Buy Sell Find Restaurant Equipment is Now Renting Equipment

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Hey some exciting news for me anyway,  don't know how exciting it is for you.

But we are now renting out. Uh, we  started out with our refrigerated units.

So single, double door coolers. I bought  

a refrigerated trailer. 12  by 6.5. Fully refrigerated.

Um, so it's a mobile walk in basically.  That's for rent. These coolers are for rent.

Basically any of our equipment  that we have in stock. If you  

need, if we have somebody that calls us and says,

"Hey, we're looking for this to rent for a  couple days," or whatever else. We will rent it.

Our sister company, Less Stress Moving Solutions,  

is in charge of, uh, dropping  it off, picking it up.

So, it's literally no work for you on  your end, other than calling us and saying

"Hey, we need a unit," this is where it's  going to, this is where its picked up.

And, that's it. So easy peasy on that end.

So, yeah, people can rent things for  weddings, functions, different functions.

Uh, banquets. Just anything and anything. If you  

need a piece of equipment and we have  it in stock we will rent it out to you.