Sales Training for Contractors: How to Succeed In Sales as a Builder or Contractor

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welcome back contractor flight TV if

this is if you're returning because I've

welcome me back if you're a first-timer

here welcome for the first time today

we're going to talk about the key to

having success in sales when you're

selling your contracting services let's

do it

far too many damn times we put

importance on things that really don't

matter to our prospect what I mean by

that is we've spent time creating fancy

brochures and writing up all this

beautiful copy on our website and we go

out we have this tap-dance of a sales

process where we're like hey we're

really awesome and we don't use

subcontractors we do use subcontractors

we have this many years of experience we

never leave a mess and we do this and we

do this and we do this and we do really