Halo 5: Guardians - How to Sell REQs FAST

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I don't know you I haven't seen your

face I don't know your gamertag but I do

know one thing and that is there's a

pretty damn good chance you have

probably raged in Halo 5 because you

probably have 300 stupid mongooses to

sell but you have to sell them one by

one by one taking forever and really

being a royal pain in the ass for some

reason through 4-3 do not give us the

option to sell more than one req at a

time within the REC system so an amazing

app was made by the halo community to

solve this huge nuisance oh my gosh

today we are going to talk about this

great app and how it may save you a

headache or two in the light of this

week's new special Spartans armory req

pack you may have to go and sell a lot

of wrecks to help you reach that 80,000

RP goal so instead of selling one-by-one