Selling Counterfeit Products On eBay - 10K IN ONE DAY

what's up guys philia dog here extend

retiring behind me $10,000 in one day on


it's gonna be a video specifically about

fat products seasonal products and

sometimes these fad or seasonal products

are a lot of the time counterfeit

products some of these products from

toys some of these pups smoked devices

as you guys know I always talk about

Snoop Dogg G pens that I got they were

unauthorized from the factory

specifically what I was hoping my scout

was the exact same fact to their

chemical science was making its G pens

in I got a very very large shipment and

I made over ten thousand dollars in one

day selling those and about seven

thousand dollars a day for about three

weeks until I really got shut down by my

you know my eBay and got a cease and

desist letter from go science we're

gonna be talking about you know the

morality of that today specifically of

course you know the morality of that but

when we talk about how you can do it if

you should do it whether repercussions

what are the benefits of course besides

money and you know how do you find these

products first things first I want to

show you guys my eBay account a few of

them that you refresh that for forty

nine maybe it'll go up easy of sales

quick let's see that okay so for forty

nine nine thousand eight hundred

thirty-eight sales and again I can't

refresh the other ones because of the

fact that you can leave you logged into

one eBay account at once

six hundred seventeen thousand on this

one thirteen thousand sales let's see

this one one hundred ninety six thousand

seven hundred and sixty-nine sales and

on this one

one hundred ninety five four thousand

transactions these two last ones are

newer accounts but still good accounts

nonetheless if we add that all up five

hundred seven

one it comes out us like one and a half

something like that one half a million

dollars over like a three-year period

something like that

of course I've got accounts up shut down

now that you have like 100 200k in sales

on those so I'm not positive

we'll figure that out the later time so

let's start with the G pen guys and as

you guys know I've talked about this in

the past if you are new to the channel

welcome to hit that subscribe button the

thing about these G pens guys is that I

can't even find the sales from when I

sold them because I saw them a little

bit further ago but if we go ahead and

run Terapeak you guys can sell here

again pay attention to this day may 8th

to make eight that's one year six

hundred twenty thousand dollars in sales

the next property we showed you guys

stick around is it better product and

we'll talk about how you can make money

with that you guys can see here one

thing that you can always sell even if

it is counterfeit product is coils or

little accessories for the product and

that's pretty good I always recommend

doing that still not big enough sales in

my opinion to hit but for some smaller

sellers that may make a lot of sense so

you can sell five to ten coils these

things are about ten cents a pop for

look at that 1995 7600 offers and sales

in the year six thousand small amounts

of money you can see this one right here

was done in one month and it's about

three thousand dollars a month

thirty thousand two hundred nineteen

dollars a month these you get from China

from Ali Baba I'll show you guys where

to get those

and how you can get them without a scout

for about two to three dollars so if we

go ahead and run this or let's say the

last 30 days apply that you can see that

even though Greco science and Snoop Dogg

G pens are not allowed to be sold on

eBay people still kind of push through

these counterfeit products and they

still get a decent chunk of sales so go

ahead and check out this here in the

last 30 days

souther it's been 30% pretty low 663

sellers price 21:41 and again these

aren't going to be very fifty seven

thousand dollars on that on that keyword

right there Snoop Dogg you guys can see

here's Nick Doug drive

no Dean said rainbow science and the

keywords 277 sales $3,000 a month now

$3,000 a month off this product since

now it isn't as hot with the seasonal

product as it used to be three thousand

dollars a month is pretty standard for a

product it's okay and you know you can

do that and you don't make you know

about 2k in that profit per month doing

that but I want to show you guys a

seasonal product that everyone was you

know raving for and this was another

choice now these toys were immediately

counterfeited in my style trying to

automatically told me hey I can get

these for you for like 3 or 4 bucks are

you interested in selling them and I'm

like you know ok why not I have

something big counts I can just throw


and who's gonna throw away a solid 20

grand 30 grand a month of a product that

you can just sell sell sell and you know

it'll slowly go down now surprisingly

enough these are called fingerlings now

fingerlings you guys can see here

November 1st to January 31st so the

holiday season the total sales for the

holiday season you guys can see here

while you news to cut up 4.6 million

dollars on authentic and counterfeit

fingerlings now you guys can see here

real quick a lot of people we're selling

the ones as these fake ones and

authentic selling for 46 bucks 40 bucks

because in stores they all sold out

immediately everyone was collecting em

like crazy

282 item sold 13,000 now some sellers

like me we're selling them fake as you

can see the price difference here no off

them take nothing like that just stating

what it is kind of 1378 1764 based on

the style and a 2000 you see it's 32

that's authentic

yeah 1281 but you can see here the sales

per month about 12 grand

11 grand 10 grand and that's perfect

billing so it's not too bad now you guys

can see just how seasonable product of

that this is you can see in 30 days

let's press that like that sales plummet

down to 27

again this is a seasonal Christmas

pocket was packed for a little bit of

time right now it's not as hot anymore

people are still selling the fakes you

guys can see here 9 9999 9 200 bucks 200

bucks but what I'm trying to say is that

these products come and go you need to

know how to sell it and that's the whole

point of this video you do not want to

order too much supply that you'll be

stuck on but then with the G pen says I

sold out all of my supply in literally

two days I reordered immediately and got

a ginormous or so I sold all of them I

got very very lucky it was only left

with about one to two thousand dollars

of merchandise which is pretty

negligible when you make 80k literally

almost in profit that's up crazy the

margins we're on this stuff they were

selling about for 2995 sometimes about

thirty to ninety five and you get them

for about six or seven bucks so that's

pretty hot and that's how you can kind

of make some quick quick quick quick

cash on eBay but I'm gonna show you guys

how sometimes you can find these

products number one you're gonna want to

see the news you own or read Instagram

see what's selling see what's not moms

are always a great thing

toys for the holiday season always look

at those and then see if you can find

Monson counterfeits but unauthorized and

of course all the stuff in this video

I'm saying it's lit just for educational

use only I cannot recommend anyone to

sell counterfeit products it is illegal

I don't do it with that say let's keep

on going so if we go over to Ali Baba

calm we can see here and let's just say

snoop dog now sniff dog of Japan's

medical science literally will remove

you extremely extremely quickly

extremely fast and I'm going to tell you

guys another product here over closer to

the end which is a pretty hot product

the you get them for about like 12 bucks

and they sell for 300 now that's even

more screwed up and it's not an

authentic product at all but if you are

you know I've done this research done

this I don't tell them but if it's a

product you want to sell

go ahead at your own discretion so let's

go ahead check these up you guys have

seen these as you're always drop shipped

let's go let's keep on looking so you

guys can see here real quick just like I

said a dollar seventy eight of

they sell for about 11 bucks now 500

pieces minimum order quantity you can

order those sell them either on your

website which is completely legal no

problems with that you're not written

off anyone these are just kind of copies

there don't even say clinical science on

there's noob dogs they sell on eBay you

guys can see here and they're sold out

291 sold 1199 they just press the sales

we can kind of see real quick when top

sales in our give your dog boom boom

boom boom see that all may 9th on may

8th on May 7 now I was doing the same

thing so I was like literally times that

by 10 with the amount of sales and then

dropping the price of $30 that's how

quick these were selling I was selling

about like a hundred of them 200 of them

a day easily and then there was that one

day wearing made with $10,000

gross on that product really quick that

same with this video and that's what we

start talking about now it kind of

getting off topic and we're talking

about how you guys can do this too so

this is a product you guys can sell

right now 1099 1199 ordered on here

lower 78 326 piece you can even get them

cheaper keep on looking around and keep

on going you can see these are a dollar

ninety-nine to $2.99 apiece keep on

going and we got the cartridges for the

tops and if you just want the coils the

clothes are a pretty interesting product

literally just searching the coil again

this is Alibaba don't know if this is

this is literally just a site to connect

distributors or manufacturers do you

guys can see here

typing finger monkey into the

fingerlings so we got figure monkey here

you can see there's a few results a lot

of these going to be coming exactly in

the same packaging as you can see here

250 360 of piece hundred pieces when

inward quality they become in the exact

same authentic

packaging has the other ones which allow

people to sell them as again

as authentic of course I recommend

highly against that you can sell them in

lower price and people most the time to

know what they're getting you can see

just contact the supplier they don't

have all of these styles you black ones

the blue ones the people ones I mean

these are fun useless toys that people

love and love to collect kids love them

we can see here if you go back to this

date let's just say one year by that

apply that you'd see the total sales in

one year versus the G pads at fifty

thousand you got 2.6 million something

like that keep that rolling you'll be

able to see which ones sell the best of

course and if you haven't used this

software before this is called therapy

it's not completely necessary but

sometimes it helps you out they'll be a

link to that in the description for that

below usually have like a 30-day free

trial so if you want to try out Terapeak

I highly recommend it you can see here

you have a variation style this thing

where has all six colors at eight

hundred nine sales and nineteen ninety

and you can see here nineteen ninety

thirteen thousand dollars in sales on

the sixteen thousand dollars in sales at

1990 we go over here you can see two

dollars and fifty cents three dollars

and sixty cents a piece I in the middle

those twos to be honest who you just

asked around and you know just look

through those now the last product I was

talking about which I kindly do not

recommend but just want to show you guys

what is possible in the cabinet industry

is massive it's the back mate X 30 now

as you guys know I do sell in sexual

wellness it might be a little bit harder

to find this but again my scout

contacted me it was like hey we have


factory bath mates again with all the

stickers made in the UK black they sell

for 300 bucks

and I was getting them from $10 so if

you keep on going down here you may be

able to find that but if you go ahead

and check this out that's the United

Kingdom you don't want to find a Chinese

supplier in my kingdom so if we just say

hydro pump I draw

there's a lot of fakes and your pop


you can see that one right there that is

a fake it doesn't come with the stickers

on it but those stickers get added

really quick this is the $300 style I

have all these things at $8 2/10 $10 a

piece just as I stated you go over here

to ebay you can see if you really quick

and a bathmate hydra max x30 extreme

that's what it is you can see the sales

and if you go ahead and check out these

sold items these things sell like

hotcakes you can say May 9th May 9th May

9th May 8th May $171 usually this means

I'm going to tearing up that with mags

it's probably gonna be a fake one brand

new 171 dollars a lot people will sell

them like that tribution

extreme most likely that this is a fake

one that they're selling new and going

ahead and put it on auction now yeah

that's a little a little bit of an

overview if you have any questions go

ahead and comment below let me know if I

should do a video on anything else this

was interesting you please comment down

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you guys once again bye-bye