I'm looking the ability to

change your ingredient quality which

means you can use cheaper or more

expensive ingredients which will

influence the quality of the food

mate there are a range of other perks to

streamline your business as well

finally you can run your restaurant from

home note that you'll need to establish

it first so it might lose money without

you there simply open the store when

you're on your home lot and don't go in

it's that easy but I also lost money so

maybe not that easy alas that's all the

basics to running a restaurant in The

Sims 4 thank you so much for watching if

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