How I Sell FAKE COUNTERFEIT Gucci And Supreme ON AMAZON FBA // Start A Clothing Brand HYPEBEAST


what is going on guys

Cody Hawk today we're gonna be talking

about fake brands and replica brands on

Amazon FBA let's get into it

hi guys so as many of you know Jordans

Yeezys all these popular brands people

try to go out replicate knockoff go to

Alibaba and then buy a very very similar

product and nowadays they're getting

good they're getting really good I

remember when I was a kid in high school

back in the early 2000s and I'll tell

you right now people would buy you know

fake Jordans fake

Oakley's a fake Rolex what kind of high

school kid has a roll at least not where

I come from and you can spot this crap

from a mile away you didn't even have to

be interested in that brand but nowadays

a fake supreme fake Gucci harder and

harder and harder to tell fake Yeezys

are some I mean there's literally

factories that make almost the exact

Yeezys they sell them now they're just

not from adidas or easy and so they're

like a third the price and they are

literally 99% the same so how do you

combat this can you sell these and what

are people doing to actually make this


well if you guys follow me you know that

I grew up skateboarding I love the sport

of skateboarding yes it's a sport it is

now in the Olympics

go get it Team USA but what I'll say

right now is when you're looking at

these things guys and you're looking at

you know these fake brands these fake

products can you tell the difference

well recently I seen one of my favorite

og skateboarders my man Steve Caballero

literally show a post on Instagram of

his exact shoes the classic vans half

cabs my legend and this store I won't

name the store but this

or was selling the exact same shoe the

exact same shoe without the vans and the

half cab the Steve Caballero 360 logo on


insanity insanity right now and I'll

tell you right now you're seeing this

more and more with supreme with all

these different brands people are going

to China they're having the same product

made now here's the thing you can patent

a product design and you can patent a

logo but can you patent these base model

designs well this is getting more and

more complex why because Michael Jordan

isn't really breaking the mold with his

cheap patent leather average to mediocre

sneakers their people buy for hundreds

of dollars too much now if you're a

Jordan person I'm sorry but I don't know

why but but the fact is it comes down to

it comes down to branding people buy

Jordan for the brand because they are

not the most impressive shoe nothing

wrong Jordan I wore Jordans when I was a

kid I thought oh boy to Michael Jordan's

although when I was a kid Michael Jordan

actually played basketball so I don't

know I don't know but you know the fact

of the matter is that's fine whether you

want to buy supreme supreme was a skate

brand when I was a kid I used to wear

supreme before supreme was hunt beast

and what up Gucci supreme cool guy like

it was it was like a street where brand

my skaters wore supreme it was it was

not what it is today I'll tell you that

it really I mean good for them I mean

they put themselves and one of the most

impressive marketing situations I've

ever seen and they have literally

inspired generations of people who

create clothing like myself in the

limited edition quantities now we're

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as well so anyway guys what we're gonna

be talking about though a little bit

more in depth is how these companies get

aware of doing this let's take that

really popular you know like that Louis

Vuitton or that red supreme bag bro it's

a duffel it's a duffel you don't own the

rights to red you don't own the rights

to that duffle bag because there's

nothing unique about that duffle bag you

do own the rights to supreme supreme is

a registered trademark just like for

revive you can see over my shoulder the

strongest coffee in the game is a

registered trademark I showed you guys

my trademark the other day on the video

check it out I showed you that whole

process before in videos and in how that

works but so you have a registered

trademark so supreme owns a trademark

what these companies are doing is

they're creating clones so a lot of

these these patents will expire within X

amount of years let's say 25 years these

patents expire that's how these

companies are going in it's kind of like

the fidgets spinner you guys remember

the fidgets spinner they blew up last

year ok the Figge spinner blew up

because the guy or the person I don't

know there's a man or a woman but the

person who created the fidgets spinner

tried tirelessly to sell that crazy

little device never really took off like

he wanted to the patent expired

everybody and their brother jumped on

manufacturing it because the patent


and made millions upon bazillions upon

gazillions of dollars right same kind of

concept so what a lot of companies do is

they wait till these design patents or

these patent pending x' run out because

here's what companies do here's what I

do here's what every other

bran does when you create some you go

get patent-pending and you go get a

trademark now the trademarks gonna be

contested and maybe you win maybe you

won't and the patents gonna be contested

maybe you win maybe you won't but it

gives you that little runway to get your

product off the ground before everyone

else and then you can come back and then

you can get your head start or if you

win your patent or if you win you know

your trademark not really win but if

it's uncontested or you win the contest

which if you have a decent lawyer you

can do most of the time unless it's

something too similar to somebody else's

who's already registered then you can go

out there and you're set right you said

so it's kind of a win-win for you either

wise you know worst case you get a head


best case you get a head start and you

own the patent or the trademark and

you're set well as more of these patents

and trademarks run out and is more of

these design patents kind of go the way

of the flip phone and the reason being

just not that innovative and it's not

because they don't want to be it's like

how many times are we gonna do like a

lot of the stuff they're doing and [ __ ]

it's like they got bored it's like uh

what can we do we have no idea so we're

gonna start bringing stuff back from the

90s and the 80s and the 70s and lord

help us we're out of ideas right and

they're trying so hard to come up with

something new and innovative and unique

that they're scouring the deepest ends

of you know expired patents to try to

bring some failed technology back and

bring it cool and that's when you get

the dad shoe and the dad bud and trucker

hats and Evie you just breathe you're

just you're just scraping you're just

like please give me something original

and then you're trying to get out there

so what happens is a lot of a lot of

companies will sell what's called

replica brands in a video recently I'll

put it up here in the cards check it out

where I talked about several new

categories that are gaining on Amazon

FBA I recommend you watch that video it

specifically says on Amazon and I showed

you the Amazon website in that video

that you can not sell replicas however

what that means from the legal sense is

I cannot sell a replica of supreme

meaning or like these right here right

here's some beats by dre the

great this is a great example because

these have been knocked off a billion

times so these are these beats by dre

these are some studio beats so I've had

these for a few years

decent head but whatever it doesn't

matter but you take something like these

beats I can't sell these where it says

beats and where it's beats by dre but

can I sell these where it says you know

tunes by Cody I can if I want to sell

tunes by Cody provided that's not a

that's a horrible name but that's not a

bad nor a trademark I can have tunes by

Cody they look almost identical to these

and I can sell them I can even guarantee

I can give them the same factory same

cables same you know they don't own most

of these things in their utility patent

because it's too closely related so

these things end up in court battles for

decades and never really get anywhere

that's why it's these these cease and

desist on Amazon are always a scare

tactic Lantz all the time like Cody what

do I do

well first thing is we need to counter

with proof right they got the burden of

proof and I find 90% of time there's no

proof when somebody's like cease and

desist this is my product I'm like show

me and then then I know it's my product

like no you bought it from a Chinese

factory just like me and they're selling

it to 85 other people sorry bro who can

out market i'ma win ha but anyway what

it comes down to is figuring these

things out so can you sell replica

brands yes but you can't sell them as a

replica brand you have to sell them as

your own brand but it's just kind of a

copycat brand now do I recommend that no

but I've had clients literally make

seven figures doing it it's not my thing

it's not something I'm interested in - I

love actually creating and coming up

with cool products and cool product

ideas and kind of cool packaging and

stuff like I love that concept that

being a set and that that being the case

you know at a certain at a certain place

it comes down to it comes down to

marketing it comes down to being able to

design and create a brand I mean I'm in

a super competitive niche with coffee I

mean could you get in a more competitive

niche but the fact is all fire my core

customers and the other people will find

their core customers and Starbucks has

their core customers and the crappy

grocery store brands has their core let

their budget customers right so we all

kind of look at how you position your

product and you know that's that's a big

thing it's like imaging and what it's

about you know my message design a

business to fit your lifestyle my

message go all-in right and so you look

at these things

and you look at what you're doing so

could I create the exact same a very

similar Yeezy but instead of Yeezy it

says code easy yeah yeah I actually can

I would have to go through the design

patterns on what adidas owns but if I'm

gonna come out with the new code Easy's

you know there's there's not a lot

Amazon's gonna say about that providing

code easy becomes an actual brand

dum-dum brand right there it is never

but you get what I'm saying

well I'm just throwing random crap at

the wall if Kanye can do it you know but

you know Kanye and is $300 t-shirts but

you know when you look at when you look

at these brands you look at doing this

so replica brands literally make people

millions of dollars the number one trick

and I actually talked to my attorney

about this what's the number one trick

don't call it a replica brand it looks

the same it's the same material it works

the same it sounds the same but you

don't call it a replica brand these are

my new Cody Z's and these are my tunes

by Co dismiss or whatever I said right

so you do that and then you're able to

tap into a culture of other people now

again it's kind of cheesy you're never

gonna be the next big thing because a

lot of people frown upon that but for

people just looking to make money or for

people looking to tap into what's

currently there and then build your way

up you know on one hand I say it's kind

of unfortunate but on the other hand

there are many many billion-dollar

companies that do

just that there are many billion-dollar

companies that quite literally ripped

off smaller companies or ripped off

bigger companies or kind of took a big

this was really popular in the 70s and

80s took a portion of somebody else and

then just ran with it and then just fit

first of all ah Microsoft stole like

everything from our I mean you look at

the way this stuff and so it's kind of

always bad thing in business but anyway

guys I wanna talk about

replica brands don't call it a replica

brand call it a brand and if you're a

just make sure the key to this is make

sure you rigorously go through the

patents before you get that they do have

a patent they will own you at this point

if they do have a patent they're gonna

they're gonna own the shoes you're

currently wearing they're gonna sue you

till the end of time so make for danger

that you go through an attorney and do

this however dude there's so many brands

that you can do this would it's scary

but anyway guys it's nods also I do need

to say the flip side it's also not that

easy because a lot of people say well

I'm worried about somebody stealing my

idea dude it's not about the idea it's

about the execution remember that hey

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