How to Sell Refrigerators to

hey it's Rudolph so how do you sell

refrigerators to Eskimos we're not gonna

do that

I don't I don't believe in that but I

wanted to point that out because I'm

here I've heard it actually just

recently in a conversation that you and

I had had before and I want to point out

that it was probably the worst attitude

to take the idea that you would want to

sell something to someone that they have

no use for and it it's kind of leave

it's going to lead into what we've

talked about before which is my product

is for everyone that's where everyone

should buy it and you end up selling

nothing to I'm selling to the wrong


and I'm getting a lot of returns where a

lot of people are dropping out just as

soon as they get in either way it

doesn't do you any good or the other guy

first thing why not sell a refrigerator

to an Eskimo for example okay they don't

have any use for it let's be blunt they

really have no use for it at all and I

and I remember reading about this

where's my book Wallace D wattles wrote

about this in 1917 and he said rather

than trying to sell them something that

is absolutely useless sell them

something that they need when there will

be of useful or be of use to them now

you may think well yeah but it's

cheating them out of having a good brand

new brand spankin refrigerator and the

nicest color that they can think of and

it's got all the G cause and everything

else that goes with it it won't do them

any good first it speaks poorly about

your view on that person and what you're

selling them and it tells me that I

wouldn't want to do business with you -

you really think the next time you come

to the town that guys want to want to

buy from you or gal I don't think so

so the next thing on the agenda is how

do we do this what do we look for well

first I would target and I would be

specific about the kind of person I'm

targeting so all this you know my

product is for everyone yes anyone can

use it just like people everyone

breathes there but that doesn't mean

it's going to be for everyone it's like

toothpaste some of us will use just

about any brand some of us are picky

about the kind of even the kind of

container comes in some of them want the

little squeeze things some of us want

the old-fashioned tube thing

some of us want mint some of us want

baking soda another's to my knowledge or

the last time I checked I think Procter

& Gamble had 27 different varieties of

toothpaste you think that they were just

cramming toothpaste out there they

realize that they could expand their

market by target marketing people and so

they said okay people that like

peppermint will target them people that

want a different kind of flavor will

target them people don't want this other

kind of flavor will target them and my

suggestion is that that's how you should

target your product it's just a

suggestion so this is where I'm going my

relationship with the people that I am

in contact with is how I sell so you

don't see me you know bye-bye bye-bye

now and if you don't buy whatever I'm

real clear about this because this is

how I learned I also believe in

follow-up and I also believe in having a

relationship which means that the minute

you buy something from me I don't

disappear off the map and go into the

witness protection program in the past

I've had to have somebody else answer

calls simply because I was that sick

regardless we had somebody there so this

is what I have for you I'm gonna be

opening up project breakthrough 2.0 it's

coming up in in actually in minutes

probably we're doing some last week's on

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