Make Money With Resell Rights! - Selling Ebooks And Rebrand PLR Products.

what's the deal with resell rights can

you just buy a product

once and get paid over and over just to

sell it

well yes and no you see i've made

hundreds of thousands of dollars with

resell rights or

plr products and in this video i'm going

to show you the good the bad

and the ugly i'm gonna show you some of

the major flaws with resell rights


i'm gonna show you how they work the

best ways you can promote them

and a couple little tips that'll

skyrocket your earnings

and we're gonna go behind the scenes of

some big players that are making as much


50 to 70 000 a month with these plr

resell rights products

and we're starting right now


back in the year 2000 i was completely


and i just spent 67 on a membership

site that promised to teach me how to

make money now this membership site came

with lots of

plr articles that i could put on my

website and sell

so i paid the 67 one time and i was able

to sell these different reports and


and whatever i sold them for i would get

to keep so i set up my little site with


and for the first couple of weeks it

didn't do anything but i'll never forget

what happened on july 4th

of the year 2000. i went down to my

dad's house to have a barbecue

4 4th of july hung out all day and came

home after swimming and hanging out

and eating hamburgers which my dad likes

to overcook and i found out that when i

got home i had made

three sales of a plr product for a

whopping 21

now you might be saying mark is 21 bucks

what are you gonna buy a hamburger

that's not overcooked i mean that's not

that much money but the secret lies in

the fact that i made this money while i

was gone

not doing anything that's right my

website generated

21 dollars without me doing any extra


i simply put the plr products on my site

put an order form with a clickbank

button and it didn't matter if i was

working or not people could buy that


round the clock all day every day and i

could get paid

and those three sales at 7.77 each

was an eye-opener for me now i'd heard

about plr before when i was a computer

salesman someone came into our shop and

told me how he's making

two to three hundred dollars a day

reselling legal forms

on the internet now this guy had a

normal day job but he set this up and

was actually making more with these plr


than he was in his day job and he didn't

even have to work as hard because it was

all automated

so private label rights can be very

lucrative but there's some things you

want to watch out for

and if you don't watch out for these

you're going to be one of the other

millions of people promoting plr

products hoping to make a buck and when

everyone does it

the profitability goes down so before i

get into the ways that you can make

money with private label rights

let's talk about how this whole thing

works anyway now the idea behind plr

is that i purchase the rights to

something a product

a software a video a course

or even a bunch of templates i purchased


for money one time

now once i've purchased the rights to

that product i can then set

up a website usually they will actually

give me

the template and the sales letter i set

that up

with a simple order button this order

button can go to clickbank

paypal stripe

or any other merchant account

and when the customer clicks the button

to buy i get the money

and the customer is automatically

delivered the product

that i bought the rights to it's

actually very simple

and there's several different types of

plr or resell rights products

that you can get the first type is known

as gr

or giveaway rights these are giveaway

rights where you purchase the rights to

be able to give something away

this works really well if you're

building a mailing list and you need

something to give them

in exchange for their email so you could

say put your name and email in the box

and i'm going to send you this free

report or book on how to do whatever it


they want to do this is a great way to

build your mailing list really fast

which as we know building a mailing list

can be super profitable

if you run it the right way the second

type of resale rights is known as

regular resale rights this is where you

purchase the rights to sell the product

on your own as the product owner usually

these will include a sales letter

graphics and all kinds of things that

you need to make the sale including

the thank you page that they get after

they order you simply link the button

that's provided to your paypal clickbank

or whatever merchant account

you're using and when the customer buys

you get paid and they get the product

automatically this can be set up very

fast and you can start taking orders

instantly the third type of resell

rights product is known

as mrr or master resell rights

now master resell rights are where

you're buying the rights to actually

sell the rights to the product

so where someone will charge you for the

rights to the product

you can now charge other people for the

rights to sell the same product that you

just bought it's like a big giant circle

and now you can charge people for the

rights to sell the product that you

bought the rights to

this can be extremely lucrative and

we're going to talk a little bit more

about it in just a second

but the key here is being able to drive

the right traffic at the right price or

even get it free so that you can sell

your product to the right people who are

looking for what you have to offer

now in addition to those three types of

resell rights products there's

also some rules that you need to follow

here's an example of the rules that

you'll see on many

plr or resell rights pages can the

product be packaged

that means can you offer it in a

membership site or alongside

something else or do you have to sell it

as a standalone product

can this be offered as a bonus can i

give it away as a bonus

for someone who purchases another

product can it be sold at any price

or does it need to be a fixed price if

i'm selling a product does it have to

sell for 12.99

or can i sell it for whatever price i

desire can it be added to a membership


now of course you can add the product to

your membership site if they're

purchasing the product and they need a

membership to see it

but this is talking about can you add it

to a membership site

with lots of plr products in it to make

monthly recurring revenue

can you put your name and website on the

sales page as the author or creator of

the product

this is really important for rebranding

can you convey

and sell personal use rights that means

can you give the rights to the person to

be able to use it for their clients or

businesses that they serve

can you convey and sell the resale

rights can you resell the resale rights

that's what that's asking there can the

product be given away for free

this is important if you're doing list

building and giving the product away

can you add it to a free membership site

where the customer just signs up and

gets all the products free

can you use the graphics on other parts

of your web page that aren't promoting

the product

can you sell the private label rights to

other people

and lastly can i claim the copyright

some products let you

some don't so you want to make sure you

take a look at the rules before you

start your campaign to market and

advertise these products

because if you don't you could get in

some hot water and once you look at all

the rules and set up your site

accordingly so you can sell the product

it's time to start promoting it but how

do we promote these products in a way

that's going to make sense financially

well first of all in order to sell the

product we need to get some traffic

we need the right traffic that's

interested in whatever this product's

about so that we can get in front of


and make a sale some of the ways you can

promote this is with

seo free traffic this is where you would

simply find keyword terms that people

are searching on google

yahoo msn and other search engines

create a little article or site content

piece that talks about something that is


in the plr course and drive them to

order the book for more info

this is a lot easier than it sounds and

it all starts with finding the right

keyword for example let's say we want to

promote this book on the 10 steps to

getting a better credit score

i could simply make articles on things

people search for

if you look at this list here you can

see that the words are very

non-competitive and people are looking

up very specific things like

730 credit score or 580 credit score

we can make articles on all of these

credit scores people are looking at

and we could talk to them about how to

improve from a 580 to a 700

or a 730 to an 800 or a 529 or

whatever it is they're looking up to

whatever it is they want to get

we can sell this book in droves by

providing little articles and

information on what people need to do

for their exact credit score

and believe it or not people are

actually looking up their exact credit


and it's very non-competitive we could

see here a zero competition score

for 668 credit score which is looked up


700 times a month and it'll only take

you 45 minutes to write this

article or you can outsource it and that

article is going to get you traffic each

and every month

and make sales like crazy why because

these people are looking for ways to

improve their credit score

and just imagine what would happen if

you had 50 100 or even 200 articles

about the various credit scores and what

people can do to raise their credit


this would drive tons of traffic back to

your website for free

and and every time you sell the book

you'd get paid

and that doesn't even count all the

money you could make with affiliate

products such as checking your credit


getting credit cards and loans credit

repair offers

and more so there's a lot of money to be

made in this market

and you can use plr to kind of jump

start it by having your own product

and getting paid instantly some other

ways you can get traffic

is by posting helpful stuff on forums

you could simply go to forums and answer

people's questions about credit repair

or whatever your product is about

and lead them back to your site and say

this is the book i used to get the

information i helped you with

there's over 700 pages of blah blah blah

blah go here to get it for an

instant download they will then go from

the forum over to your site

and buy the product and you'll get paid

you can also build a mailing list and

mail them different articles from the


and then have a little link that says

this is taken from the product click


to purchase it this is a simple method

i've used over and over to drive

thousands of people back to my website

and make tons of profit

so don't overlook this one you can also

use paid traffic

when using paid traffic you want to be

careful because you want to assume that

your product is going to sell

one out of 100 which means if the

product is seven dollars you need to get

traffic for less than seven cents a

click or it's probably not going to work

so keep that in mind and when you do

pay-per-click traffic it's also good to

have other affiliate offers alongside it

when i was doing my recipe site i was

making three hundred dollars a day

with affiliate offers and i was selling

maybe five to ten copies of the book a


which added an extra hundred to a

hundred and twenty dollars in pure


to my pocket just by adding the resell

rights product

you can also set up youtube videos

teaching various things that are

included in the product

maybe you could show them a tip about

how to get better credit score or a

quick tip about cooking a recipe

or whatever it is the plr product is

about you simply take them from the


and send them to your website for more

information on the website you have a

link to buy the product

and again when they buy the product you

get paid

and then lastly we have affiliate

promotions because you're the owner of

the product you can actually now get

affiliates to sell the product for you

give them a commission and you keep the

rest it's very simple to set this up

however getting the affiliates can be a

little bit difficult

so you want to make sure that you have

something that will attract them to sell

your product

now all that sounds pretty good and you

could start making money with plr

immediately but what about the bad and

the ugly

well what you want to watch out for when

doing plr is the fact that

lots of people can do the same thing

anyone can go out there and buy the

rights to a book

use the sales page provided and sell the

product this leads to duplicate content

which the search engines don't really


which is why i recommend my seo method

and when you're doing pay-per-click

some of these products are really low

quality so you want to make sure to vet

them before you sell them

and make sure they're actually good

quality and not teaching a bunch of junk

because let's face it some of these

products are total pieces of crap

and it's your job as the business owner

to make sure that the product is up to


after all this is your business and you

need to treat it like a business

if you want to make some good money and


drum roll please let's show you the top

two tips for making

big money with plr products number one

is to remember that a lot of people that

are making a lot of money with plr


actually have plr resell rights

membership sites

that means they have sites that sell plr


to people looking to make money online

no surprise there right

there's lots of money in making money

and i actually had a friend years ago

who is making fifty to seventy thousand

dollars a month

simply buying the rights to products

checking them out to find good ones

putting them in a membership site

and charging 70 dollars a month for

people to have access

to all the plr stuff that they want that

they could sell on their own

now when doing this you can make a lot

of money but you need to make sure

that the rules as i mentioned above

allow you to sell the master resell


if they don't allow that you can include

that in your membership site

but if they do you can add it in there

and make money over and over

each and every month just by having

these in your membership site

and setting up a membership site is very

easy you can actually set one up for


or use the software that i like to use

which is about 150 bucks

one time and you could set it up in an

afternoon i'll put some links in the

description and also have a full report

on how to do

everything mentioned in this video over


and bonus tip number two is that you can

use these plr products as a starting


what do i mean by that


well quite simply you want to use the

plr product as a starting point

you might have a book or course on

credit repair

and let's say this book is about 300

pages and it's got some good info

you can then take that info and you can

make videos and turn it into a little

video course

you can link them to calculators so they

actually have tools so they can


various credit things and credit scores

and stuff like that you can also have


in the book two credit affiliate

programs which will pay you money

when people check their credit get

credit repair sign up for new credit

sign up for new credit card offers and

loans and a lot more

other stuff so what you want to do is

you want to take these products and

build them out

by adding value you can add value by

simply making little videos on each

chapter that's in the book

making an audio interviewing an expert

in the field

and what this will do is it'll build the

product and it'll increase the value

and you can sell more and since you're

adding your own touch to the plr

you are now going to be in a world of

your own because now it's kind of like

your own

product that no one else has the rights

to sell because you've beefed it up a


and the cool thing about this is you can

actually take the videos and stuff that

you used in the course

and you can use that for pre-promotion


you can put it on youtube you can put it

on you can write seo articles

you can share it in forums and anywhere

you want to get traffic

so as you can see using private label

rights is a great way to make money

online but you have to watch out for a

few things

and if you follow the stuff that i

taught you in this video i think you'll

get some good results

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