Construction Sales Training - 7 Simple Steps To Closing Over $1MM In Sales In 12 Months

hey what's going on my friend this is

Matthew Hamill with local contractor

blueprint and today's video is about

sales strategies and tips and tricks on

how to close the sale when you're doing

an in-home appointment consultation

especially for the remodeling niche

right but this would apply to anybody

else if you're doing in a home

appointment the first thing that I

really want to touch on today is going

to be mindset right and this video is

going to be me going over things that I

do right I'm not going to give you some

theory I'm going to tell you what I do

and what works for me you can take it as

it is you can take it and tweak it to

your liking to your business to your

niche but this is exactly what I do so

the first thing is mindset so when a new

lead comes in right I treat them as

though they're already closed I treat

them as are as if I've already won the

sale I've won their business and I'm

literally when I schedule the


I'm literally there just to take their

order right kind of like when you drive

up to a fast-food restaurant you're in

line essentially you being in line

you've closed the sale right now you're

just there for somebody else to take

your order to give you what you want

and that's that and that's how I treat

it that's how I look at it that's my

vision on it is they're already closed

I'm just here to take their order so

that's my mindset right and it for me

it's a confidence booster I have a ton

of certainty when I walk into that

person's house so I don't look like I'm

desperate I don't look like I'm trying

you know to hard sell anybody it creates

for me a very relaxed attitude a very

relaxed demeanor and a very relaxed

environment you know because

unfortunately contractors have a bad

reputation across the board it doesn't

matter who you are they just have a bad

reputation so if I walk in confident

like that knowing that's already closed

and that I'm just here to take their

order right they're relaxed as well if

I'm the last they're relaxed they're

just going to reflect off of you so

that's my mindset that's why I walk into

a console now the second thing is you

really want good marketing and if you've

watched any of the other videos that I

put up you'll know what kind of

marketing we do we do content marketing

value-based marketing and we do

marketing in such a way that positions

us as being the experts and leaders in

the industry that we're in right

we put out valuable content that grabs

people at the intersection of research

and purchase versus grabbing them at the

point of they're looking for a

contractor because now they've figured

everything out right

once they're looking for the contractor

especially if you're getting leads from

a home advisor from porch I think the

red beacon thing from Home Depot or any

other lead provider that sells the same

lead to five or ten other contractors

you better believe that you're not

making any money on that job you're

going to barely be able to cover your

costs and really not make any profit

because at that point that person is

shopping based upon price and not value

so you're racing to the bottom in order

to close that deal so good marketing

will help to avoid all of that headache

and will keep them from shopping you

against other contractors because the

marketing is already set you up as being

the leader and expert in the industry

now you just need to show up and close

the deal right so good marketing got to

have it alright so number three this is

basic man

number three is grooming you want to

look good smell good do not look like a

contractor when you walk into that place

right here's how I dress I walk in with

either nice pair jeans or nice shorts

right we do a lot of work in country

clubs out here

high-end high-rise buildings you know

downtown LA Hollywood Santa Monica we do

with a higher end clientele down here so

I wear a nice pair jeans or a nice pair

of shorts depending on the weather right

and then I'll wear a nice button-down

shirt every single time I don't wear

t-shirts at all this is just me this is

how I roll make sure the shirts fit

right if you're a bigger guys you're a

little overweight that's fine but just

make the shirt fit don't buy a big shirt

to try to hide the fact that you're a

bigger guy just wear a shirt to fit it

looks better when you buy a shirt that

doesn't fit you look like a slob so make

sure it fits please but yeah a nice

button-down shirt no stains on it make

sure it's clean and you know crease the

sleeve right and for me I roll them up

just too

rolls right I unbutton the cuff and I

roll them up to rolls and that's how I


you can wear it all the way down you can

roll them up a little bit doesn't matter

but make sure it's clean you got creases

in the sleeves and you'll be fine

the other thing is make sure you've

bathed I know this was basic but please

do it because I've seen a ton of

contractors make these basic mistakes

make sure you take a shower before every

consultation deodorant please use soap

Barna showering deodorant you know wash

your hair make sure that it's good right

later this is basic and then when you

get out put your deodorant on put some

lotion on right arms legs put some

lotion on it's not going to hurt you and

then Cologne I do one spray of cologne

right on the neck one spray I don't want

to smell like I'm drowning in it I don't

want to smell like a cheap [ __ ] right

you want to spray some cologne just one

spray to make sure that you smell

amazing right and that's how you show up

to your consult so we've got mindset

we've got good marketing now we've got

you know first impression on your

appearance right make sure it's flawless

now number four your appointment time

contractors have a huge reputation for

saying I'll be there between 2:00 and

5:00 or two and seven or two and

midnight or whatever right set an

appointment that you know you can meet

and then be there early 15 minutes early

thirty minutes early early is on time

because a couple of things one if you're

early there's no way in hell you can be

late number two if you're early and you

tell them you're early one it's a good

sign for them but two they can probably

take the appointment a little bit

earlier so you can get out and on with

your day a little bit earlier that's how

I like to do it do not show up late do

not give them a window for me I know

that from my house to anywhere in LA

it's going to take me about an hour and

a half and I set all of my consultations

where I can try to beat traffic right to

driving from here to LA at 6:00 in the

morning is suicide so I set my

appointments at 10 o'clock that's all my

consultations are at 10:00 a.m. and then

I'll say five another one in the

afternoon it's like at 2:00 o'clock like

I said it at 10:00 a.m. so I leave my

house at 8:00 a.m.

now I usually get there anywhere it

takes me maybe an hour and 15 to an hour

and 30 depending on how the day is going

with traffic but I'm always there early

regardless right that extra 30-minute

buffer gives me time you know if there's

really bad traffic or a really bad

accident I can reroute and still show up

on time but that's what I do I leave two

hours early to get to my consult now if

you're local and you don't have to do

that fine leave 30 minutes early

whatever but if you know you have to

drive and you need to be in unemployment

at 10 o'clock Leivers just leave early

it's simple and early is on time always

remember that early is on time on time

is late right on time is late let that

be your mantra so number five once you

get to the appointment right number five

is the Columbo or the Socratic method

and it's really the method of asking

questions I've heard from homeowners

over and over and over again you know I

have this contract to come in and he

just told me what he wanted to do oh my


the dudes not living there right so why

is he telling the homeowner what he

wants to do this is about the homeowner

they're spending the money and they're

living in this house this is all about

the homeowner so the Socratic method or

the Columbo method is one in which you

take the knowledge that you already have

right take that knowledge put it into

the form of questions and just ask and

listen ask and listen you know ask your

question write down the answer if you

have a follow-up question to the answer

that they just gave you ask that

question and then write down that answer

right and continue through this you know

we have a forum where we have all of our

questions you know where we need to get

everything we need right moving more

topic of the walls

what kind of backsplash which kind of

countertops cabinets flooring do they

need mo bla bla bla bla bla bla bla we

have this form with all these pre filled

out questions now there's always going

to be a variation right so just keep

your eyes filled but at least have the

same questions over and over and over

again because if your company takes off

right you blow up you're going to start

needing systems you can't freestyle

anything you need systems in place you

need to be able to duplicate you know if

you become the sales master you need to

be able to duplicate your

mastery with this form that way you

could hire somebody on the street for

minimum wage and they could sell the

kitchen paste upon this form alone right

so use your knowledge ask the questions

write down the answers take a notepad

and really fill out that notepad right

take down those cancers because when

you're handing it over to your designer

order your estimator the more details

you have the better to give better

pricing that way you're not screwed out

of money at the end of the job you're

not losing out on profit or you run out

of money and you can't even finish the

project because now you have to ask the

client for more money and you screw it

up write more details the better I don't

know how many times I got to drill that

into everybody's head get as much detail

as you possibly can it will make your

life easier trust me but ask those

questions get those answers use your

knowledge to kind of guide the client

through the process in the form of

questions it's very very simple and the

other thing that it does is it builds

rapport right because now instead of you

forcing your opinion on them they're

feeling as though you know what this guy

really cares about me and cares about my

kitchen he wants to know what I want

that's the key you want to know what

they want and they can see that and they

can sense that and if you walk in with

the right mindset as if they're already

closed and this is you just taking their

order and everything's comfortable now

you're building real rapport you're

building real connection and then number

six ties into that rapport building is

paying attention right so look around

the neighborhood when you're driving up

check out the house look at the cars

they drive look at the license plate

covers right did they go to school

somewhere do they work somewhere rather

be fishing right like find out pay

attention when you walk into the house

pay attention to the furniture they have

pictures on the wall do they have kids

do they travel find out how long they've

lived in the neighborhood

just really take a look around and be

observant and absorb your client right

you want to know who they are and you

want to serve them as best as you

possibly can and the only way you can

serve them at that kind of level is

knowing who they are and knowing exactly

what they need so with that paying

attention thing comes

more questions now these are questions

that you're going to ask when there's

that awkward silence let's say you ask

them a construction question and they

give you a long drawn-out answer and

it's got a lot of detail you're right

now while you're writing it's going to

be quiet right you're writing you're

writing your writing is quiet during

that quiet time so how long have you

guys lives in the neighborhood

oh nice how do you guys like it easy


very easy you're building rapport yeah

now you're asking about their personal

life their personal likes do they love

their neighborhood do they hate it you

know you're wanting to get to know them

it's it's like the approach of going out

to the opposite sex when you meet

somebody new ask them questions that's

how you close the deal every single time

because people want to talk about

themselves so especially with men to

women man if you want to get the smoking

chick at the bar that everybody's

intimidated by one nobody is approaching

her because they're intimidated but to

after questions just ask questions about

herself get to know her serve first

before they reciprocate with their money

or with the date if you're you know the

dating game it's another video but it

makes sense

ask those questions first so you've got

you know how long have you lived here

how do you like the neighborhood how

many kids you guys that you know look

around see if they have kids most of the

time you can hear them if it's a newborn

they're probably carrying them or if

they're at school you just probably

pictures around or you know the kids

draw on things or whatever so many kids

you hear that they go to school in the

neighborhood all right how do you guys

like the school nice perfect cool and

just keep asking questions like that and

then one of the more important questions

you can ask in passing is so you're

writing down your answer and you're like

so you guys work close to home that's

something that you really want to know

what they do one you can determine your

budget based upon that too you can

determine how much of a pain in the ass

this client may or may not be right so

yeah I work close to home I you know I

work three blocks away

oh nice what do you do just like that

very simple very calm all nice what do

you do if they're a lawyer if they're an

engineer if they're an architect and

Exce contractor they're going to be

harder to deal

and you're just going to have to swallow

that fact if you want the job and the

money is there you know I normally

charge a headache feet right engineers

lawyers architects X contractors I bump

up the fee because I know that there's

going to be some work here right it's

going to be a lot of work and they're

going to be want me to be

detail-oriented rather than if I'm going

into a house that you know for somebody

that's an artist let's say they're a

painter they're not really that

detail-oriented they just want the the

final look they want it to look amazing

they want the experience they don't care

about the numbers and that you know each

cabinet doesn't have an eighth of an

inch reveal they don't care but those

are the people that I look out for but

it allows you that question asking what

they do comfortably like that lets you

know again how much you can probably get

off this bid and the type of client

they're going to be and what you're

going to have to put up with and what

you can expect during this project a

very important question I try to ask it

at every single consult and it works

right so the last thing is the clothes

so what you want to do is at the end of

the consult I go through the list right

so I've got this this this this very

similar it'll drive through at a

fast-food restaurant did I miss anything

else no I think you got it okay cool so

give me a few days probably three to

five days to for us it's to put some

drawings together and it put some

numbers together and then I'll send you

the drawings first and once you approve

the drawings then I'll finalize the

numbers and then we can take it from

there and you know if you approve on the

bid then we can start talking about

scheduling construction payment

schedules all that fun stuff and we'll

get you set up that's how I close the

deal and then I say my goodbyes and I

walk out the other part of the clothes

is following up right really doing what

you said you're going to do if you're

going to get some drawings in three or

five days get them the freaking drawings

in three or five days we're going to get

the numbers in three to five days get

them the numbers in three to five days

don't take forever and a day to get it

done get it done immediately

right whoever if you're doing it at your

estimators doing it just get it done

make sure it gets done quickly right and

then follow up send the stuff you need

to send if you're sending drawings like

us follow up on the drawings you know

the same day or the next day hey so what

do you think about the drawing

and they're going to tell you hey I want

to change this this is or nothing I love


what's the price perfect then you send

over the bid and it's jack

simple but follow up make sure you

present a clear offer keep your promises

do not over promise and under deliver

it'll kill you every single time

make sure you under promise and over

deliver that's how you create a raving

fans that's how you create referrals

right under-promise over-deliver very

simple and then assume the sale the

entire process assume the sale right

when I send over a bid I'll call and

I'll follow up and I said hey you know I

just sent the bid wanted to take it take

a minute to go over with you and I'll

find out if you had any questions okay

great now that we've gone through the

questions how soon would you guys like

to start we're booked out about three

weeks so about what like what's your

timetable on this and I just continue

asking questions as if the sale has

already been made even though I don't

have a check in my hand right I still

carry the process the entire process the

number I started this with mindset so

the entire process is assuming that the

sale has already been made right and

that's it those are my seven steps for

mastering the sales process you know

when you're doing in home consult for

the remodeling niche I know there's a

lot of details that I skipped and I can

probably go into each step a little bit

deeper which I will in time but this is

just kind of a condensed version of what

we do and what I do every single time I

go out for a consultation

so thank you so much for watching this

video I hope you got some value from it

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