How to Sell User Research / Chris Do

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series where Krystal and I are helping

you to sell serve design with confidence

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everything will be explained now we got

a few questions from the service design

community about sales challenges and now

we've picked the one we're going to

explain what we we've paid let's let's

paint the context Chris you and I are

engaged in a proposal stage you're the

service designer you're the creative I'm

the client I'm still running a

construction business and we're now sort

of going over your proposal and one of

the things in your proposal is we need

to do some form of research we need to

understand the problem before we

actually start solving the problem and

that's where we run into use our

conversation ready yep we're going to do

this the first time the way shouldn't do

it and the second time in our way that

might be more effective

all right so Chris I've been going over

this proposal and I'm really excited to

do this man I really believe that this

will be beneficial to the problem that

we want to solve there's just one one

one small thing you know I saw that

quite big of a chunk of the resources in

the time in this project is allocated

towards research and I was like man we

will know so much about our customers

already and last year we did market

research so can we can we squeeze that

to you like maybe 5 or 10% and just move

into you like the ideation stage mmm I'm

not comfortable doing that mark I think

it's really important to do research and

maybe you don't know your customers as

well as you think you do or or do this

I've been in the business for 20 years

and I can't walk into the

room saying that I don't know my

customers right and again we we did a

research but we did a survey that's mom

we did service mom I've got to I've got

their paper over here so we know we know

a lot yeah but I I really believe that

it's vital for us to do discovery and I

think it's important that we not cut

corners and I just I'm not comfortable

doing it that way I think is gonna

really compromise the results mark and

do you want to kind of rethink this

what's the problem here

yeah you know I I'm going to need to

sell this to the CEO and when he sees

this it will be like talking to me we

know our customers why are you spending

a quarter of your budget on research man

okay what if we dis candidate mmm will

that help you with you yeah the time

we're gonna price what what's the holdup

yeah I just the holdup is that I feel

that we just can't move into we can just

move into the next stage of generating

ideas and scenarios and solutions with

the data that we already have so it

feels redundant for what we're doing I

say okay well since you've done the

survey and I see that you're not

comfortable moving forward why don't we

just take it out we can start with

design okay sounds great man sounds

great okay so this was I think pretty

common scenario but let's try to reshape

the situation after having taken a

business master class from the Jedi

Master Chris now let's jump in and do it

once again Chris I think going over this

proposal man it's awesome I'm so excited

and the whole team is excited to get on

board and we can't wait to start well

thank you yeah man I'm super excited

you're delivering already upon the

promise that you gave us there's just

only one thing that we sort of need to

iron out and that is I saw that pretty

big chunk of the budget and also the

timeframe is allocated towards doing

customer research and everybody in the

team hairs like

but we already know so much about our

customers we we just did a survey last

month and last year we've got a market

research report can we just move into

the next stage like the ideation and

generating the ideas that sounds so much

more logical mm-hmm okay so let me let

me see if I understand this correctly so

you feel like by doing additional

research it's gonna be really redundant

and it negates the work you've already

done in the survey is that what I'm

hearing yeah yeah why should we do and

do we really need more research right

what is it that we don't know it you

know what I really like the fact that

you are so inquisitive and that you're

your pusher you're like you but you push

back on things because you want to be

very thorough it sounds to me like

you're very responsible person and it

also sounds to me like you know exactly

how you want this to go is that right

like you know how to get here you want

to go I do know the things Chris I need

to sell this to the CEO later and I know

how he will respond so I'm just you know

I'm hearing up here how will he respond

if you could pretend to be the CEO for a

second and we submit this to the CEO

together what would his concerns be oh

yeah he for sure he will start asking

questions about research you know do we

we we already know so much about our

customers we work with them day in day

out I've been in this company for 20

years is there anything we don't know

about them so you will be probably

pretty skeptical okay

so here's here's kind of what I know

about this in working with other clients

just like you there's an assumption

because we've been in business that we

know our customers really well when in

fact they come in the door and if we

might even take it for granted why to

come in the door and why they choose us

and most people will say things like

because we give great customer service

we're responsive but we just really

don't know so I respect the fact that

you've done a customer survey can you

tell me off the top of your head five to

ten key inside

that you've learned from the survey

because you know there's a quote that I

love to share with people that having

the there's no such thing as having the

right answers to the wrong questions and

it begins there so if we're asking the

wrong question to begin with it doesn't

really matter then if the answers come

back as our way or not so so you want me

to give the top ten insights from their

survey yeah my the ten things that you

that only you guys would know about your

customers that are deep insights hmm can

you do that now I'd have to look it up

but I sort of my gut feeling tells me

yeah my gut feeling tells me that we

we're doing redundant work I understand

your god we need to respect a gut and I

can see that you're hesitant to it but

in in the past if you base your

solutions on the information that is

flawed you will have a flawed product

hmm and considering the size of this

engagement the goals that we've outlined

to success metrics that we've outlined

are you willing to gamble by not doing

the proper research and discovery hmm

are you that kind of risk taker because

we're upset or we think we might be

upset when the boss sees this and says

I'm not gonna do this but would more

upset when we wind up at the end and not

much has changed at all hmm all right

which situation terrifies you more hmm I

don't know yet that's that's like

choosing from two to two evils let's go

let's got it here Chris okay what

happened what's the difference what's

your different approach in situation one

into a couple of different things one is

I want to express empathy I want to

listen to see like where the pushback is

and we also understand that you are the

deal maker

but the deal breaker is more important

in a situation that there's a force

greater than you know dress that and to

understand the psychology like for you

this is your job your livelihood so I'm

going to start thinking about well

what's at stake for you well

you might get fired hmm you might get

demoted you might get a lashing from

your boss and I want to be sensitive to

that I can't ignore that other things

that I'm doing differently on the second

try the things that you should do is I

need to play back I need to identify the

emotions the fears that you have and and

I could do better and I think I'm

getting caught up in like the service

business and who you are and being on

the show but I need to really be able to

label the emotion that you're going

through and talk about that so you feel

like Chris has hurt me hmm and towards

that and I started to get there because

you do something scared hmm what is the

greater fear for you is it presenting

something and making sure we we've

invested our time and money wisely or

when we're done and nothing has changed

and I think that's gonna hurt you more

right all right so you have to dig you

have to dig into the resistance of why

people why clients don't want to invest

in research right that you have to

understand what's what's holding them

back deep yeah and in in this case yes

that's what it is so whatever it is that

you're afraid of we need to identify

that and understand it first and the the

first objection that I draw to you and

that is that it's redundant

right that's that's not the objection

I I don't think it's that ultimately

that's a symptom of your fear and the

fear is my boss is not gonna like this

at all hmm and I don't want to appear to

be stupid yeah yeah so I need to help

you find a better reason yeah you need

to help you need to help me sell it to

my loss right yeah in a very much yeah

okay yeah all right let us know if

you've ever encountered a similar

situation where you had to sell research

discovery problem definition and run

into similar challenges I know I've had

tons of times leave a yes down below and

let us know what the situation was in

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