how I got caught selling counterfeit products on ebay | EP 2

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hey guys welcome to daddicated this  is vlog episode two and in this video  

i wanna tell you how i got caught selling  counterfeit cell phone cases on ebay  

if you stick around i'll have that story at  the end but first i want to start with a book  

recommendation so for the past couple  years i've been setting goals to read  

an x amount of number of books so like this year  i'm trying to read 12 books one book per month  

anyway and i recently finished a book  called work energy it's a self-improvement  

productivity type of book uh based on basically  the work energy that drives us to complete our  

goals and the author uh that writes this book  he's a he started off as a internet entrepreneur  

he started with a blog and he kind  of grew his business and right now he  

has a business called income school  and that's kind of how i found him  

where he they teach people how to do niche  websites blog websites and make money with them  

anyway long story short he's got a lot of stories  in there about their beginnings and and just in  

general it's very interesting to listen to i  definitely enjoyed it i'll have the links to  

the book in the description below if you guys  are interested in reading it i used audible  

so if you want to check out audible too it's  great i drive a lot so i get to listen to books if  

i have the time anyway the other thing i  recently watched was called a social dilemma  

it's a documentary about social media platforms  it's basically a bunch of executives that  

used to work some of them helped develop some  of these platforms and it talks about how  

how a lot of these social media apps affect us and  what was interesting that i didn't know is that a  

lot of these programmers that work for these  platforms they actually have to go through um

a psychology class psychology yeah i think  it's psychology anyway where they learn about