How to sell windows

hey this is Saloth protein or systems

with a sales tip of the day this is a

really good one really good one on how

to sell Windows to people you know I

sell all kinds of different remodeling

services one of the things for Windows

these are high-end Windows not the

highest but this is a high-end window

it's got expensive price tag I mean this

price tag can be you know between five

and seven hundred dollars per window ten

windows 7 grand

10 windows five grand so it's a lot of

money but a unique way of delivering the

message about Windows is to say listen

windows are like a door in your home

they're a sliding door quality can be or

need to be to keep the temperatures

where they need to be so you justify it

by saying oh it's just a window see

people don't associate with just that

opening but then I say listen if you

have if you put cheap windows in your

house right now and that and they're

leaking and the temperatures are

fluctuated between the glass panes and

it's causing your heap to Brown and run

a long time if you put all those windows

together on one wall of your house

imagine the back of your house this much

space with all those windows together

that's leaking energy think about that

so it brings back down when you're in a

sales situation brings back down to

focus the customers focus how valuable

that one window is because you have made

it part of a 10 or 15 or 20 windows

scenario and it is true so and then I

finished that sale scenario not abruptly

I kind of set it up but I finish it by

saying if you're not going to put a

caliber of window which I carry into

these window openings I would recommend

that you put your money into another

home improvement project on your home

because it is going to be an absolute

waste of money

to put windows in this house two reasons

I say that one it's the truth

they're gonna hate it they're gonna be

cold they're gonna look decent that

they're gonna be cold and then of all

dr+ I also open the door to another

service that I could sell her she might

say you know what I appreciate that Sal

thank you so much matter of fact I've

got a small deck out back that's rotted

I want to replace being honest in doing

this with integrity and with enthusiasm

and disciplines and a detached

Sensibility is a great way to do

business and sales this is Sal with a

sales tip of the day

hey if you guys got short attention

spans you're not gonna like what I'm

doing now because everything I do is

going to be longer but it's got good

stuff then I'm gonna have that

transferring into a written word and put

up as a blog post with from photographs

and or a better quality video so it's

just something I like to do it's fun

Saloth pro dinner system is out Oh way

to appointment bye